2004 Chrysler Pacifica consumer reviews

$28,845–$32,300 MSRP range
side view of 2004 Pacifica Chrysler
67% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 3.5
  • Value for the money 3.4
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 3.5
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Engine and transmission good.

This Crossover is good in general,drive nice no problems,except the ignition switch or electronic components, most of them easy to fix, again except the ignitions problems. Sometimes it starts,sometimes it doesn't. I changed the ignition pin and the battery and the key batteries too. Most mechanics love to change starters just to make money out of the consumers,but they are all wrong. Not even the battery which is a group 34 is just a normal type. There is false connection around the ignition key and I messed with so many cables and now it is working fine.It is really annoying taking the dash apart and setting everything back again, but it's a lot cheaper than taking your car to any mechanic,because they are so dishonest that you can't trust them any more and now they are worse than before even knowing that most people are unemployed and broke,but they just don't care. Now the best parts of a Pacifica are the Engine and the Transmissions,no doubts .


Maintenance Nightmare

At first I like the look of this car but that only lasted for a year. 1. Window actuators stop working, front passenger and rear right driver side just stop working properly. 2. Driver side window frame broke - needed to weld the window frame 3. 12V power outlet that requires the engine to be on develop a short from 2006 to 2019 when I sold the car as junk, Chrysler dealership never fix the problem they just keep replacing the fuse box and cause a lot of money. 6. Have to replace the radiator due to rust around the welds and intake. 7. The number six cylinder keeps misfiring - no amount of wiring, spark plug, or ignition coils replacement fix the problem 8. have to replace catalytic converter twice. 9. An oil leak that we and the dealership can not find some how the car keep losing oil but everywhere we check and the dealership check the bottom of the car is dry. The dealership even check if the engine is burning oil, nothing. 10. Have to replace front suspension twice - the second time went to a welder and welded a new plate and new supports to replace the shabby design and workmanship for the front suspension supports. 11. Engine light keeps turning on for vacuum, environmental, and oxygen sensors - replace everything still keeps coming back every year. 12. I have more but I'm tired of listing them all. Just don't buy the car, I only held to this car for so long because my brother and sister bought this car for my Mother and She doesn't want to let it go. One day the car develop to many problem that I just let it die.


BEST EVER comfort for driver, front passenger only

Mechanics seem to DISLIKE IT. It is the absolute BEST for adjustability fit for comfort steering, seat adjustments incl. lumbar, foot pedals, etc. also climate zones. Visibility to rear is mediocre. I'm disabled, this car enables me... to travel 7hour trips and more !


Money pit

Electrical nightmare and none stop fuel issues. $10k later, still can't drive it. I have bought six batteries and it still won't start if it sits for a few days, dealership says it has an electrical draw somewhere but can't trace it. Gas runs out at half a tank. I have replaced both fuel pumps and evap canister and still runs out of gas. Replaced starter, alternator, heater module and entire main fuse box twice. The horn blows for no reason had to take the fuse out. I have replaced almost every electrical module in this car and have had it to several dealerships and no one can figure out the issues. The car only has 130,000 miles and has sat in my yard for 2 years now due to no one in my area willing to look at it anymore and I am not wanting to pass the problems onto someone else. Interior has rust under the front seats which makes me believe it was flooded but dealership never disclosed that information when purchased brand new. I could go on and on about all the issues with this car. Chrysler will not stand behind it, tried fighting them but they blew me off. Will never buy another Chrysler product.


This car is very reliable I love it!!

This car is very roomy and comfortable . Rides Nice & Smooth on the freeway and I've even had a few passengers fall asleep from the comfort of the car. We enjoy going on road trips and family vacations. This car is very reliable just keep everything well maintenanced and it will be faithful!! Oh yeah did I mention that it was sexy and luxurious.


Reliable car but poor service

This car has been very reliable but I can't get it repaired for fuel gage and check engine light. I paid $400 and they said I would have to pay again because the warranty had expired.


Pretty good car

This car is awesome I'm not small guy I have plenty leg room there enough room for the kids and its fully loaded which is awesome DVD player for the kids remote starter it has everything I wanted and some


Most reliable Car I own

This vehicle has met all my needs, it runs great and has plenty of room for bigger families! I am very happy with this car.


Don't buy a Pacifica

I was so happy when I first purchased my Pacifica! It seemed so nice and had all the extras I was looking for. But, soon after ownership, i had to replace the starter. Shortly after that, the motor mounts had to be replaced. Bummer! Expensive! The transmission started not shifting right after that. I have made sure all the normal maintenance has been done in a timely manner. Just found out last month that THE MOTOR MOUNTS NEED REPLACED AGAIN!!! I used to feel that Chrysler was a good vehicle. Not. Any. More.


It was convenient and reliable

This car was the first crossover from van to suv type, very stylish and roomy inside. I enjoyed it with the time I had it. Great car it met me and my family needs.