2007 Chevrolet Corvette consumer reviews

$44,250 starting MSRP
side view of 2007 Corvette Chevrolet
98% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 5.0
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.7
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Great Car!

I traded in my 06 Mustang GT for this car and have never been sorry. It's been totally reliable, so fun to drive and practical too! Great gas mileage! I love the hatch back - holds SO much stuff! It's great fun, sexy and you can use it for a grocery getter too! Doesn't get any better!


Most beautiful and HOT car I have ever owned.

This car will melt your heart in any setting. Whether you are driving down country lanes with the top down or flying down the highway the experience is exhilarating.


Comfort doesn't quite meet performance

This car has all the performance someone would be looking for, especially with the manual version. The interior has a nice cockpit design, but isn't overly comfortable with long trips.


Awesome American sports car

This is a great example of American Muscle Car and sports car. It has all the power and performance I need plus it's a convertible.


Corvette owner

Great car. Lots of fun. The 2007 Corvette convertible I bought is a great car. Plenty of power. Great handling. Plenty of fun to drive.


NIce Car

Very sporty car with excellant performance. Very comfortable onlong drives as the seats conform to your body.


2007 Corvette Base

Driving a Corvette should be an emotional experience, and the standard coupe and convertible deliver in spades. The 400-horspower LS2 V8 rumbles wonderfully, and the Vette intoxicates with its acceleration. With either the manual or automatic transmission, the coupe thrills. And the convertible is plain wonderful. Drop the top on a nice day, blare the stereo and you'll have what psychologists call a peak experience. It's a fantastic feeling and at those moments the Corvette more than justifies its price, which is a bargain compared to other truly capable high-performance sports cars. Yet probably the best thing about the 2007 Corvette is that you don't have to suspend right-brain rationality to enjoy it. Chevrolet has eliminated nearly all the cruder, less desirable traits that characterized Corvettes of yore, and its performance does not exact a painful toll on driver or passenger. The Corvette could be a reasonably comfortable daily driver in most locales, for at least three of the four seasons. Driven sanely, it can deliver pretty good mileage, too, up to 28 mpg highway by the EPA's formula, better than most SUVs


4th Vette I've owned

I love this car! I love all corvettes. I was a little hesitant about losing my pop up headlights but I've gotton use to the exposed headlamp styling. I bought my car with 11k on the odometer. When I first got the car, I had numerous problems with the battery going dead and the power top not working. I found out there is a learning curve to the C6 corvettes due to all the newer electronics. You need to realize that if you have a weak or dead battery, and the battery goes dead, your doors and trunk will not open as they are electrically operated. There are manual release latches on the floorboard to open the doors. The power top will also not work until you reset (re-index) it with the windows. (visit Corvette forum or Youtube) After realizing the idiosyncrasies of the battery failing, and installing a new battery, everything is as it should be. I've has no other problems other than the cheap lock on the glove box breaking. (common problem). I'm 6'2" 240lbs and the car fits me well. I enjoy driving it and looking forward to a C7 one day.


1st Vette owned

I would never have considered myself a Corvette man; however after seeing a pair going down the highway I was captured by the cars beauty. So now I'm a happy Corvette owner. Bought it used(40,000 miles) the previous owner took great car of this car! I once owned a 1993 Mustang GT Convertible with a 5-speed. I loved this car the torque was amazing. The Mustang is no comparison. The Vette is a beast! It pulls through rpm range with brute force. It'll do what you want it to do if your not intimidated. It is lighting fast rolled on the gas from 70 mph was above a hundred in a flash! Excellent brakes! (Z51). I don't like the exhaust tone and at $1400+ for upgrades it's way more expensive than the Mustang! You will not be disappointed if you purchase this car! Being 50yrs old helps in keeping the speed down, but boy it's like having that big stick when you need it. Another drawback is the constant challengers who want to see if it'll run, trust me it will, but you'll get the ticket! Gas mileage is shocking wonderful for a car that'll keep you pinned to the seat! Drove from N.C. to Maryland was over half way home decided to refuel at that point I still had half a tank and I was cruising @ 70-75mph all the way! Also I'm 6'1 225 and the ride is so comfortable rides better than my wife's Chrysler 300C! All I can say is buy, buy, buy. For me four stars only because of the factory exhaust.


1st Vette i sat in, drove, bought, now enjoying

have always liked the power I could get from a small block chevy. had a lot of Camero's, nova's, chevelle's, even some hot trucks, one I have now is 83 GMC with LT1 engine that is a sleeper. it is faster than the 2007 corvette I just bought, however I enjoy the vette so much, really has weight distributed well and with the correct tires it is a car you want to take long trips in. All my friends love the ride and the looks the car gets, what a pleasure to just enjoy the city driving when alone open it up to 130 for a distance, what a ride, what a fine auto that is America's supercar