2006 Chevrolet Equinox consumer reviews

$21,400–$22,900 MSRP range
side view of 2006 Equinox Chevrolet
75% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior 3.7
  • Performance 3.8
  • Value 3.9
  • Exterior 4.2
  • Reliability 3.8
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Been a chevy customer for 50yrs! NO MORE

Had blown head gasket, Keys doesn’t want to start the car! Sun roof has always leaked, rear hatch never stays up ( replaced clynders) auto lights don’t work, Etc etc!


Mechanic's car

I'd recommend this car to a mechanic. There are too many gremlins to list! Someone with the tools and the talent could keep it running for a long time but there are a couple things that will put this car in the shred pile. First the Dexcool. The intake and head gaskets will leak and eventually destroy the engine. Fix that first. I got lucky with Blue Devil and green antifreeze. The trans-axle. Again the long life stuff doesn't live that long. A flush and some modern synthetic will usually fix the MONSTER 3-2 shift under 1/2 throttle that will break hard parts in the tranny if left unaddressed. The front brake hose brackets rust and crush the hoses. Easy and free fix. I picked up my '08 AWD in nice shape for $500 and it's been a great winter beater/parts hauler. On paper, the performance isn't impressive but in heavy rush hour traffic, it's a real street fighter! Brakes are strong. Turning circle is WIDE! (I still overshoot parking spots) It handles OK and has a long wheelbase making it not as twitchy as some shorter crossovers. It feels more like a minivan. I say if you're handy and can find one cheap, (and don't care that it's ugly) go for it.


Chevy that just keeps on going

I have put over 145,000 miles on vehicle, has been to New Jersey to Florida multiple times. Very comfortable, always starts up, Always changed all fluids, including transmission fluid. Oil changed every 3000 Miles. Car is quiet and no rattles on vehicle. Updated the car with Double Din Radio to modernize the vehicle. Has been giving me around 25 mpg, so cannot complain. Lots of leg room in front and back and a great SUV to haul stuff around when you put back seat down. Wish they did not downsize the new models, I unfortunately, need the large space inside. Great SUV for the money and comfortable. Just make sure you maintain it, and it will take care of you. Remember, this vehicle uses a timing chain, not a timing belt, like you will see in other reviews. Always have a mechanic check car before you buy vehicle. I personally have no regrets on buying vehicle, and has only cost me an alternator and two wheel bearings plus one battery and tune up and oil changes tune up and just recently, exhaust muffler just put on. Not bad for 14 years of ownership.


good drivable vehicle

I will say the car drove well on the road. Sometimes hesitant to start up if turn off and on the ignition except when first cstarting your day. I heard this type of car was notorious for overheating. It ran hot while idling unless driving or running ac and heater. ANNOYING ABS TRACTION AND BREAK LIGHTS CAME ON FREQUENTLY even got a pcm replace. DO HAVE OIL LEAKS. NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT SURPRISED. I GOT 4 YEARS OUT OF IT FROM BUY HERE PAY HERE. LOOKING GET ANOTHER CAR. OVERALL ITS NOT A BAD CAR.


Only buy it if you like to walk and spend alot $$

Plastic parts. Bad wireing. Windows wont work. Heater core leaks. Radiator fans quit. Radiators are useless . Gurgles and makes alot noises. Wont start whencold. Overheats constantly. Burns oil like crazy. Smell of constant antifreeze is nauseating. Not comfortable at all. Headlights glaze over within week of changing them. Thermostats change more than your socks. Exterior falls apart going down the road. Havent had a year changed breaks twice and ready to do again. AC blend door breaks OFTEN. does not hold the road well at all. Can have a light rain and you might as well be on ice. Bumps feel like boulders. Even trying to jack it up to change tire is a dangerous endeavor. Turn on the defroster? It will growl and grind.. might blow without turning car off and starting again,if your lucky.. Ask chevy about any of it... response is... oh yea thats normal. I dont even think so. It comes down to chevy ripping people off. A junk car for sale. Knowingly poorly made. So, i have no problem telling anybody, This car will leave you beside the road , you will find yourself WALKING very often and you better be prepared to spend a hell of alot more money on repairs than you probably paid totaly for the car .


Very reliable wife's car.

Met all our needs and inexpensive to maintain. Oil, spark plugs, oxygen sensors. Since it is my wife's car I have also done maintenance to suspension, cooling system and brakes on regular basis.


Great economy suv

this vehicle runs great. Looks good . I can haul the kids all their stuff groceries plenty off room ! Good on gas. Very reliable.


Worse car I ever owned , cheap lemon

It sux , it’s always something , cheap plastic parts , blend door Ac window won’t let down , too much to list , wouldn’t buy another one


Great MPG , love that its midsized

Easy to drive, not too high, feels more like a car than a truck. Great awd for the snow and bad weather, lots of room in the hatchback.


Wish never bought it

3 month after bought wiring harness went out,3rd tail light on spoiler,heater,they replace 5 spoilers,couldn't open hatch had in 7 x, abs went out 1st time front breaks done,got in 3 accidents couldn't stop,in 3x for abs had front hub replaced I paid,3rd thermostat,heater only recall 4 yrs after bout,wrkd 5 months & quit,service engine light been on 4+ yrs replaced all 02 sensors ,the stupid lite throws wrong codes. Says blown head gasket not true.always had chevy but now disgusted. Only 90,000 miles on it.