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(427 reviews)

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Very helpful and welcoming environment. No pressure to buy. The car was very clean and ran very smoothly. Easiest car buying experience I have ever had.


worst experience ever

Gave these people $500 to hold a truck for me. Wyatt the salesman tells me the truck is mine and that they are taking it off the internet, which they did. Set up an appt two days later to come get it. The day of, they called and said they had to reschedule because something on the truck needed to be fixed. Ok, no worries. I'm in Virginia 3.5 hrs away and good thing I didn't make the trip before the call, but no worries. We reschedule the appointment. The day before I'm supposed to come get it there is a gas shortage in Virginia. No gas at any pumps. We have no idea how long this will go on. I call them, they say no problem, don't worry about it, the truck is yours. I rescheduled the pickup with the dealership that day. Salesman and manager agree. No worries. Cars.com sends me an email that the truck has been re-advertised. Wait…I have an appointment to come get the truck, you have my deposit to hold the truck and you’re re-advertising it? No call from the dealership to warn me of this (salesman stopped returning my calls and texts). I call them, repeatedly, and when I finally get someone to speak to me I ask why 1) they didn't tell me that they were re-advertising it (my wife and I could have made the 7 hour round trip for nothing AFTER I made a deposit to HOLD the truck) 2) why agree to the appointment if I'm “taking too long” (14 days) to come get the truck (neither delay was my fault btw) 3) what is the purpose of giving them a deposit to hold the truck if they aren't going to keep their promise and actually hold the truck and 4) where is my money? The answer I got was hilarious..."the owner told us to...". Really? Couldn't get any other answer from the manager (Mike), the salesman (Wyatt) or the sales manager (Kevin). Finally got my deposit back. I've been buying a car every two years for the last 30 years...never had an experience even approaching this bad. Watch your back with these people.


***review update***

Writing an update to my review as I have discussed my issue further with the dealership and they have worked with me to take care of the issues. The owner does a lot for the local community and I believe he does stand up to his reputation.


Good cars bad experience

We were told that they would try to find the car we were looking for. That didn’t happen and we were not even in their system. Three weeks later we tried again and after a while we looked at a care that seemed to fit our needs. All was going well until the owner got into the process, offered me 1/3 of blue book for my trade. He said my car was worthless then later said it was a good car and he wanted to donate it to someone. He said I should feel good about taking his low offer. Using guilt and shame on a customer was not cool. We almost walked out but the staff tried to mediate. Eventually we came to a compromise but the good feeling of family was gone. We are happy with the car so far but have a less than fuzzy feeling about the owner. My wife and I agreed that we could not recommend this dealer to others.


Great company

Hampstead pre owned has been amazing. My mom bought her car from there 2 years ago today, and LOVES it. That car has had no issues what so ever, and has been so reliable. I was one of the 3 girls that got either a free car or a scholarship from this amazing company. I left with a 2019 toyota corolla with the help of Anthony and his team. i would recommend them without a doubt, they were so so kind and the process was a breeze. Thank you Hampstead pre owned, i am a very very happy teen!


Good selection and pricing but...

I am very impressed with the selection of cars and pricing. The response to my initial inquiry was great. Unfortunately, the car we drove had an unidentifiable grinding sound. When we returned to the dealership, the manager, Brendan, greeted us warmly and assured us that he would find the cause, have it repaired and contact us Monday as soon as he had the update. When we didn’t hear from Brenden Monday, I emailed him a reminder. I received no response. Two days later, I have had no response. Even a response with bad news is better than no response. The dealership has not lived up to their “Golden Rule” customer service.


Amazing customer service and cars!

I am extremely impressed with Hampstead preowned. I’ve been “car shopping” for a Kia Sedona since June, and their prices beat everyone! Not only that, but the buying process was so quick, their customer service was amazing, and they delivered my car 2.5 hours away! They even got me financed when other places wanted me to have a co-signer, and with a low rate! Truly impressed and so happy with my experience. Highly recommend and will definitely be visiting them again when I need another car.


2013 Honda Accord

Hampstead provided an easy buying process. After shopping around for a month they had the best price on multiple vehicles in the market I was in.


Happy Shopper

I researched for a long time to find the perfect used car for my daughters first vehicle. After looking for a few days I found the perfect car for my daughter. Mike Gillespie was the best salesperson and I couldn't be happier with the way he talked to me, explained things to me, and listened to what I was looking for.


Hampstead Pre-Owed: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Times a Charm!

With a new driver in the family, we have purchased our 3rd vehicle from Hampstead Pre-Owned. We received the same quality product, customer service, and personalized car the the 3rd vehicle as we did with the other two...that's why we keep going back! They have a wide selection of inventory to choose from. ABSOLUTELY no sales pressure at all. The Sales and Service folks treat you like you're part of the family. I would highly recommend Hampstead Pre-Owned to anyone looking for a (new to them) vehicle.