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Bmw 330 2017

Luxury Sports Sedan Challenge Video: Who Does It Best?

By Joe Wiesenfelder on July 11, 2017

CARS.COM — The Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class are archrivals among compact luxury sedans. These three contestants in Cars.com's 2017 Luxury Sports Sedan Challenge are ... Read More
Luxury Sports Sedan Challenge Video: Handling

By Joe Wiesenfelder on July 11, 2017

CARS.COM — Pure sports cars aren't as popular as they used to be, and one very good reason is that luxury sports sedans have gotten so entertaining to drive — especially when it c... Read More
These Are the 11 Best Used-Car Bargains: Study

By Emily Daniel on July 10, 2017

A new Cadillac CTS looks good, but the same model for half the price looks even better. A new study by automotive research firm iSeeCars.com has named the 11 cars that can save shoppers 45 to 51... Read More
Is the BMW 330i Still Fastest in Its Class?

By Joe Bruzek on July 10, 2017

CARS.COM — Here's a fun fact about the seven compact sports sedans we tested in Cars.com's 2017 Luxury Sports Sedan Challenge: Every engine had 2.0 liters of displacement (the amou... Read More
Luxury Sports Sedan Challenge: Is the BMW 3 Series Still Best?

By Joe Bruzek on July 10, 2017

CARS.COM — Even if you've never owned a luxury sedan, you know the big players because they've been around so long: Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class. These veterans of ... Read More
Jaguar Unveils 2018 XF Sportbrake Wagon

By Fred Meier on June 14, 2017

CARS.COM — For luxury buyers who want a sports sedan but need more capacity for runs to Home Depot or the polo field, Jaguar offers the new XF Sportbrake, a wagon version of its latest XF ... Read More
2017 BMW 330 Review: Photo Gallery

By Matt Schmitz on June 7, 2017

CARS.COM — Despite a succession of mild refreshes to the current-generation BMW 3 Series, the poster-boy luxury sedan continues to lose ground to rivals such as the Audi A4 and Mercedes-Be... Read More
2017 BMW 330i: Car Seat Check

By Jennifer Geiger on June 6, 2017

CARS.COM — BMW's compact sedan is its best-selling car, and the 2017 3 Series is available as a sedan, wagon or Gran Turismo hatchback and as the M3 performance sedan. For this Car Sea... Read More
BMW Confirms Return of 5 Series Diesel for 2018

By Fred Meier on May 1, 2017

CARS.COM — BMW has confirmed that it will bring back a diesel version of the redesigned 5 Series for 2018, according to a report by Car and Driver. Related: 2017 BMW 5 Series... Read More
2017 BMW 330: Our View

By Aaron Bragman on April 6, 2017

Still comfortable and capable, the 3 Series is starting to feel soft and look old. Read More