2007 Chevrolet Equinox consumer reviews

$22,250–$23,750 MSRP range
side view of 2007 Equinox Chevrolet
83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 3.7
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.0
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Tried to change a headlight on a 2007. Have been told by 2 body shops that the bumber has to be loosened. Looks like a flaw in design for what should be a simple task!


Love my Equinox!

I fell in love with the Equinox in 2006 - I had a rental car for a week when the transmission went on my Pathfinder. I requested an SUV, as I feel more comfortable in them, and got an '06 Equinox. A year later, I finally leased my own! I have had my 2007 Equinox for 2 years now, I am only up to 13,600 miles (but I will soon be adding on miles fast when I start commuting to school). I love it's unique looks on the outside. Inside is comfortable, lots of cargo room with the seats folded down. The back seat slides to create more room in the seat or cargo area, whatever is needed. There is an accessory lighter plug in the front and back. Handles well and has no mechanical problems so far! Lets hope it can stay problem free for my commute! Love the little computer that tells you tire pressure, oil life, mpg, etc. I LOVE the auxillary jack for my ipod (the '06 doesn't have that). Sound system is great. My only complaint is gas mileage (of course, it is an SUV, and that's what you get), but it claims to get 19/25 mpg and I actually average 14. Overall, very satisfied with my Equinox and will be buying out my lease early, so it will be around for awhile!


great value

I bought the Equinox LT used, we drive highway mainly, with the new tires it's quiet and comfortable. The AWD works great. The remote start is a blessing at -35C, the Equinox usually sits for 3 or 4 days at a time and has never failed ( except once). I have 78,0000k,s(48,000 miles). Pulls my boat with no problem. Only complaint, it wouldn't start once, the problem was diagnosed as broken bolts on the battery. Simple solution.It replaced a 10yr old RAV4.


Great Car For A Low Buget

Having had the Equinox for close to 3 years now, I can say that it is a great vehicle. With some price incentives and whatnot, it cost 4,000 less than the comparable Toyota Rav4. The Equinox is nothing fancy,(Mine is the base model)but it gets the job done without complaining. It has comfortable seats, all of which are adjustable. (a really great feature in the back seat!) The trunk is enormous, certainly bigger than expected, yet for having so much space, it doesn't feel big when driving, and is easy to park. Up to 38,000 miles, the Equinox has been problem free. It has only had to go to the dealer for routine routine service. One of my favorite features is the set of buttons on the dash that let you scroll through the vehicle millage, oil life, distance traveled, and fuel economy. They are in easy reach, and allow me to monitor my driving. As far as driving dynamics go, it isnt exactly sporty, and I doubt it could go offroad, but it gets the job done. Fuel economy is good. I get 26 on the highway,19 in the city. Mine is front wheel drive, so that helps those numbers stay high. My only complaints are that the engine feels a bit stressed under highway acceleration, and the rear visibility isn't exactly stellar. The bottom line is, if you are looking for a reliable vehicle that can carry a lot of stuff and five people, this is the one to go with.


water leaks

The 2007 has bad water leaks. It would probably be more efficient if you lived in a place where it didn't rain all the time. I got the extended warranty and it doesn't even cover the water leak. My interior carpet is ruined with mold. I would think twice about getting this is you live in a rainy climate!


Awesome Car

ive heard allot of bad reviews on this car, and its actually one of the best cars ive driven, the only trouble its given me is the "tire pressure monitoring system" and the turn signal, but other than that its awesome


Good Car

IT is very versatile, and is a smooth ride. A lot of space compared to other SUV's in its class. Mayse Automotive is a good place to find one at a great price.


Watch out for Chevy service departments

I bought the 2007 Chevy Equinox for the price. I needed a SUV to carry things for work. I love the space and style of the car. I bought this car in May of 2007 and it has already been in the shop 4 times!!! Twice for the battery and twice for the key less remote entry. The chevy dealership in my area never fixes the problem on the first time so I always have to find time to take it in for the second time. The battery left me stranded at work twice in the same week. My car just would not start. The key less remote stopped working with 20,000 miles on the car. I had to key into my drivers side door and then turn the alarm off. I love my car but the dealarship never fixes the problem. Chevy has some work to do on their service department.


We love it!

We love our Equinox! We have put over 6,000 miles on it and have not had one problem with it, so far. The only complaint I might have would be with the gas mileage (20 mpg).


great car

this is the best car i had so far... i love the design, the power, and the performance i got mine!!! get yours