2019 Ford Escape consumer reviews

$24,105 starting MSRP
side view of 2019 Escape Ford
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.7
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Love my Escape

Love this car. It is my first time owning an SUV and it is great. Meets all comfort & convenience requirements . Probably my most enjoyed is elevated seating provided by an SUV. Also enjoy heated seats now that I am older.


Great Car very underated

We have a 2019 Ford Escape ST Line made in Spain Fab Car looks great , goes great comfy , big enough for the wife n i n the pooch very happy with it πŸ˜‰πŸ‘


Get your ear plugs

Noisiest car I ever owned. Beep, beep, beep, ding ,ding, ding, honk, honk!! Everything thing you do, the thing has some sort of sound alert. Nothing but nerve racking. Can't even close the door when the engine is running without the horn going off, probably waking up the neighbors. I guess Ford can't think of anything else to do, in their attempt to justify their prices. Sometimes I give my ears a vacation using my older Nissan Sentra. Ahhh...peace and quiet!


Worst car ever

Do not buy the 2019 escape it’s junk 114k miles engine went out right after I had to pay 7 k for new engine the starter went out got my car back two days later the pcm went out another 2400 forked out ford will not help you whatsoever I should of bought a Toyota ford you should be ashamed


NO GOOD do not ever buy this suv it's nothing but

Bought brand new 2019 1.5. I put 20 k on it and had engine block replaced because of miss fire. Then they fixed it hahaha the engine dies got that replaced. Now at 50k I have transmission problems.....ANYONE STAY FAR AWAY THIS SUV IS GARBAGE


Transmission bad I'm very fluctuated

I have a 2019 Ford escape has been I. Shop sence August 19 2022.can not get part.im having to pay 450 every 10 days to rent a car.And still make my car payment. So I make my payments and rent a car


Tires seem to be good but it is a problem

Nice car,bought it in July 2021 had 24000 thousand miles.I am 77 years old always wanted a small suv.i have problems with it keep saying Low tire pressure i need to know why it keep on doing that i have to keep putting air in the tires.


Do not purchase a Ford without looking at reviews

I have a 2019, it is 2022 and my transmission has blown along with the turbine, seal, turbo. I still have 3 years on my note and the car is no longer driveable. So disappointed in Ford to have made such a bad car. My family is a Ford family but after this experience, we will take our purchases elsewhere. 30 years of Ford purchasers, now no longer trust a ford.



Purchased new in late 2019, was one of the last Escapes on the lot. I wish I had never signed the papers. The vehicle is just very mediocre, the fuel performance is no where near as good as it should be. Prior to this vehicle I owned a full size pick up (with a 5.4L v8) and the fuel performance is only slightly better, during the winter with the heater (more on that below) running your fuel economy will suffer massively. The interior of the vehicle for how spacious it is feels cramped. I'm a 6' 200lbs male and I don't feel like I fit in the drivers seat, they could be a few inches wider considering the gaps between the doors and center console. The android/apple auto/carplay hardly works, randomly disconnects, you need to use the cable that came with your phone or it wont work at all, no aftermarket phone chargers!! I own the SEL model with the full retractable moon roof which was a feature I loved when I was shopping but having lived with it for a few years it's useless. The moon roof is too far back over the front passengers, you need to crank you neck all the way back to see anything. Also not great for Canadian winters, for those really truly cold starts in those frozen mornings. You can feel the stiff components in the vehicle especially when steering. The first time it happened I thought my power steering pump had failed it was that stiff. Also the front window defogger takes forever to thaw out the windshield but when its going you'll be so warm inside you need to crack a window at -40 and figure out that temperature balance. Freezing rain is a nightmare in this vehicle. My dealer thankfully installed a block heater which gets a lot of use late Dec - late Feb. My least favourite thing about the vehicle is how often it's dinging or beeping or honking at me. Got a dash message? dinging at you even if you cancel it out. Automatic cruise control sensor frozen over or dirty? well it's dinging at you. Forget to turn off the car and you hop out, even for a second, the car will loudly honk twice at you. You also can permanently turn off the auto stop/start, you need to do it every time you turn on the vehicle. The Escape is a joyless point a to point b vehicle for those who don't care what their vehicle is giving them. The design choices by Ford on this vehicle were done for those who just want to mindlessly drive to their destination and want nothing more out of a vehicle, and I would happily recommend the vehicle to anyone like that. But if you want something that's well thought out, smart design choices and has any kind of spunk to it you're looking at the wrong vehicle. I am very jealous of my friends Honda CRV. The all-wheel drive system in the Escape is very good.


Serviceable car

Looking for good gas mileage and comfort. Also, looking for closer place to get service which Raabe provided. The reliability of the vehicle was also a consideration.