2019 Chevrolet Blazer consumer reviews

$28,800 starting MSRP
side view of 2019 Blazer Chevrolet
72% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.2
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Worst car I ever bought

Blazer makes a noise at slow speed. Been to three dealerships and GM sent ‘an engineer’ to two of them and still not fixed. Spent over $3000 even though I have an extended warranty. Worst car I have ever owned. Bought GM exclusively for years as has my son and grandson. I will never buy GM again.



This so-called "Blazer" is an ABSOLUTE INSULT to ANYBODY who liked the K5 Blazer!! The build quality is BEYOND HORRIFIC, the driving experience is TERRIBLE, the handling is AWFUL, and WORST of all, it has NO 4WD, the thing that made the OG Blazer so AWESOME!!! Overall, I HATE this vehicle so much!!


The entire gasket of my car is damaged by some typ

The entire gasket of my car is damaged by some type of mold, I have photos of my car and photos of another car with the same damage, I do not recommend this car.


Worth it when it's $20,000 used

My family inherited a low mileage 2019 Blazer 3lt I find it hard to believe this is a $40,000 SUV, the pros of the vehicle are it works when the all-wheel drive is on it works well finally because it's naturally aspirated it doesn't feel like a turbo 4 which usually doesn't feel great in a bigger vehicle. That's all the good things I have to say about this the interior was clearly designed to look good in pictures and that's about it the leather seats are not very comfortable it has not happened yet but I can just tell all the buttons for climate control and gauges are just waiting to break in typical GM fashion all the Plastics are cheap the coating is already falling off. The one we have at 40,000 miles is already developing rust, the transmission is rather annoying as it's constantly trying to shift all over the place in order to save .00001% fuel here and there which takes away some of the advantage of having a torquey V6 when it's allowed to work is actually pretty good. Gas milage is about 26 miles per gallon on the highway in two-wheel drive mode and somewhere in the 24 to 25 range in the all-wheel drive mode around town as expected you get in abysmal 15ish mpg in any mode. When this car is 20 grand on a used car lot in a few years it's not a bad deal that being said at $40,000 Plus it's simply not worth it there are way better choices in this highly competitive SUV Market Also the paint is decent stood up to Vermont Winters


I will never buy another blazer

My 2019 blazer only have 52000 miles on it and parked in the garage for months. I had a notification on my dashboard for (action required steering system is reduced driver care )and my engine light came on. I took it to the shop and they couldn’t figure it out they said They never seen this before now my engine light is on .


Do not buy this, save yourself the headache

We bought our Blazer in 2019 brand new when they came out again. It’s 2022 and we can’t wait to trade it in. The amount of times this car has been in a service department is insanity. AC has gone out twice, electrical work faulty, engine issues. Well over $6,000 out of pocket in a year trying to fix issues. Will never recommend this vehicle to anyone. We were so excited to own it due to the look but it’s trash.


Less than expected

We own a 2022 Blazer 2LT AWD and it’s just not what I would expect when paying $40K for an SUV. No heated seats, no sunroof, no blind spot warning system etc… Definitely shop around before buying.


Disgruntled Customer

When I bought my Blazer in 2019 I absolutely loved it, my favorite vehicle ever and I’ve had many, all that changed 5 months ago. First problem: the vehicle was still under warranty, we’re 1200 miles away from home and the BCM failed and the vehicle assumed a mind of its own; it actually locked us out of the vehicle, the fob didn’t work and we couldn’t even access it with the APP. Had to have the vehicle towed, the dealership had the vehicle for over 3 weeks and Chevy did nothing to help us. The dealership returned the vehicle to us saying they couldn’t get the vehicle to recreate the issue. The dealership refused to give us a loaner so my husband had to fly back to NY and drive our truck to where we were. Next: Fast forward to the 36,150 miles mark, no more factory warranty, and here we go again. In a matter of 3 days the air conditioner quit working then the front right blinker and left rear blinker quit working. Checked all bulbs and fuses and they were fine, definitely electrical issues. We bought the best extended warranty available, the same dealer said we had to pay $176 diagnostic fee and a $100 deductible for them to fix it! Note: we are snowbirding down south and won’t be back to our home dealer until April, we have to drive the Blazer back home with no turning signals or brake light on one side which means we will most likely get a ticket! Not to mention that BCM that could go out again at any time.


Love the exterior sporty look and so comfortable.

This car is attractive, roomy inside, awesome technoogy, great mileage. It's very reliable, built tough and I feel so safe on the highway. Probably one of the most favorite cars I've owned.


I love my blazer it’s very comfortable.

I love my blazer it’s really comfortable get good gas mileage and plenty of room for my family and groceries and a real pleasure to drive.