Toyota 4runner 1996's view

March 10, 1997

This is the third time that Toyota Motor Corp. has introduced a sport-utility vehicle, and each time seems to be an improvement over the last. The company is introducing its third generation of spo... Read More's view

May 11, 1996

Dear Toyota: Thanks for lending me your new, improved 4Runner sports-utility vehicle. It’s really nice, especially the V-6 engine that provides so much more power than last year’s. ... Read More
The Morning Call and's view

March 30, 1996

If ever a truck had started to show its age, it was the Toyota 4Runner. With its high step-in height and cheeseball interior, it hardly matched theOlympian heights of its price sticker. Toyota kn... Read More's view

March 24, 1996

When told you are second-, third- or even fourth-best, you have a few choices: thumb your nose at your critics, who obviously don’t know what they’re talking about, or swallow your pr... Read More