2018 BMW 530e consumer reviews

$52,650 starting MSRP
side view of 2018 530e BMW
71% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.0
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So quiet, luxurious and drives like a charm

I have driven around 1400 miles on mine and it has given me 78 mpg. (not mpge, mpg). I just remember to plus it in every night and charge it at work as well. Best features - Very quiet refined ride, chooses the drive mode very well (as soon as I start on freeway ramp, it turns off electric mode, and turns on electric mode as soon as I take the exit), Always connected to my phone, Cannot tell by listening of feeling if it it on electric mode or gas mode, Base audio system is great, everything I touch feels high quality, no maintenance cost for 3 years, battery and electric warranty for 8 years. I am loving this car. The ambient lighting inside is awesome at night. Pickup is instantaneous and very quite. It gives around 20 miles in electric mode alone. I like it that i can take it to any long distance road trip without worrying about charging. For 1400 miles so far, i have only been to the gas station once for a 10 gallon fill up, it came with a full gas tank from the dealer. This car relaxes you on your road trip like no other.


Best car I ever owned

Luxury but the ultimate driving experience, technology is amazing, the hybrid feature allows me not to spend any money on gas going to work every day..beast under the hood..


Worst Car I Ever Owned

Vehicle and Air Conditioning does not stay running upon driver exiting the vehicle without any battery life. This leaves passengers such as elderly and pets hot and gasping for air. Range is extremely poor and not as advertised at most 5 miles driving on 100% full charge. If you value your family or your life do not purchase this vehicle.


Luxury medium size sedan

Very good car, good handling, fast, very luxurious feeling, I just love it! I recommend to take the car with the harman kardon system, very good one.


Perfect balance of economy and performance

This car is the perfect balance of performance and economy. I am getting over 50 mpg (combined) and not giving up any power or speed. Very comfortable ride, great handling and enough technology to satisfy anyone. Highly recommended.


Disappointing electric range

I traded in a '18 Lexus es300h for the '18 BMW 530e. Many great features, like the outstanding HUD, quietness, and power. Biggest disappointment is the electric range. The car when fully charged shows 15 miles range on electric. By the time I'm out if the garage it shows 14 miles . After driving like I have raw eggs in the back seat at around 40mph on empty country road, the battery is depleted at 13 miles by the odometer. Now it costs me $0.95/ mile for electricity costing $0.16/ KWH at my condo. If I believe the sticker, the car in hybrid only mode gets 28mpg. This means it costs me $0.107/ mile with premium gas at $3/gal. Is it worth it when my Lexus got close to 40mpg as a hybrid? That would be around $0.07 per mile with gas costing $2.80/gal.


New and In Love

This is my seventh BMW over the years--3's, 5's, X's and Z's--and while it's still new to me, first impression is that it's the best yet! What jumps out is how amazingly quiet it is. The best part is the instant acceleration, no turbo spool-up delay, no hiccup and waiting for the car to decide if you really wanted to go after all--it just goes, no argument. And that's handy when you're trying to pull a heavy vehicle into traffic. I've read reviews that claim the steering is numb. I don't find it so. The car is readily responsive to the wheel, but it's a heavy beast at over 4200 pounds, and high school physics tells you it's just not going to feel or act like an e36 three-series, folks. But it's still a BMW and drives like one. I will say the 530e feels far more athletic than my previous Five-series diesel at just about the same weight, but still very solid and planted at over 80 mph (not that I was going over 80, officer...). The interior is amazing--ambient Disco lighting has come to BMW! Love it! The seats are the most comfortable I've yet had in a BMW. The touch screen is a big improvement, less fiddling with the iDrive controller. Haven't tried the Apple CarPlay yet, so can't speak to that. The standard stereo came with this particular model, and it's okay. Not great, but okay. If I'd had a choice--and I didnt--I'd go with the reasonably priced Harmon-Kardon upgrade (their top-end diamond system is likely a jaw-dropper, but for $4000, it'd better be!) My commute is 12 miles, and so far I'm doing around 70 mpge. Can't complain about that! I do wish the batteries had more range, but we're taking baby steps into the future of all-electric cars, and it's currently a weight and trunk-space trade-off. As the technology improves, so will the range, and for now, anything that helps kick up relatively non-polluting mileage is good for everyone. Overall, like almost everyone with a new vehicle, I'm infatuated with it, but I expect even as the newness wears off, this will turn into the BMW that will top my list of favorite cars.


BMW 530e

Wanted a BMW 5 series but also wanted to make it as sporty as possible. By upgrading to the M package, it made a world of difference. I'm still evaluating the Hybrid technology but it feels pretty seamless from gas engine in transition and offers a boost when accelerating quickly. Even in auto mode where it controls moving between gas and battery, it really wants to just use the battery unless gas is absolutely necessary so it drains really quickly. Basically have to charge every night if you want to take full advantage. The interior is very well designed and the new touch screen display is clean, responsive and easy to navigate.


Excellent Overall so far

This car met most of my needs, extremely quiet, smooth ride, and it is electric hybrid so much less pollution.


Wonderful and fun car to drive

Overall everything exceeds expectations, with one exception. I still don't have 1,000 miles on the car and it's been in service 2X for the Engine Emission Light. The first time I was told it was a "computer glitch". The second time (which is now going on day 3) I am told that one of the "connectors" is faulty. However, at this point in time the faulty connector has not been located.