Toyota 4runner 2003's view

February 16, 2003

Rugged, Reliable and Tougher to Roll This is a review of the 2003 Toyota 4Runner. It is a midsize sport-utility vehicle. Thus, this column might offend SUV opponents. They need not tarry here. ... Read More's view

February 1, 2003

Once again, I was one of the few people in town more than 12 years old who delighted in a recent particularly foul stretch of weather. We had it all – sleet, ice, snow, refrozen snow melt, su... Read More
The Morning Call and's view

January 19, 2003

The all-new 2003 4Runner addresses the unmet expectations of the current 4Runner. This is something that Toyota has mastered: incremental improvements that make a big difference overall. For ... Read More's view

October 20, 2002

After three generations of selling a compact sport-utility vehicle designed for Japan in the U.S., Toyota decided it was time for a change. Considering more 4Runners are sold in the U.S. than in J... Read More