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(1,253 reviews)

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Christian is a liar! He gave me an out the door price...

Christian is a liar! He gave me an out the door price over the phone and assured me there will not be any more fees added. After I drive over an hour to the store, the xxxxxxx puts brings out an invoice that is over $3000 more than the price he originally told me. What a joke!


Nelson Merced is the best ! This is our 6th car purchase...

Nelson Merced is the best ! This is our 6th car purchase from Coggin. This dealership treats their customers so well and goes over everything with you. They work for the customer. Nelson and Mike are the reason I continue to return and refer them. I just purchased the new 2021 Honda Black Edition Pilot, they did not disappoint . Every dealership should have this level of service. When you take your vehicle in for service , just as good. I wish you could give them 10 stars, best dealership in Central Florida.

Dealer response

Hello, thank you for taking the time to post your rating. Your review is very important to us, and we are really pleased that you had a positive customer experience with us. Kind regards!


DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!!! Coggins Honda - Horrible, rude,...

DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!!! Coggins Honda - Horrible, rude, overcharging, demeaning, downtalking, gender-discriminting, sexist liars! My boyfriend had visited this facility less than a month ago to test drive the 2020 Honda Ridgline RTD-E. He liked the vehicle, but wanted it in blue, not the silver they had on the yard. He asked for them to get in a blue one and call him as soon as it came in. A few weeks later, my boyfriend was looking online and found that the same car dealer had in a blue 2020 Honda Ridgeline RTD-E. He had not received a call from the salesman. My boyfriend went onto and requested an "out the door quote" on the vehicle for the best price and no haggling. He received a quote from the Coggins Honda Sales Manager Nelson of $41,131 (vehicle, added accessories, delivery fee, and $799 dealer fee). My boyfriend notified Nelson (by text) that he would indeed come for the truck. He received a call from the Coggins Salesman Sean regarding the vehicle. They spoke and my boyfriend promised that he would come for the truck and notified him that he had been there weeks before, but the other salesman never followed up when the blue Ridgeline arrived. We arrived three days later (the quote being good until 10/31), asking for Sean and waited for him to be available. We asked to see the vehicle and test drive it - which we were able to do. We wanted to test drive it just a bit more, but Sean received a call from him manager demanding to know where he was and we had to go directly back to the dealership. We agreed that we wanted the truck and asked to start paperwork. Sean came back with a price of $44,140 for the truck + $2,395 for accessories + $799 dealer fees + $104.50 delivery fee + tax, tag, title for a total of $49,897. Over $8,000 more than the quote we were given by his manager. We disagreed and said no, reminding Sean of the price. He gave us some excuse of the accessories they are adding, not being included in the deal (mud flaps, clear coat, tint 'that still needed to be installed', door edge protectors) and that we would have to pay extra for them... But "he would work with us" and that he "just wanted to be upfront with us". He walked away and didn't come back for about 20 minutes, in that time, we watched (out the window) as he went outside and started moving cars around in their parking lot. We sat... As he did things NOT part of our contract. When he returned, he notified us that he "had his last customer's key and had to give them back" - no apology, no explanation of why he was moving cars on OUR TIME! He pulled up information on his computer to show why they were having to charge us more than the price that his manager had agreed to. The information he pulled up was for the 2020 Silver Honda Ridgeline that my boyfriend had driven three weeks prior. We corrected him and showed him the quote we had in hand. He left to "talk to his manager about getting us a better deal". The second price he came back with was $40,332 vehicle + $1,195 accessories + $799 dealer fees + $104.50 + tax, tag, title for a total of $45,637. Again, $1,300 over the price the Sales Manager Nelson had emailed us, agreeing to. We asked for the manager, tired of the high pressure sales that we were getting from Sean. They introduced the General Sales Manager as Mike - this is where it went downhill FAST. He tried telling us that we were getting the best price. We tried showing him the quot, instead Mike tried telling us that the price didn't include the accessories or fees. By now I was upset and told him that they were wasting our time since we already had a quote from them. This person, Mike, was dismissive of me, putting his hands up in my face, and kept telling me, "Ma'am, ma'am, you need to calm down and stop talking!" Which, coming from a gender-discriminting/sexist man, is even more infuriating! He starts 'mansplaining' to me, telling us that the price given online isn't always the price they can sell it for because of the accessories they add. I tried showing him the printed out quote again and he still wouldn't listen to me, telling me "ma"am, ma'am, you need to calm down and let me tell you...." I finally got so mad that I took the page back, and pointed to the exact wording of "total for vehicle, accessories, dealer fee, and delivery $41,131 and told him that he needed to learn to read English because it was plain to see right there. Mike got nasty with me again, which I then told him that he was being sexist toward me. He took the paper back, looked it over, and then started accusing the Salesman Sean of putting the truck online incorrectly. We told him that the agreed upon quote was actually from the Sales Manager, Nelson. Mike and Sean took our papers and walked away. About 10 minutes later, Sean came back and stated that they were going to honor the deal.... No apology from Sean or General Sales Manager Mike (the nasty woman-hater). My boyfriend signed the quote and agreed to proceed with the deal. Sean leaves, comes back with the beginning paperwork, inwhich he has a form, that is marked in BOLD RED WRITING.... "Dealer owes buyer nothing for accessories". We asked about the paper and Sean tells us that they will not be finishing the installation of the tint or any other accessories (as promised on the quote). At this point I AM DONE!!! I point out the quote includes accessories. I then see the extremely rude, gender-discriminting, General Sales Manager Mike slink into the back offices instead of coming over to apologize to us or explain the 'NO ACCESSORIES' deal to us. I look over at my boyfriend and tell him that we are done and leaving. I explained to Sean that we were leaving because they weren't holding up to the deal and that the manager had disrespected me and should have come over to apologize and finish the deal. Sean then tells me that there us no reason for any of them to apologize because I "was being racist to his general manager". At that point my boyfriend told Sean that he needed to stop talking because I hadn't been racist. I then tell Sean that he too needed to learn to read English because the quote from Nelson was clear and plainly worded. We walked out, until we realised that they had our personal information and Social Security Number. I walked in, looking for Sean - finding him at General Manager Mike's desk. I walked over to them and asked for our personal information back so that they wouldn't hit my boyfriend's credit or try to steal his identity (at this point I wouldn't put anything past these crooks). Mike gets nasty with me, telling me that we couldn't have it back and that the information us now theirs. I demanded it back, causing a crowd to start. Mike states, "Ma'am, you need to leave or I will call the police". I tell him that is fine and again demand our private information back. Which he dismisses me again and instead tells my boyfriend that they already hard-hit his credit and requested the loan - he tells us that it came back with a credit score of 798. I start telling the people gathering that the dealership is horrible and that they won't honor a deal they themselves sent to us - warning others not to buy from the dealership. He calls 911 and tells them that they need to remove me because I am "throwing racial slurs around" and that they want to put a trespassing warrant against me. I again ask for our paperwork back and am told by another Manager (this guy's name tag says Nelson!) that they have to keep it on file instead. My boyfriend sees his nametag and tells the crowd of managers/staff that we just wanted to buy the car at the agreed upon price that Nelson (pointing to Nelson's name tag) gave to us and that Mike should have listened to me when I was trying to show them the paperwork. It gets quiet and I start to tell them that the quote was for the vehicle, accessories... Woman-hater Mike cuts in and loudly states, "we don't need to listen to you... So leave now"! We leave, no truck, Coggins not selling at the price they are in contract with to sell it for, having been treated extremely badly by a gender-discriminting general manager, having been called a racist, and having the police called on us to trespass us. We called and told them of the matter and they are looking into the breach of contract by Sean and Mike of Coggins Honda. I called Honda to make a formal complaint about the rude, gender discriminating behavior of General Sale Manager of Mike and the lack of courtesy/customer service at the dealership - sadly was told by Honda that each dealership is independently owned and can treat customers as they wish. Best part, this morning we received a call from Coggins Honda New Car Salesman Jeff... Asking us why we didn't finish the contract deal with his company yesterday amd that he would agree to the price we had been given. My boyfriend explained the terrible treatment we had to endure by their company and that Mike had called the police on us to trespass us. Jeff said that he didn't understand, no notes to any of that was in the system and that our deal was still processing, just waiting for us to finish signing the paperwork. So... was Coggins Honda staff stealing my boyfriend's identity and getting them a free car on our dime? Why is the deal still active? I wish we would have looked at their rating before going to this dealership - WORSE CAR EXPERIENCE EVER!!! My advise.... RUN, don't walk, away from this dealership. Do yourself, and your wallet, a favor by going to a different dealership - ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A WOMAN!


Jased Campiamur at Coggin Honda of Orlando sold me a 2020...

Jased Campiamur at Coggin Honda of Orlando sold me a 2020 Honda Accord LX. If you ever go there to buy a car ask for him, he is great. If you have any question he is always ready to help. Best person I ever deal with, so please ask for him and you won't be sorry.

Dealer response

Hello, thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback. You definitely made our day with your rating! We hope you have a wonderful day!


Terrible service, long wait. The manager isn't even...

Terrible service, long wait. The manager isn't even feeling bad about keeping you at the dealership for 3 hours for an oil change. No mask policy enforcement



I ended up trading in my truck for an SUV and I was supposed to get a check for $19,500 which was the difference. The sales manager told me that it will take about 5 days to get the check. After 2 weeks I didn't get the check in the mail so I tried to call and email several times to David Salgado (my salesman). He finally called me and said, "sorry, we HAVE your check, but we need you're out of state title and we forgot to ask you for it when you were here.'' Yet, when I was at the dealership I had the title and I asked David if he needed it, but he said no… David told me that my truck had already been sold and they need the title. I ended up mailing in the title since I live 1.5 hrs away as requested to your dealership that same day to the used car department with ''attention Martha'' as I was told too by David. I sent him the specific address and he said that he said it was good to go. Apparently Google did not have an accurate address for Coggin Used Cars Orlando as it says 11053 instead of 11051. I voiced my frustrations with David about confirming the address and it being wrong and he responded, but after a while he ignored my texts. I emailed the GM since I stopped getting responses and he forwarded me to Eric Hazell. Eric Hazell called me and I voiced my frustrations as I had my title in the dealership, but David didn’t accept it at the time, I mailed it to the address and confirmed it with David, and then he ignored my calls. Frustrated that I have done everything right, I requested my check and when I get the title I would mail it to them since it has been 1 month. Eric plainly said, ‘’we have to have the title’’ and ‘’Maybe you should have sent it to the right address’’ Then no kidding, he started to talk to someone else while I was on the phone with me. Sarcastically he also said ‘’there is a lien on the title’’ (yet it is fully paid off and I have the title) and ‘’I need a lien release.’’ I spoke my previous bank who had the title. They were very confused and notified me that this is the first time they had every been asked to do that since the title is proof that their is no lean. Ultimately I had to pay money to get the release completed and expedited back to me $26 later. Also, when I purchased the car I asked David, “Was this vehicle every owned by a smoker or did anyone smoke in the vehicle?” He told me no. I asked because it had been cleaned and sprayed so I couldn’t tell and my children have asthma issues. Of course a smoke odor emerged. I had to pay $150 to get the odor removed and still the odor persists. I couldn’t believe that David lied again. I understand that buying a used car is sold “as is,’’ but I specifically asked prior to buying the vehicle and I was lied too. Finally, I received my returned title in the mail and my lien release. I was very frustrated so I messaged David and told him I have all the documents. I asked him if my check was ready and he said he would make sure it was ready. I notified him that I was driving up (instead of mailing due to previous issues) there on a specific day and told him I did not want to waste my time if it was not ready. I left early from work & drove 1.5 hours to Orlando to turn in the documents. Once I was there I was greeted and notified ‘’your check isn’t ready.’’ So being the person I am, I sat and waited. Eric Hazell told me he would give me an update within 15-30 minutes and no kidding 2.5 hours later I got up and went to the front and asked for a status update and my check was of course ready at the counter likely for a while. I’ve been a Healthcare provider in the Air Force for 12 years and am used to waiting, but I have never been treated with such disrespect and poor customer service. I had to take half a day off of my leave, cancel my patients, drive 1.5 hours, & lose $176 to fix the dealerships lies and miscommunication. PLEASE just stay away.


BEWARE!! BEWARE!!Started out good at first was told a...

BEWARE!! BEWARE!! Started out good at first was told a Vehicle was available to test drive, then we got there and they said it has a deposit on the car and we can't take it for a test drive. That was okay but, then I was told to call the next day to check if the deposit did not go thru. They said It was fine for us to come in again and drive the car. I got there Raul one of the Raul there had the car ready for us to test drive we did I love it I gave them a application they ran my credit and then I was told I could not take the car home because, they guy who put the deposit down had not been to the bank yet and they are waiting on him to call them back and because he put $7,000 down deposit down lol Im upset because I would have never came back to test drive a car if I was told I would have to wait on someones financing to go thru first then they would call me back to purchase the car. The manager who makes the decisions has Horrible rude nasty ATTITUDE!!! i WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN NEITHER WILL ANYONE I KNOW OR DON'T KNOW. They have a scam going on there, running customers credit to have potential buyers lined up just in case a sell falls thru!!! I feel I should have been told the truth because, we asked TWICE!!!!! if we came up there and did a application we could take the car home TODAY?! They told us Twice yes it was first come first serve since we would do a application that day the car is mine that day. They dinged my credit and didn't even apologize I was told by the manager that Raul did not know what he was doing and if (Angry Manager's voice) he knew this I would not have let you test drive the car at all. As if it was our fault we were told the wrong information, like we work there! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!! I have never been to a dealership that has done this to me. Horrible Scam!!! Not Truthful !!! I only gave it a one star because Raul was nice, but that Manager guy needs to go before this dealership gets closed down.


Dont buy used or bring a mobile mechanic

I was pre-approved for an auto loan with Capital One, and was given the choice of available vehicles at dealerships. I visited several, test drove several cars assigned to my profile that fit my criteria. One of the vehicles was a 2009 Honda Civic. When I contacted the dealer I was told to by Hassan to come in, and on my way there I received a call saying the vehicle was not available for sale because the manager did not feel comfortable putting it up for sale as it did not pass safety inspection, however they had other vehicles on my price point, which was $6000 out the door. After being shown vehicles $8000-$10000 I was ready to walk out when I was shown two additional vehicles. One was a Honda Fit which I started and it had a horrible engine sound, we didn’t even test drive it. We also test drove a “certified pre-owned” 2013 Ford Fiesta listed at around $7,500 and I purchased the vehicle from Coggin Honda for my brother who just moved here from Brazil, he was very excited about it. Later after looking at Kelly’s Blue Book the car was listed at $5500 value. After being at Coggin for 3 hours we were given $3000 of the sticker price. The car is now $4500 and too good of a deal to pass up, which isn’t really $3000 if you go by blue book value. I trusted Coggin to provide me with a reliable vehicle, which is why I opted for a reputable dealership. I made a mistake of not reading the recent reviews for this company which include three similar issues with vehicles. I was given a warranty waver and as is paper to sign, and was not provided with sales receipts, and copy of contracts by finance manager. A week into the purchase we noticed the car was not responding as it should. I called my sales rep. David and he said to bring the car in. I thought it could be the transmission, fuel injection, or spark plug, but neither me and my brother are mechanics, we were just going off experience. Before I could bring the car in the check engine light goes on, I called and brought the car in to service, and was waiting for four hours. Hassan from sales brought the car around and handed me the keys and said I could go to AutoZone and purchase a $5 can of a product and inject it into the engine and that would fix the issue. I asked why was this not done, and he said it would be too expensive. I was not provided with service inspection paperwork, or any documentation that my vehicle was even looked at, he opened the door and expected me to get in. I told him I would not get in the vehicle if my needs as a costumer were not met. Hassan left to speak with a manager, I took my personal possessions out of the vehicle and left it at the dealership. It has been 3 days of me trying to ask for ramifications, return calls, asking for managers, general managers, called my lender and nothing has been resolved. I believe there is something they are not telling me or omitted from "certified inspection" there is no way an issue like this would occur in a two-week span. Hassan's dismissive demeanor, accusing me of lying, and attempt to get me into the vehicle once again is indicative of his deceitful sales tactics. I was told I have no rights and that I had signed a no warranty as is paper and the car was now mine and they would not work with me on this issue. I was asked to come in and speak with the finance manager but again, he would show me the paper I signed and send me on my way. I was not even offered parts service, I was denied service at their auto shop, not even told the cost of repairs, or given the choice to have my vehicle repaired there for at least a discounted amount. My brother and I purchased a vehicle from Coggin in good faith, and we cannot afford costly repairs only two weeks into our purchase. We left the car there and waiting for a proper response from dealership.


Businesses should play fair, and I am devastated with the...

Businesses should play fair, and I am devastated with the way Coggin Honda has handled my purchase and vehicle maintenance requirements two weeks after purchase. Not only did they refuse service but did not provide me with a sales receipt of purchase or maintenance requirement paperwork. You omitted crucial maintenance requirements for this vehicle and blamed it on me for purchasing a used vehicle with no warranty. We are extremely disappointed and dissatisfied! Coggin Honda of Orlando


Dealer tried to pull bait and switch after quoting a price

David Salgado-Mejia quoted me a price that I felt was high. When I let him know, he responded, "If you're looking for a couple hundred dollars then we may have some flexibility. But if you're looking for thousands then you just are not on the right car or some of those other qoutes are just misleading you. Now if you'd like I could tell you I'm selling the car for $22,225.00. Now does that sound closer to the numbers you are being qouted?" I let him know, "I have the right car, with vin#, on pdf quotes signed by the manager. If you can make the deal happen at $22,225, let me know by 3pm today." I did NOT expect a response, but received this, " I see you opened my last email. I wanted to be clear our qoute of $22,225.00 still stands if you'd like to reach out to me to make that deposit, I'm sure we could make it a round number like $22,000.00. Let me know and we can send you an Invite to Pay via email." When I responded, "Send me the pdf quote at $22000 out the door (including ALL taxes and fees) and we have a deal. I'll make a deposit." David Salgado-Mejia responded, " I believe there is a misunderstanding. $22,000.00 would be the selling price of the vehicle. Which would put you close to $25,000 out the door. Realistically speaking if anyone is offering you anything around that out the door they are misleading you and looking to waste your time. We how ever are not here to anyone's time and Ive given you a fair offer price for my vehicle. If you'd like to counter I can ask to see if we can realistacally reach your goal" Communicating with this dealership was a waste of my time and I hope my experience can save some of yours.