2007 Chevrolet Equinox consumer reviews

$22,250–$23,750 MSRP range
side view of 2007 Equinox Chevrolet
83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 3.7
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.0
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So Extremely Safe

I've had an AWD Equinox LS since February. It's since been on many road trips with me and it's very comfortable! I also am continually impressed with the handling and braking ability.


Low-Mileage Equinox

My 2007 Equinox only 82,000 miles has been well taken care of. I believe that the difference between European cars and American cars is how we take care of them. Mine looks like it did when I first bought it in 2007. The interior needs a little cleaning up, but otherwise it's good.


6 Months With the Nox

I am the 2nd owner of my Equinox LS FWD , the first owner was my mother, who bought it new in 2007. Overall, the Equinox does what it was built to do well. Pros: -Even through 8 winters in the Rust Belt, it is showing no signs of rust or rot. -It has gone 147,000 miles without any major engine/transmission issues. -It isn't particularly powerful, but it isn't a dog, it can pass with relative ease. -It handles well considering its size. -As at least one other reviewer has said, the sound system is pretty good. Cons: -Most of the bugs seem to lie in the Stabilitrak, traction control, and ABS systems. The warning lights for these show up every so often, but eventually go away, and it hasn't required servicing. -If you plan on buying an Equinox with the cloth seats, then buy some seat covers. I kid you not, water will stain the seats. -The rear wiper motor is prone to failure. The Equinox hasn't let me down yet, and hopefully it'll last another 147,000 miles. Keep up with the oil changes and such, and you'll have a reliable vehicle.



Very nice vehicle- NOT BLACK - Vehicle is a dark purple or cherry color and looks black at different angles,


Room for all plus luggage

Great view and ride, holds a dishwasher in the back while seating 5 no problem. Good height for driving through the snow with ease.


love this auto

Love love my Equinox, we only paid 10,000 for it and its the loaded one leather 17 inch tires and it only had 75,000 miles...... Love it


Love this ride

This ride is very amazing and everything is very reliable. Love being in it and love having people I love inside of it due to safety.


Overall a pretty good vehicle.

This is my first vehicle. It was purchased used with high mileage but for a good price. It had a few tweaks that had to be fixed (tachometer issue, gas fumes coming from A/C, etc.) Still the car has a very smooth ride and has a nice takeoff. Others have had issues with blind spots but I have not had this issue as all windows are very visible. If you feel this is an issue, then blind spot dome mirrors will work perfectly. I also personally like the interior that GM had on its 07-10 model vehicles although it is generally viewed as just cheap plastic, which is understandable but the features work great. I hope to have this vehicle for a long time and I hope it serves me well.


Excellent vehicle and reliable!

Bought my 2007 new in 10/2006 and has been a great vehicle. Just turned 76,000 miles this week and the only thing I've had to do is change the oil, get new back brake pads (no rotors) and new tires (OEM Brigestones not that great of tire. Never in the shop for anything else and everything works great. AC season coming again so we will see if AC strong yet. Front brakes dealer states will go to 110k-120k miles. Also, very quiet, drives great and great MPG consistantly 21.7 MPG highway/city driving.


Say NO to Chevrolet and yes to customer service

I purchased my 2007 Equinox brand new. It has been to 3 dealerships numerous times and my issues are still not correct. The passenger side airbag does not always detect when an adult is in the seat and 3 times now the stabilitrak has failed. Other repairs include a replaced cluster (only 3 weeks after my purchase), replaced window motor, 2 speakers, and power steering module. I was given an extended warranty by Chevrolet. Now after 4 trips to the dealership in the last 6 weeks. I have to leave it again for 1-2 weeks so an engineer can look at the airbag and traction issue. Chevy refuses to give me a loaner vehicle because it's not included in warranty which I am "lucky" to have received. Honestly, owning a vehicle with reoccuring safety issues doesnt seem lucky to me! Other than the electrical issues, I have to say that the vehicle has lots of room, is comfortable and stylish to drive, and goes great in the snow (when the stabilitrak works). The main issue is GM's unwillingness to stand by its product. They kept me happy until Lemon Law period was up, now they could care less!