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2018 Chevrolet Volt consumer reviews

$33,220 starting MSRP
side view of 2018 Volt Chevrolet
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.5
  • Exterior 4.6
  • Reliability 4.8
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Great car but GM screwed up!

I have a second Gen Volt and absolutely love it! It has its little quirks but overall is a great car....I just wish GM still made them. I have always owned GM vehicles and driven other brands but the imports are too "Tinny" sounding and loud on the road. SOme of the Fords are also this way. GM did a major disservice by discontinuing the Volt as it's the best car they made. Yes, a little smaller than a Lesabre or the other larger cars but can't beat the range and fuel economy. I do wish the electric range was bigger and had they continued to make them then I'm sure that would have improved with a solid state battery or something but I love the car. GM if you read this, we need more cars like this one! The safety and redundancy of the electronics to power it are the best and it has never left me stranded!


Love it and very economical!!!

I love this car and hope it goes another 100,000K miles and more. I had a 2015, but it got totaled. I thought I loved that one until I got this new body style that had more features. I've saved so much on gas and it is super cheap to charge. I drive on battery as much as possible, avoiding the gas station for months since it still gets 50mpg on gas.


Love my Chevrolet Volt

Love it. Excellent daily driver. So far very reliable. I don't understand why they stopped making it. I would buy again. Good in the snow too.


Hybrid plugin Volt is a great car

Great car. Electric cars are a no-brainer. Volt is perfect transition from ICE car because of backup gasoline engine. Range of 53 miles on electric charge & total range of 400 miles with 9 gallon gas tank. No range anxiety Fast aceleration


ev' shortened

I regenerate ev downhill to 86 ev miles. but then when I use those ev miles down to 5 ev's and plug in it does not charge to complete.86 ev's like I had it up to 86 ev's by going down hill regenerating iT STOPS CHARGE (CHARGE COMPLETE) AT 62 EV'S . Also if I have 86 ev miles and plug it in the ev's drop to about 40 to 50 ev's , and charges to complete charge at 62 ev's WHY WHY???? what happened to my lost 30 ev's. Last year I built my total driving ev miles using regeneratiing, up to 99 miles all on electric use.


Love the car, but Chevy let us down!

Lots to like about the Volt. We never need gas unless we take a long trip. It looks good, is comfortable to drive, has good performance, the Infotainment Center is very good and the sound system rocks. BUT... Chevy discontinued the Volt, and in fact discontinued the concept of long range PHEVs. Bad plan, Chevy! This is the perfect compromise between daily driving and long trips to places where charging is not available. The Asian market is picking up on this; long range PHEVs are flying out of the dealerships! Chevrolet is absolutely missing the boat! We are trading the Volt for a Toyota PHEV SUV; battery range that matches the Volt, better ground clearance, easier for these old bones to get in and out of, AWD. It should have been a Chevy; you let us down!


Good Car But Scary When Out of Warranty

I work with alternative fuels like CNG, propane, and electric. The Volt has 23k miles and has been on several 2000+ mile trip, it has been very reliable and has saved me a ton of money on gas. The car seats four, has a large hatch and is great for running around and longer trips. The Volt is a complex car from an engineering perspective, it has three clutches, which is scary if something happens out of warranty. Otherwise, a great car.


So much fun to drive, and cutting our gas purchase

In the summer of 2018 we bought a new Volt. I thought it would be my car and my wife would drive our Highlander Hybrid. Turns out we both loved driving it. Instant Torque! We have bought 11 gallons of gas in 2.5 years, with 17,000 miles on the car, so mostly electric miles, but the gas engine was always there if we needed it, so we never worried about running out of charge. But it was a daily question, "Who gets to drive the Volt today?", usually answered by whoever was driving the farthest that day. So since used Volt prices were coming way down, we decided to buy a second Volt. Now we have His and Hers Volts.


I just bought it so I don't know about reliability

It's got a nice fit and finish and the drive is way more pleasant than a Prius, plus used it's cheaper than a Prius which may be because of reliability issues but I'll find out later I guess. The electric only mode till you run out of battery and kick into gas is so seamless and the torque and acceleration off the line feels more like Mustang Ecoboost or a Corvette than this odd looking hatchback :D test drove all the above cars on my way to the Volt. Oh and also drove a VW Beetle TDI which I really liked but the fit and finish inside was not great and it had an airbag recall that still can't be fixed so I went with the Volt and I'm getting better gas mileage than all but the Prius but honestly most of the time I'm not even using gas since I charge at home and most drives are less than the electric range. So really my MPG is probably vastly superior to the Prius.


It is amazing!

This is an electric car with a hybrid backup. It is an amazing car, it is pretty much free to operate, as in it almost never needs gas, and the electric to charge it cost very little. But mostly it is so fun to drive, great acceleration, great turning radius, feels like driving a sports car, it is high tech and can do so many things. I just love to drive it, and it is so silent, even when the gas engine is running it is very quiet. It's solid and well build. I can't say enough good things about this car, love it!