2018 BMW 530e consumer reviews

$52,650 starting MSRP
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71% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.0
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I bought 530e 1 month back.Car doesn’t run on pure electric mode for 30 miles it only goes 15-16 miles.After fully charging vehicle combined mpg I’m getting is 31.6 and I’m not a rowdy driver always drive between 45-60 MPH.


Not built for northern country

This modern product isnt for use in Cold country ..The function e-mode stop below minus 5 degree celsius....otherwise this car have a smooth drive ans good handling on the road


Terrible Tires

We've owned this car for 2 years now and while we like the actual car, the tires are AWEFUL! We just left the dealership and have replaced our fourth tire in two years. At $400 on piece, this car just isn't worth the hassle.


Cannot be trusted for safety !!

A month ago, I was stranded at the gas station because the fuel tank door did not open.. Multiple attempts at depressurizing using the lame button adjacent to the driver's seat, but the fuel tank door would not open. I called in to an authorized BMW dealer, had a service advisor on the call and he directed me how to open it with the green manual latch in the trunk.. Still no luck.. I somehow reached the dealer with only 4 miles worth of fuel left in the car.. They tried it in front of me, multiple times.. They could not open it... They then kept it for 2 days, but could not find what the problem was... After 24 hours or so, the fuel tank door magically opened.. Since they could not find any fault, they did not fix anything.. All they did was reprogram with the latest software and assured me that would fix it.. !! A software update to fix a possible mechanical issue. Where have I heard that before ?? Of course 2 weeks later, I had the same traumatic experience again .. Late evening returning home after work, the fuel tank door would not open... Tried depressurizing using that lame button numerous times, and it said on the dashboard "Refueling possible now" , but the door would refuse to open.. Spent about 2 hours waiting at a gas station, had my wife drive 30 miles and it finally opened (magically) after 3 hours.. So, I call the BMW NA and lodged a complaint. They asked me to go back to a different dealer this time for another evaluation. This dealer kept the car for 4 days and they were advised by the TSE of both a service bulletin and the fact that the replacing the fuel tank door actuator "may be" a solution since that is the only mechanical component that is responsible for opening the fuel tank door. So, they did that as a “best guess” repair, unable to pin point the fault on the original actuator that the car came with. Given all this, I cannot take the risk of driving this car for longer distances, since I am not confident that the door will open when I need to refuel and cannot take the risk of being stranded at gas stations. Of course I am continuing to pursue the matter with BMW NA, but to my surprise, this is what they came back with - "Regarding the safety of your vehicle, we work with authorized BMW Dealers that have factory trained technicians, they install BMW genuine parts and they use BMW issued special tools and diagnostic equipment. Due to the mechanical and electrical complexities of modern motor vehicles, we are not in a position to guarantee 100% safety at all times. However, we are confident that your vehicle has been correctly diagnosed and repaired to BMW’s high standards." As a responsible car owner, I am obligated to make other 530e owners (and potential owners) aware of the risk of being stranded at gas stations and the fact that my experience with this car tells me it can only be trusted for shorter commutes..


Awesome car- great mileage, made very smart

Great drive, very quiet. Great fuel efficiency. Longer than a typical 5 series. V4 but turbo power and nice pick-up. The car had numerous features and very secure with the auto stop feature.


Been in the shop for almost a month!

Bought this car new. At the first oil change they told me the water pump seal is leaking and will need to be replaced. Thankfully this repair is covered under the warranty so I didn't complain, at first. Then I get a call from BMW of Concord California informing me the part will need to be MADE and shipped from Germany to California. It's been almost one month and the part has yet to arrive from Germany! While it's nice to be provided a loaner car, it's of little help considering I bought the 530e to lessen my commute time. Since HOV stickers cannot be purchased by the dealership anymore I'm back to driving in the non-HOV lane thus increasing my commute time by over one hour. I will never purchase another BMW again..... It's a total joke to buy a $60,000 vehicle and have the water pump leak before the first oil change. It's a bigger joke for BMW to take a over a month to provide a basic part....


Repeatedly in service for control unit problems

It is a beautiful car, comfortable, good mileage, performs well BUT the first time it was in the shop was 3 weeks after I bought it. The replacement control unit had to be shipped from Germany! Since then, several issues including another control unit/charging port issue that out the car back in the shop for a full week while they tried to figure out how to remedy the problem.


The best value I could get in a car.

I was able to get a great car with everything I need for a safe comfortable means of transportation. A great value through this investment.


I get 30 -37 miles per gallon,very disappointing

The epa mileage needs revision, I could get more miles with less hassle in an Avalon Toyota, without the plug in every day for paltry 14 miles. I expected it to charge itself as I am driving. The trunk is smaller than my previous because off the battery too. Some one please explain.


Great comfortable car

Luxury in a sporty car. Very happy with the purchase and exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend this model. Only downside is the mileage when fully charged is disappointing as often I drive longer distances and don't have ability to recharge. If you are doing shorter distances or errands around town and have the ability to recharge between these short trips, you would rarely need to use any gasoline.