2019 Cadillac XT5 consumer reviews

$41,695–$44,695 MSRP range
side view of 2019 XT5 Cadillac
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.5
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Very stylish good looking wheels

Good looking interior (leather) fancy wheels plenty of space both front seating and rear. Safety features available. Like the features availabke to link phone and customixe dash gauges


Excellent, actually easy leasing process

After dealing with other dealers in the area , I am happy I came across Mark Ferrari at Sheehan Cadillac, he made the usually difficult, bothersome rolling over process , easy & set me up with the procedures. I am grateful.


I own this car only 4 days.

I own this Cadillac xt5 only 4 days. This car met all of my needs. The ride is great. It has plenty of legroom in the front and back. So far I like this car.


New, so far so good!

Drives very well, has all the comforts I like...automatic side mirrors, heated seats a must for winter! A little sporty, but luxurious...very happy so far


My third Cadillac XT5 - love it

Enough space for 5 people, very comfortable, great interior and exterior design, quiet performance, easy to operate, very economic, unique navigation system, great trunk capacity


My first luxury car

Love this car. Smooth ride, sleek design, and all the features I need. It is the perfect size to fit my needs. Fuel economy is better than expected.


Just what we were looking for!

The XT5 met all the items on our checklist. Great design, quiet and wonderful sound system. The comfort fand smooth ride for long trips were of course a given. Add to that Apple play and the Sirius and the OnStar options.


Beautiful car with many amenities

This is a beautiful car that is also very comfy and a pleasure to drive. It has enough power to transition into traffic yet also gets decent mpg. There are lots of bells and whistles, some we are still trying to figure out.


Cadillac made many avoidable design mistakes

I lucked out and got a 2-year-old Platinum XT5 still under warranty w/ only 20k miles. Paid about HALF of original sticker price (Major depreciation). While it does have many features I like (and expect on a luxury car), the designers made some big mistakes that frustrate me every time I drive the car. #1--SUPER BAD GEAR SHIFT! It is NOT intuitive at all! It takes weeks of driving to get used to the unique "system" they created (for example, to get into reverse you must hold a side button, then press the shifter FORWARD and then push it to the SIDE! To Park you don't move the shifter, rather, you find the button at the TOP of the shifter and press it(???)...and don't even try to get into Neutral for a car wash! They had to stop the car wash for me today because it would not change into neutral even though I pushed the lever to neutral--I guess you must push the side button, go up and over to reverse and then back to neutral (???) Dumbest shifter design in the world!--even DANGEROUS; #2-- Option for tan leather dash cover. The light color of my particular dash cover causes MAJOR reflection in the windscreen and makes your eyes think it's always a bit foggy. I'll never buy a car with a light dash cover again; #3--squeaks and rattles...OMG! I haven't bought a GM in years and remember how bad GM vehicles were in the 70's and 80's...they are just as bad now! Major squeak in the rear seat mechanism that is very hard to stop (I'm going to take it in under warranty for repair as I see many others online saying the same thing). More squeaks/rattles in the dash, seat belt mechanism, and brakes! I wouldn't expect this in a Cadillac. #4--The Multifunction display is positioned just right to ALWAYS REFLECT THE SUN and be hard to read. It's also super susceptible to fingerprints which make it almost impossible to read in sunlight (and yes, I clean my cars regularly); #5-- A/C system...I live in Phoenix and today is nearly 110 degrees. The system can barely keep up and the seat A/C is less than half what my Ford can do. In fact, I often check to see if the seat cooling light is even on as I can't feel hardly anything; #6--remote start almost never works (I'm going to make sure my key batteries are working...but there shouldn't be a problem at the 2-year mark); #7--not as quiet of a ride as I would expect from a Platinum level Cadillac; #8--Rear seat headroom is embarrassing and I can't take any tall people with me to lunch unless they can ride up front. #9--little things like the unique adaptive cruise buttons that lets you jump up/down 1 MPH or 5MPH depending how you push the button are neat features....but the tactile feel is so bad that it's hard to control between 1 or 5mph and my wife gets mad every time she tries to use it (and she is a very competent senior executive of a major corporation). #10--no thought into things like toll-coin storage and such (even our Ford Fusion had a well designed console with lots of design for usefulness). The XT5 has one big storage pit in the armrest and a cubby underneath the console that is almost inaccessible when driving. There are two drink holders, but that's it! And even the phone holder/recharger is positioned to where you can't get your phone out if there is a Starbucks in the console drink holder!....Like I said...the designers must never have driven another brand of vehicle. If I had paid full price for this car I would have been VERY disappointed...but since I paid about half for a 24-month old car I feel I got a deal and can put up with the dumb design flaws. Oh...what do I LIKE about the car. #1 I love the head's-up display; #2 I love that the car integrates with Apple Car Play so I can bypass the built in navigation and such (which is horrible); #3 the sound system is quite good; #4 the car is peppy and sure footed; #5 the surround view camera system is very helpful; #6 the driver assistance features are very helpful (automatic wipers, side headlamps when turning, adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, blind spot sensors, etc.). It's not a BAD car, but it falls very short as a $60-$70k luxury car.


dangerous seat controls

My husband and I were driving back from our 15 year Anniversary and was on the highway when the driver seat moved him all the way to the stirring wheel he couldn’t move it back and had serious difficulties trying to stop and pull the car over due to the tight position it put him in. He never touched the controls and had both hands on the wheel when this happened. He tried numerous times after we pulled over to move the seat in a comfortable and safe driving position however the seat had its a mind of its own. This is seriously dangerous and could have killed someone or us. I was teaching my daughter how to drive in this car however have serious doubts I will keep my 3 month old car.