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2017 Ford Escape consumer reviews

$23,750 starting MSRP
side view of 2017 Escape Ford
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value 4.5
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.6
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Never Buying Ford Again

We bought ours used. At 70,000 miles, it suffered from "catastrophic engine failure" on the highway out of nowhere. It broke down while going up a hill and had to pay $300 to get it towed. Had to pay $8,500 to get it fixed, and Ford had the car for 2 months (which is hard when you have a job). Then when I got the car back, it turns out they reinstalled a panel improperly and we had to take it back to Ford the same day. Also when we got the car back, a small crack in the front windshield became 3x bigger after we got the car back and had to pay $500 to fix it because Ford said it "probably cracked in the wash". 2 weeks later, the engine lags when starting and makes whirring sounds. Take it in AGAIN and they say we might have to replace the entire transmission, which will cost thousands more dollars. Get another opinion and they say to bring it in every 2 weeks to check on it. And got the slow start and whirring sound fixed for more money. All of this happened at 70,000 miles in 4 months. There was also a class action lawsuit forming in 2020 because they had crappy Ecoboosts and didn't recall or fix anything really. If this happened to someone without $10,000 in savings for car emergencies, then this could financially break someone, if you can't sell it and still have payments. Extremely disappointed that Ford let us down so much and don't stand behind their product.


The ford scape titanium is dangerous

I see many people are having a problem with the coolant intrusion to the cylinder bones and a new engine is the only way to fix it. I just got shock but this issue in my ford scape titanium with just 40000 miles. The Ford company don’t take any responsibility even there is many cases with this problem- So the product is bad and the cost of a new engine is almost $9000. I advice not to buy any car or buy extra warranty because this product has a manufacturing problem!!! I research and all this vehicles should be taken away- there fire threatening ‼️


Unreliable and expensive

Transmission went out after a year. Less than a year later, coolant leaked into engine and now is going to cost 8,000 to fix. Not worth it


engine replacement @ 80k

Interior is pretty nice. have the cold weather package so heated leather/cloth seats. Good mileage. a good traveling car. AWD has been very reliable, esp in snow. Had to replace the engine at 80k due to the other reasons. commenting this in dec 2023. The small town dealer we went to said that this would be their 7th engine replacement this year for the escape. Thankfully got the extended warranty for it and it was covered.


Ford is no good anymore

I bought this 2017 Ford escape in January this year with only 62, 000 miles on it for way over the price it's worth, and the transmission went out already last month and they would not do anything to help me out, I had to pay 5 grand for a new transmission for it after only owning for 10 months


I wish I bought something else .

got a Ford Escape base model in 2017, less than a year later the paint on the roof and front mirror frame started to peel off. of course Ford didn't want to pay for it! it's comfortable for commuting. One recall so far . Not pleased with this but so far no major problems.


Great vehicle!!

This vehicle has been awesome from the day I first started driving it. Great on gas, engine is very responsive and reliable. A/C is very cold and the starts so nicely every time. The engine has all the power you would ever need. This one is a 2.0 Turbo. I have kept this car serviced regularly and it has performed flawlessly.


Brake and steering issued

I just bought this car at 220% of trade in, I guess this is the way buying a used car is. But there are 2 major problems that are not recalls. First, the steering wheel is tight and the car goes sideways. I am hoping it is the alignment. Second, the brakes shudder. We have this checwh3n we get the alignment as well.


replaced engine

Purchased the car with 20,000 miles and the engine had to be replaced at 42,000 miles, Ford paid to have it done. Other than that the car has been very good.


Stay clear of the Ford Escape

I thought I loved my 2017 Ford Escape until yesterday. 72,000 miles and the engine block is cracked and coolant is leaking into the engine. Needs an engine rebuild at the low low cost of $7,700... Checked around town and no one else rebuilds the engine.