2017 Ford F-150 consumer reviews

$27,110–$32,055 MSRP range
side view of 2017 F-150 Ford
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior 4.8
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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I have had absolutely no issues with my pickup, F150 Eco. It isn't the greatest on mileage, probably in the area of 17 but I'm not complaining. I'll say this, when I'm driving 65 and have to pass on a 2 lane road and I kick it down, it gets up there immediately. Not one issue with the engine. I just spun 39,000 on it.


From love to ugh

I purchased my 2017 F150 Limited new and loved the vehicle up until the past six months. At 51K miles the transmission has become a big issue (e.g. slipping when moved from park to reverse to drive, hesitating to engage when slowing down and then speeding back up at local or freeway speeds, and rough downshifting approaching a stop). It's in for Ford service now for the third time to address the transmission issues but my confidence in Ford service is low - in past visits, they updated software and tightened a battery cable and expected that to fix the issue. For the money this truck costs, I expected better reliability and definitely a better service experience. The truck is driven mostly freeway and local roads, no offroad, no towing.


Beware of 2017 F150 transmission

I have two sons that bought the same 2017 f150 both have had to replace transmissions. Truck stopped in highseep lane DEAD. Had to be towed.


So little time to judge.

I have had this 2017 Ford F 150 V 8 super cab truck for less than a month. I put about 400 miles on it, city and highway. I have had it in 4 wheel drive 1 time. (Very light 4 wheeling). I like the power, and interior. I am using it for work. However the over all verdict is still out for me. Time will tell. I also have a 2007 F 150 V 6 work truck that has done me well. Some front end work, a couple of sensors and regular maintenance. 127,000 miles.


F150 ecoboost only good for 6 months

F150 turbo boost v6 turbo went out less than 6 month of age with very few miles on it ! Truck has had many problems since & wish I had never seen it ! Gas mileage went fm 20's to 15mpg , every computer has been reprogrammed multi times & still not working correctly,sunroof leak, noise ar left front engine & can't explain , took in for full main. Said tires were rotated and were not , has cut off & left me sitting in traffic b4 it finally restarted, alarms scream for no reason, mirrors bump like a basketball , and list conts ! Looking for it to catch fire any day bc it smells hot ! Windshield wiper motor replaced x2 bc wipes come on when ever they want to and still do ! Every time in for service soon As I get it back it start acting back up within a day ! All I want is what I pd for is a reliable unbroken truck but FORD DONT CARE OR UNDERSTAND MY MONEY IS HARD TO COME BY & long as they got it they turn their back on this customer ! Done with Ford when this is pd off and wouldn't recommend this to anyone I will never buy another ford product after dealing with this truck & ford not willing to help me with the problems esp since it was a brand new truck ‼️


Ford F150 xlt v8 5.0 most reliable

I bought my used 2017 f150 xlt v8 in 2020 with 65000 miles. I washed it inside and out and shined it up. I did replace front bearings, rotors and pads, replaced the belt and drained transmission fluid because it was shuttering. Afterwards, it runs great. Everything is easy to get too and is reliable. Plenty of power especially in sports mode. I only recommend the v8 engine for the f150. Do not buy eco boost v6 engines. Too many problems.


2017 F150 XLT 5.0

Hey guys! I have an excellent 2017 F150 XLT with the V8 5.0. Had this truck ever since it came out and been with it since. I reached over 321,000k miles in the truck and it’s still in great condition. It is used as a daily and a work truck. So far, the V8 5.0 hasn’t gave me problems from the start. Same goes with everything else if you take care of it. Overall, I highly recommend this to anyone who’s interested in trucks.


Manolo Barillas

Confort and reliability, 100,000 milles whiteout any compliance, a good friend for long roads with or without load, excellent motorization with sport option fast and nice breake sistem


2017 F150 King Ranch 5.0

Purchased this truck a year and a half ago. Only repair was torque converter and that was all. She is a great truck and plenty power. Rides like a new truck.


Great truck

I have owned F150's for most of my 60+ years. This 2017 has not disappointed. It has a V8, crew cab, 4WD and a short bed. I bought this with 11K miles in 2018 and now 2022 it has 85K now. I love my truck and plan on driving it until it has 150k.