2009 Ford Escape consumer reviews

$20,435–$23,395 MSRP range
side view of 2009 Escape Ford
89% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.3
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The electronics get a plus

I am addicted to SUVs so this vehicle appealed to me. I leased a limited fully loaded version of this vehicle so I am still playing around with all the electronics. The bluetooth compatible audio sync system is impressive (especially because it can play my music downloaded on my phone without a wire), the voice activated nav system definitely keeps me occupied. A bluetooth compatible phone syncs well into the audio system and doesn't sound like a speaker phone. The leather seats are a bit disappointing and the heating element for the seats doesn't seem to be too beneficial. My biggest compliant so far are the seats because it is a bit ackward and need some getting use to. The v6 engine has enough power to merge and take off when you want to. The door handles are a bit cheap and will probably require some maintainance in the future (they feel like they could be pulled off). the self parking system is not going to help you with parking in tight city spaces..it needs a pretty large amount of space. If you are not into the electronics, I would probably look into another suv especially if you are willing to spend over $30,000. If you are like me and want the spoils, this is probably the best price vehicle in its class.


Great Bang For the Buck!

My wife and I bought the 2009 XLT 4-cylinder 4WD version and are very happy with it so far. We wanted 4WD, and decided on the 4-cylinder for gas mileage reasons. So far we're seeing around 24 mpg in over 8,000 miles of mixed driving, which is excellent for this kind of vehicle. Acceleration is adequate; not bad for a 4-cylinder in an SUV. The transmission works well, but shifts a lot as one would expect a 6-speed to do with a 4-cylinder engine. The interior is relatively nice. The plastics are mostly hard, but decent-looking. The Sirius radio works well, and the seats are supportive. The cargo area is flexible, and the seats fold flat, although you do need to remove the headrests. Overall - a great deal when we bought it earlier in the year, and we have no regrets at all to this point. Driven fairly easily, you can even beat the EPA estimated mileage figures.


one of best cars we have owned

nice riding and seats are comforable. very quiet very little road noise. we got the v6 and 6 speed automatic transmission. has plenty of power.it is the xlt model. we bought it new about 5 weeks ago and have a little over 1000 miles on it so far. we test drove the Honda CR-V and it was very noisy and could only get a 4 cylinder and we wanted a v 6. would recommend the Ford Escape.


very confused!

i bought a 09 escape and i love it but...mine has all disc brakes! i thought it came with front disc rear drums but mine has all disc! im so confused did they change it becuase ive seen others with disc brakes and some without. overall its a nice vehicle good power, good MPG 30 highway with V6..(on cruise control) and the 4wd is nice for snow no problems at all i would like more rearseat room though and a bit nicer interior just a fewer softer touches and the main dash gab is sizeable. i would definetly check it out when you buy one (try to find one with disc brakes it stops on a dime!!)


2009 Escape Limited 4WD

Combines the creature comfort features of our older Lincoln LS V8 with the utility features of our older Escape - all in one. Put on a tux and go to the Opera in style and comfort, or enjoy comfortable road trips with leather and heated seats, SAT radio - all the bells and whistles, or attach the log splitter or trailer and exit in your boots and levis for serious work with property maintenance. Does all well.



I have only owned this car for a few weeks. Ford put $3000 rebates on it and I was able to purchase it for $16,950. Compared to other vehicles I looked at (e.g. Nissan Rogue - best price was $21,000), this was a steal. So far, I am very impressed. Quite economical (I get 28 mpg driving to work every day - I carpool with wife). comfortable, and has a lot of space. The 4 cylinder engine with the six speed transmission is quite good. It gives you good performance with good economy. very smooth. Nice vehicle.


Good Small SUV

I recently purchased a '09 Limited w/ AWD/4WD. On mile 130, my check engine light came on. I returned it to the dealership and they said I had a vacuum hose come off. So, it is fixed. I've put on about 300 miles since and I've had no problems. I judge cars pretty tightly. Nothing is perfect, so I don't give perfect grades or perfect stars to easily. Everything about the car has a good feel to it. The interior design is pretty good. A little thing that I noticed is that the middle console arm rest is a little bit hard and the elbow will get sore a lot faster than say an armrest with leather covering would. I drive long distances and it is just something I noticed. I got the v6, at 240 hp, the little SUV responds well. I have not got the chance to really use the AWD/4wd, but I hope to soon in the snow. The lighting option (8 different colors at your feet, cup holders (front/back), and shelf are pretty youthful and neat. Helps you see where your stuff is at night too. (Reduce spills.) I'm getting around 21 in the city and about 25 on the highway. The handling is very responsive and feels like a car. I did not feel much body lean in a higher speed curve and the car did not feel top heavy during this maneuver either. Overall, this is a solid car for its price.


Got exactly what i wanted

this car is simply the best, the second row has enough room, you can haul lots of things in it and theres a 3500 lbs towing rating so we can haul our ATV with out a problem, the new V6 is ready to delevier its power, the 6 spd is smooth, then seats are comfortable and the center stack is perfect......and its the most tough looking of all new small SUVs