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(155 reviews)

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Shorted my warranty contract

So I bought a BMW m5, they sold me a 5 year 100,000 mile extended warranty for $4300 well something finally went wrong with the car so I call the warranty company and instead of 5 years it’s only 3 years and when I called they gave me another number to call and have been giving me the run around for months now. Don’t buy from this place, extremely crooked business practices, I should’ve known when they wouldn’t give me any type of form for my extended warranty outside of some brochure. I’ve called a million times and no one ever picks up any of the 100 numbers you find online.



Purchased a Range Rover Sport in September 2019 within an extended warranty. Took my truck to the Land Rover dealership for repairs and found out my warranty was voided for nonpayment. Now I'm out $3K and stuck with a Range Rover with no warranty.


Unethical Dealer. Will not respond to calls.

Purchased a truck in October 2019.Cannot get tag, owner has been arrested, no one will answer or respond to where title is. Filed police report.


Dr. O. Furtick

I purchased my BMW 750i in September 2019. All went well until I had to constant contact the dealership about my tag. I found out that my 48 months warranty never been paid to the vendor. I'm out of $3300.00 and no warranty. I will take action if this matter is not resolve.


Need Tags called tag office

I've been calling about tags and still no response from anyone. I've left a number of messages but no reply about my tags. It's impossible to leave a message.



Something is fishy about this business, and they are not forthcoming with the information as you would imagine! We recently purchased a used vehicle from them, and now can not reach anyone to get answers as to why we have not received our Georgia Tag in the mail. Reached out to Basil, and guess what after I said I was a recent customer, he hung up on me. DO NOT GIVE THIS BUSINESS your hard earned money. They are scammers, and hope they get shut down for good. Business practices, are not lawful.



Why dont yall answer phones? Trying to find out what the hold up is on your end? Dmv hasn't received my tag info from yall and you charged me 97.00. Can't call bc nobody answers the phone in any department.


Great Experience

Ask for Sunny great experience, he was very easy to work with. He was honest and made every thing easy. The first sales guy I have dealt with that wasn't full of BS. I would buy another car from him when the time is right

Dealer response

Hi Jonathan, Thank you so much for the positive review. Sunny is a great person and salesman. We are so pleased to read that you had a great experience with Georgia Luxury Cars. Please refer your family and friends to for their next vehicle purchase. Have a wonderful day! GLC


Buyer beware

After email and phone conversations, I drove over 3 hours from out of state to purchase what was supposed to be a well maintained range rover. Made the purchase everything seemed fine. 30 miles or so from this dealership the transmission started acting up. Called back and was basically told that I bought it as-is so oh well. I understand as is but to have bought this vehicle less than an hour before and be told oh well seems very shady and unprofessional. I have tried calling back and left messages with no response. Vehicle has been in shop getting the needed repairs handled since the purchase. $5000 in repairs later maybe I can enjoy my vehicle.

Dealer response

Hello Dave, I apologize about your experience with your Range Rover and your overall experience with Georgia Luxury Cars. Please call our Finance Manager, Basil at 678-541-4021. We are here to assist you. Thank you, GLC


Please read before deciding to purchase from them

Everything seemed to go smoothly at first. Via phone, text and email we were able to come together on my trade and their BMW I8. We did that way as I'm located over 6 hours away in another state. Again everything seemed to be going fine. The first red flag was the only way they would take the down payment was via wire transfer. The next one was they picked up my trade well before shipping my I8 and did not ship it until they received my trade. This whole process took over 2 weeks, so far no harm no foul only I was without my 2nc car for over 7 days. Upon the cars arrival I was very happy with the I8, except they did not send the charger. Luckily I was setup with a fast charger so it was not a big issue. Then the big problem started. My trade, now 30 days ago was still not paid off so I had to make a payment (now I'm paying on two cars). Also during this time I canceled my extended service plan on my trade and it was credited to my still unpaid off trade. After several calls and attempts to get it paid off by day 45 it still was not paid so I had to make another payment to keep it from getting late. Still no payoff sent on my trade. The next big problem is they sent my title work to my home state but only titled it and did NOT register it, they also gave me no paper work. So finally on day 50 they payoff my trade and since I paid 2 payments and canceled my service contract I should be getting a $1,400 overpayment from the auto loan. Instead I get a $32 check! On my contract to purchase with them they were suppose to send $31,452 to payoff my car, instead when they finally got the around to paying it off they called and found out the pay out had dropped from my 2 payments and service contract cancelation and instead of sending the contracted amount they sent $1,400 less! It has now been over 3 months and I can not get anywhere with the dealership on the $1,400 and I'm still fighting to get the registration done as the DMV is asking for the original title to compete the process but TD Auto Finance has the original and will not send it to me. Hands down the worst car buying experience I've ever had and short changing the payoff by $1,400 is nothing short of criminal. Please read deeply into the other reviews and others have had issues getting their trades paid off as well as title issues. Be warned if you buy here you'd better expect no less issues than I've had. I've been ripped off for $1,400 and have a beautiful BMW I8 sitting in my garage with no registration 90 days later. BUYER BEWARE, they operate like a company with BIG cash flow issues!

Dealer response

Hi Bernie Hester, I apologize about your experience please contact our finance manager Basil at 678-581-4021. He will be more than happy to assist you. Have a wonderful day! GLC