2019 Chevrolet Blazer consumer reviews

$28,800–$37,500 MSRP range
side view of 2019 Blazer Chevrolet
76% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.4
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Less than expected

We own a 2022 Blazer 2LT AWD and it’s just not what I would expect when paying $40K for an SUV. No heated seats, no sunroof, no blind spot warning system etc… Definitely shop around before buying.


Disgruntled Customer

When I bought my Blazer in 2019 I absolutely loved it, my favorite vehicle ever and I’ve had many, all that changed 5 months ago. First problem: the vehicle was still under warranty, we’re 1200 miles away from home and the BCM failed and the vehicle assumed a mind of its own; it actually locked us out of the vehicle, the fob didn’t work and we couldn’t even access it with the APP. Had to have the vehicle towed, the dealership had the vehicle for over 3 weeks and Chevy did nothing to help us. The dealership returned the vehicle to us saying they couldn’t get the vehicle to recreate the issue. The dealership refused to give us a loaner so my husband had to fly back to NY and drive our truck to where we were. Next: Fast forward to the 36,150 miles mark, no more factory warranty, and here we go again. In a matter of 3 days the air conditioner quit working then the front right blinker and left rear blinker quit working. Checked all bulbs and fuses and they were fine, definitely electrical issues. We bought the best extended warranty available, the same dealer said we had to pay $176 diagnostic fee and a $100 deductible for them to fix it! Note: we are snowbirding down south and won’t be back to our home dealer until April, we have to drive the Blazer back home with no turning signals or brake light on one side which means we will most likely get a ticket! Not to mention that BCM that could go out again at any time.


Love the exterior sporty look and so comfortable.

This car is attractive, roomy inside, awesome technoogy, great mileage. It's very reliable, built tough and I feel so safe on the highway. Probably one of the most favorite cars I've owned.


I love my blazer it’s very comfortable.

I love my blazer it’s really comfortable get good gas mileage and plenty of room for my family and groceries and a real pleasure to drive.


Mean look

Best suv , muscles look, real good performance. I still have a small problem with the heat setting. I had 3 differents suv within 8yrs but this one is the best👍


I rea like my SUV

Looking forward to havinga SUV 4 wheel drive this winter. I like all the options it has. Also like that I can move from 2 wheel to 4 wheel.


Huge design flaws

Had the 2020 Blazer for 10 days and 1000 miles as a rental in varied on & off-road summer conditions -- that was enough to never want to drive this car again. Where do I start? Acceleration off the line is slow and jerky, and the traction just isn't there. It takes practice to get the car to not squeal tires from a stop, just in normal daily driving. The traction control itself is more of a hindrance than help. Sport mode is better, but the car resets to normal on every drive, and even sport mode cuts power to the wheels. The ridiculous huge electronic dial for controlling this is itself irritating to use, in a way that is difficult to explain (just try switching to sport mode and you'll see what I mean). There is a button to turn off traction control, which was placed all the way over next to the glove box button. Why? The glovebox latch is sticky, so you have to mash the button several times to get the box to open. The USB-C port is nice, but Bluetooth doesn't work when you plug your phone in to charge via USB. Phone will happily think it's playing music over Bluetooth but the infotainment system is totally mute. Works immediately after unplugging USB. This is not the only UX issue with the infotainment, but it's probably the most irritating one. The line of controls for the HVAC is set so far behind the "leather" trim that you can barely see them when you're sitting upright in the seat. What's the point of putting graphics and words on buttons when you can't even read them? The car does an extremely annoying and embarrassing triple-honk whenever you get out but leave the keys inside (not just when you're trying to lock the car with the keys inside). Same as when there's luggage in the backseat. Even when the passenger is still sitting in the front seat! I certainly hope this "feature" can be turned off by the dealer. Imagine trying to carefully drive up to a campsite without waking anyone, carefully closing the driver's door, and bam -- everyone's awake. There are metal structures under either side of the car which appear to be designed to scoop up rocks from the roadway. Once scooped up, they rattle around and it sounds like some important part of the car has come loose. These small rocks are very difficult to dislodge and clear out of the scoops. The electric hatchback is very difficult to open and close manually (fights the motor). My partner and I carefully considered whether there's any aspect of the car we actually appreciated, but I'm afraid we came up with almost nothing. Good storage in the doors, and the vents are easy to aim and open/close. In short, GM could use more testing of their prototypes before releasing their cars to production.


Fast & Furious

I downsized from the Traverse. The new blazer has plenty of leg room in the front and back. I have the sport package, which includes six cylinder turbo engine. Wherever I go someone is complimenting on the body style and unique color metallic bronze, which looks more like a metallic gold.


Helicopter sound with windows down

I fell in love with the look and how smooth it drives. I wish I had put the windows down while test driving it. It makes a loud helicopter noise when driving with the windows down. We took it in to get fixed and was told that happens with all SUV's. Well that didn't happen with out Cadillac SUV. And the engine shuts off when you come to a complete stop. I wish it offered that as an on/off option like BMW. Hate that we can't drive around with the windows down when there's nice weather. And does not offer sunroof.


love the style and look of this vehicle

it is easy to get in and out, has enough comforts and neat stuff. lots of cargo space and a roomy back seat. plenty of power with the V6 and the fuel economy is great