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(1,047 reviews)

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Beware of Bogus Fees

I was very disappointed with this dealership. They are not transparent with prices. They will lie to you on the phone and say, "Its illegal to give you a price quote." I should have stopped there when they wouldn't give me a price quote. When you are arrive at the dealership, the owner wants to add bogus fees to your car. Covid Fee, Warranty Fee, Dealership Fee. The Dealer Fee does not have be $499. This is not a law that buyers have to pay. The total was over $1500 in bogus fees. The owner tries to make you feel stupid. I will never again drive to Hampstead Pre-owned. The prices look good on the internet until you drive into the middle of nowhere and the dealership applies addition bogus fees. No Thank you.


Customer for life

Bought two cars so far, would never go anywhere else. Experience like no other. Quality is held to the highest standard along side of service. Joe Demaris in Finance did everything he could to get me the best deal with the bank



They were absolutely amazing!! Would recommend this Dealership to ANYONE!!! They were determined to make sure I got the best quality vehicle! All around great experience!!


Best Preowned dealership

Come as friends leave as family!! They live by this motto and you feel it from each employee! Ginger was so nice!! Willing to go above and beyond!


Careful what you buy. Pay attention to check eng.

I was happy when I bought my Cherokee, check engine light came on so I took it back, they said just misfire. Light came on later, but warranty was over so they brought that up. $20,000 car, I put 10,000 miles on, then had to pay $2500 on top end repair. Need work, take somewhere you didn't by it


We had a great experience buying our second car from

We had a great experience buying our second car from Hampstead PreOwned! We trust these guys to find quality cars for their lot.


SOMEONE GOT GREEDY - I recently found a vehicle for my

SOMEONE GOT GREEDY - I recently found a vehicle for my daughter on the website of a dealer I had purchased a vehicle from previously. (Loyal customer returns..right??). The 11 year old vehicle was over-priced, but we were willing to fork over the advertised price plus fees. I asked the salesman for the "out-the-door price." I noticed that the dealer has added a $500 "Certification" fee, something I did not pay just 9 months ago in our previous purchase from this dealer. I questioned this additional fee and tried to negotiate it off the price. Well, I was given $100 credit for being a return customer..and scolded by the saleman that , "All fees are non-negotiable." We were then told that the advertised fee ONLY applied to customers who use their financing. Another $500.00 fee was tacked on. In addition to the other fees, we were looking at over $2000.00 in fees for a 11 year old over-priced Toyota. We walked out of that dealership NEVER to return. Buyer beware!!


Best decision

They are definitely right about treating you like family. I was skeptical at first because I wanted my first car to be perfect, but David made sure he took care of everything, step-by-step, explained the entire process to me and breakdown, allowed me test drive three cars multiple times, and stayed about five hours past closing which was commendable. Fees were a little pricy and we challenged it, but the service was excellent, thanks to David!


Expect $1,000+ in Fees Over Advertised Price

Fees galore!! I drove an hour and spent about 2.5 hours looking at cars for my 16 year old daughter here in early December. The salesperson was great and told me that since i was a cash buyer, all i would be responsible for was the cost of the car. Tax, title, and the rest would be handled when i registered the car in Pa. When I decided on a vehicle, the price i was given was over $1300 more than the sticker price. It included a $500 “contract fee,” a $500 “certification fee,” plus a few hundred more in other fees. When the sales manager came out, he tried explaining these bogus fees, but why do you need a contract fee on a cash transaction? And what am i certifying for $500? These are all bogus fees meant to line the dealerships pocket. They advertise for one price on apps to make it seem like its a “great deal” and then pull this shady crap when you show up. Avoid this dealership and don’t waste your time.


Rude, unprofessional and fees, fees, fees!

My son looked at a car, told the salesman he wanted to think about it overnight. The salesman said “why are you here then, if your not going to buy it”. Terribly rude and unprofessional! Additionally they tack on all kids of “fees”, processing fee, reconditioning fee, $1000 added on. Horrible experience.