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202407 what to do if manufacturer is defunct jpg
Whether you’re looking for advice on what to do with your Fisker Ocean, you’re an aspiring Lordstown Endurance owner, or you have a different vehicle whose company isn’t doing so great, here’s our advice based on what’s worked for owners in the past.
ram 1500 trx 6 2L supercharged v8 final edition 2024 exterior oem 07 jpg
This year’s study is based on responses from 99,144 buyers and lessees of new model-year 2024 vehicles, and respondents were surveyed 90 days after acquiring their vehicles.
202402 hidden costs of ev scaled jpg
Are there hidden costs that could make owning an EV as much or more expensive? The evidence is no, not over time.
jeep grand cherokee trailhawk 4xe 2023 02 service bay scaled jpg
The Grand Cherokee 4xe picked up some scratches, scuffs and a dent, but it appeared otherwise fine. Little did we know the repair saga that lay ahead of us.
202312 cost to repair evs scaled jpg
Despite some horror stories, there are no data so far that EVs overall are a lot more expensive to fix than ICE vehicles that are comparable in age and price.
tesla model y 2021 01 exterior charging scaled jpg
The chief issue we encountered, and the one that finally prompted us to take our Model Y in for service, was a faulty rear-window regulator.
202307 why does your air conditioner need recharging scaled jpg
What may need recharging in your car’s air-conditioning system is the refrigerant that circulates through the system to create cold air.
202304 how to repair rust on car scaled jpg
Rust repair on a car is an art that often requires a lot of knowledge, time, equipment and supplies to pull off, at least if you want it fixed anywhere near as good as new.
mazda cx 30 2020 01 instrument panel  interior  safety tech  sensor jpg
A new study surveyed more than 3,000 owners of vehicles equipped with crash-avoidance technology, and over half the respondents who said they’ve had repairs stated they had problems with the technologies after the repair was completed.
202301 how to protect car rust 1 8 gif
Damage from road de-icing methods cost U.S. drivers more than $3 billion a year in rust repairs. Here are ways to avoid the issue.