VA Quality Motors

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(141 reviews)


Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(141 reviews)

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Great company

This was a great experience and buying a vehicle these guys are very helpful patient truly treat you like family best car buying experience you can get.


Amazing !

They have been so good to me. If I ever have a problem with my car they take a look at it. I highly recommend them!


Toyota Tundra

Gracias a VA QUALITY MOTORS he podido comprar de manera rápida sencilla y transparente mi Toyota Tundra, Me han tratado muy bien. El precio excelente y la atención de sus trabajadores y del propio jefe mucho mejor. Totalmente recomendado. GRACIAS Donovan por ser tan profesional y ayudarnos en todo.


I would not buy from here... EVER

We visited today looking to purchase my son's first car. After talking pricing and budget, the saleman kept trying to push us into a car we could not afford, telling us to pay our budget today and pay the difference in two weeks. When I declined, he kept going back inside and talking to someone, only to return and repeat that offer. The price never came down. I should have left then. But my son wanted to keep looking. He decided on a car that would take his entire budget and I agreed to look at it. As I was pulling caps and dip sticks, the sales man kept telling me how they change every battery, check every system, and change all the fluids. He kept saying the 2006 NIssan Maxima was a great deal at $4995. It was a pretty dark gray on the outside. We asked permission to take the car to a local mechanic to have it looked over. They made a copy of my drivers license and kept saying my son could drive the car also, even though he doesn't have his license, or even permit yet. We are waiting for the DMV to open back up. On the way to the mechanics, I noted the headliner was falling down in the back and the speakers were rotted. Ok, not a big deal for a 14 year old car. As I was pulling out on to Old Shep, I noticed the car vibrated until I put the brakes on, and it downshifted too hard. We made it to the mechanic's shop and he drove it before putting it on the rack. After a short time, he came and asked us to go in the bay and look at some things. He pointed out the following problems with the car. 1) A significant oil leak 2) Rust on the underbody of the car, he actually poked his finger through the hole. 3) Rack and Pinion leak 4) Rusted muffler on the drivers side 5) a bad repair job on the passenger door where it had been hit. I was done at that point and we returned the car to the car lot. When we went inside, another gentleman asked who was our salesman and I actually had no idea what his name was. I don't believe he told us. I handed him the keys and said we weren't interested, the mechanic had found too many things wrong. The gentleman what was wrong and I told him everything they told us, and gave him the name of the mechanic's shop and who to talk to if he wanted to call. He said that wasn't neccessary and told me he could discount the car a "LITTLE" more if we wanted to buy it or did we want to keep looking around. Please, please, if you want to buy a car here, have an independant mechanic look at it. Spending $100 saved us $5000.






Found a few thing wrong, they promptly repaired them and delivered the car to my home. Plus gave me a discount for being a veteran.


Louisville metro public works

Walked on the lock to buy the car the first day the guy told me you can find the keys to a 2013 GMC Sierra but I knew they was about to close so me being a gentleman I said okay came back the next day and the guy that runs the place I wish I had this name I will look it up and give it to you later but he gave me the keys let me test drive went to my bank got my loan and I was off their life they gave me great customer service I recommend anybody in Louisville Kentucky to go through this lot


My experience at Quality Motors.

I am grateful that on my journey of trying to find a used car that I landed here. Donavan was our salesman. He was patient and not pushy. I love my car! And when I picked up my license plate they had a little suprise for me!


Good experience

This is the second time we have bought from VA. We love their enthusiasm and helpfulness. They also remembered us from years back. That’s great service!


Purchased a car

Great people. 100 percent satisfied. Purchased 2012 dodge charger. The owners have been thru terrible life experiences. Honest people. I could not survive what they have been thru in their life.