2018 Chrysler 300 consumer reviews

$28,995–$31,495 MSRP range
side view of 2018 300 Chrysler
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.7
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Comfort and Class

Love it and all the extras!!! Almost don’t have to be in it to get somewhere with all the safety features on board (i.e., brake warning, lane change warnings and correcting, lane change alerts to name a few! Auto seat heat/cool a plus!


A Fine Automobile

This car meets all my needs. It is very comfortable and spacious -- front and back seats and has a roomy trunk. The car handles well and has great visibility.


Just traded my SUV for a 2018 300C

Wasn't on the lot to buy, but the car caught my eye with the shinny black paint, 20" rims and the deep brown interior and The 5.7 hemi. I was looking for a roomy vehicle with performance. After a extended 2-day test drive. I knew I found the sedan I was looking for. The 300C is roomy with fantastic heated and cooled leather seats with heated rear seats. It is a sedan that's easy to enter and exit. The car was traded in for a pickup truck for business use. With 8200 miles I was able to purchase this car for less then 1/2 the original price and a almost full factory warranty. Time will tell, but I got a great large sedan with performance and comfort. Did I say performance. A surprise for such a large vehicle that had more comfortable seating room and strong performance that my small SUV didn't have. The 300C will need to be special to surpass my trade in SUV that was a solid vehicle. I believe it will surpass my expectations. My concern is rear wheel drive with a large V8 during winter snow.


This is a very smooth ride I really like it

This car has met all my needs it has plenty of legroom and it's a smooth ride I used to have a charger which I loved and this is very compatible to it


300c Platinum

This car is a class act.I intented on on buying a 16 audi A6,test drove it and wasn't impressed,whats the hype all about but anyways I decided on the2017 300c platinum. awd and it is phenomenal.Fully loaded with sport package I am highly impressed coming from a 2007 cadilac cts to a 2012 cts.Chrysler definitely did its thing....KEEP IT!!!!


Luxury, Reliability, and Comfort

My Chrysler 300 is Mopar at its best. In this case, the Chrysler 300 is a well-behaved sporty sedan. This triple black beauty offers style and comfort. The V6 is fast off the line when needed, and can get out of its own way on the highway. Suspension is a highlight, since the ride is "flexible," but not soft, as it absorbs the bumps and is rattle-free. The leather seats offer solid support. The "knob" transmission selector takes a little time to get use to, but I find it user friendly. The sound system is excellent, and the infotainment center is among the best. Absolutely, no disappointments.


A real lemon

After owning 4 Chrysler 300's. this last one turned out to be a lemon. After 6 months of dozens of service appointments, the dealership and Chrysler Corporate told me there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. The radio would reprogram my pre-programmed stations several times a day and unpair my cell phone every day. I could not return texts hands free and the air conditioner spewed hot air onto the passenger and luke warm air onto the driver. Never buy a Chrysler. Never buy a vehicle from Joey Accardi Chrysler dealership in Pompano Beach, Florida. They are both thieves and liars.


Most comfortable car I have ever owned !!

This car is a 2018 Chrysler 300S and it has every option available !!! After being a Toyota buyer for 10 years I decided I wanted something a little sportier and this 300S fits that bill. Love the power, the seats are amazing and AWD works wonderfully !!!


A little too early to rate.

This car was what I was looking for at the price I wanted. Dealer made buying experience easy The sales lady Emily Woody was great.


Worst Experience

Worst dealership ever. Rich the GM is an egotistical out of control individual. He threatened me to get off his lot because I kept coming back making them aware of a rotor issue and squealing. They were made aware of this issues since I purchased the vehicle in Feb 2019. I brought the vehicle into Toyota South Atalanta 5 times since purchase, and they only things they’ve done is cut my rotors below specs and such it’s a convenience issue that my car is squealing and not safety. What happened to taking care of customers the right way. This is bad business practice, and Ryan should be fired and replace with someone who has more sense to take care of their customers. He truly embarrassed me in front of several customers. I don’t recommend this dealership at all. They will give you the run around if issues need to be fixed, pass it off to someone else. As a veteran we don’t support this kind of disrespect towards our patrons. Toyota South Atlanta. Shame on Toyota South Atlanta for disrespecting, threatening a customer and not taking care of the issues of a vehicle that was purchased A few months ago with pre-existing issues. After having to bring my vehicle in with break concerns almost 5 times from the inception of me buying the vehicle this company wants to pass the buck around and state that it was my problem because I drive for Uber and lyft platform services. How unprofessional is that, if I’ve had to bring my vehicle in four times for the same issue that was supposed to be taken care of the first time after 15 to 20 days of purchasing the vehicle why all of a sudden is it Who I work for and what I do for a living that caused the pre-existing issue. The owner of the company Rich decided that he was going to attempt to Tactfully tell me that because it’s aftermarket rotors or breaks that’s why your vehicle is squealing and it’s only cosmetic on the road, And that I needed to get over it. well unfortunately I’m the only vehicle on the road that has cosmetic issues and apparently it’s not a safety issue that it feels like my front end is going to fall off when I come to brake. I was totally embarrassed today at Toyota South Atlanta in Morrow when dealing with the owner and him threatening me that if I didn’t take his deal I can get off his property excuse me since when do you speak to your clients and customers that way in front of others. Or even behind closed doors of that matter this just shows the unprofessionalism of this company and as a veteran if the head is broken so was the tail. They made promises that they could not own up to and did not fix my rotors on the vehicle in fact cut them under specs cut them twice and which made things worse. The Individual Mr. Bruce who was willing to take care of the issue by send it over to Chrysler unfortunately went on vacation until now I was stuck with five other people passing the buck around saying that they don’t know what’s going on and there’s nothing wrong with my vehicle. So tell me this why would an individual who spends $30,000 on a vehicle come back almost 5 times since the inception of him purchasing such vehicle in February making complaints about the same issue since February be a threat to the company. The fact that I vocalized the issue several times over with appearances several times over in front of different faces at Toyota South Atlanta and there has been no immediate results and fix now I am the threat because I stated that I wanted my vehicle fixed due to this pre-existing issue and it is unsafe to drive on the road with brakes squealing or rotors grinding regardless who’s in my vehicle. The owner attacked my character belittled me made it seem as if I was on the educated about vehicles started talking in technical terms to try to overthrow what I had to say in which I have to bring in my vehicle in that many times I’ve heard it all already I just want it fixed. So excuse the consumer for wanting the company that they bought a vehicle from to fix the issue that they already knew about and blamed it on moisture but yet cut the rotors twice and now it’s an Uber and lyft issue so they don’t know how the problem got there but great way to pass the buck Toyota South Atlanta. Rich Mahon threatened and embarrassed Toyota by his actions as a GM. I’ve never seen anything like in all my professional experience in management or buying cars. You should never threaten your customer, or force them to take something that’s not right, or belittle them.