2008 Ford Fusion consumer reviews

$18,135 starting MSRP
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88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.4
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Lots of Problems - Becoming a moneypit

Bought our 2008 Fusion new. Has low mileage as was used as a second car - less than 50,000 miles. Would not start in January on very cold day. Boost did not help. Had to have it towed to mechanic - replaced battery and front brakes. Worked fine until the next very cold day. Towed again! Had throttle body replaced. Again worked fine until the next cold day. Had computer reprogrammed and was assured that it would work fine. But no. Had it towed (3rd time) to dealer and now the pcm need to be replaced. It is off warranty by a year, but not for mileage. I don't understand why a car with 50,000 miles needs a new pcm. Getting it fixed and getting rid of it. It was a good car until a month ago, but I can see the expensive writing on the wall with this car.


No wonder they keep making them.

My wife and I purchased this vehicle about three months ago. Used in fair to good condition. I drive it to work every day for about 60 miles there and back. This is a wonderful car! It is the SEL version, so it has all the amenities one could ask for besides a sun roof. And who has owned a sun roof that didn't leak at least once, even if you only forgot to close it? Show of hands? This car has a smooth ride, the controls are easy to adjust while driving, the digital readout, although it is old school LED, nevertheless is very informative and easy to get the info you need. A lot of these reviews have complained about engine noise. Yes there is a rather loud growl from the engine compartment under acceleration. I you are used to Town Cars or Crown Vics you may think it excessive. Me, I like it. Sounds sporty. Under normal driving conditions, the sound is hardly noticeable. Gas mileage is great for a 4 door sedan. Worst: 22 in the city, best 32 on the highway. Not too shabby for my money. This is for a car with 106,000 miles on it! Body has no rust, none. What little chrome is on it shines like new. I live in Ohio where they still salt the roads at times during the winter. The paint is still fine, with only a few scratches on the deck where the lady who owned it before me used to deposit her purse when she got groceries out of the back seat. (Doncha hate that?) Last thing I want to say is, this car is almost exactly the same as the Mazda 6. Mazda and Ford collaborated a lot the last decade, so the engineering of this car is mostly Japanese. When you are researching this car, take into consideration reviews for the Mazda 6 as well. I have driven both cars and they are virtually identical except for some of the styling and suspension tuning.


Fusion is awesome

I Absolutely Recommend this vehicle to everyone. But don't buy it used because therefore u may have some issues, u dont know how they drove it especially rentals. I got mine brand new 2008 Ford Fusion SE W/Sports Package and Sunroof. If i drive on freeway I'm veey likely to get HWY MPG:29-35 depending on how long im driving HWY. CITY MPG:15-25 really depends how u decide to drive it. I prefer speed sometimes so it kills the gas mileage. It's a really safe vehicle as well. Only thing is as the vehicle gets older in miles at around 65k, it tends to make noises under the hood in the engine, Idk if the this vehicle has a belt or chain as timing belt system. Make sure you get an oil change every 3-5k, and check everything under the hood every 6 months and this vehicle and any vehicle at that will last as long as u the owner takes care of it.


easy to live with

I have the Fusion S 4cyl. 5spd maual. 62k miles. I like the clean and simple lines of this car. I also like that I dont stand out in a crowd. I never noticed how many fusions are around until I purchased mine. I have no complaints or compliments about the interior. The drivetrain seems pretty good. It is just slightly underpowered with the 4cyl, but not bad. The clutch could use a little more feel. It is numb and takes time to muscle memorize where it grabs. The handling is really good for a car in this class and price range. The mileage is probably average for a 4cyl midsize sedan. The Fusion is also has above average ratings from consumer reporting companies.


Fusion 08 Happy

After lookinf and looking for this car every sonce it came out I was finally able to afford one and I am Pleased as punch. I love the way they drive the accessibility that they have I can used my music via bluetooth from my cell phone because the capibilities are synced through Microsoft and this is not too big and not too small in size. I Love My Fusion. I would refer this car to anyone that is looking for one.


A joy to drive and own

This is my second Ford Fusion and it is even better than the first one. Styling, handling, trim level, performance are fantastic for a mid-range sedan. It feels more sportier and luxurious, which I really appreciate and enjoy. With the V6 3.0L engine, there is plenty of power and yet still good fuel economy, with very reliable maintenance and performance. The 2008 Fusion is a delight to own and drive.


Great traveling car

Bought this car in 2012 with 124,000 miles and have had zero problems. At the time I bought it I was an account manager and traveled over four states to meet my customers. This car has a 6 cylinder engine and is AWD. I now have 164,000 miles and it runs as if it's brand new. Mileage for this car is around 26 MPG and does great on 85 octane regular unleaded gas. I would recommend this car to anyone who wants a good looking reliable car for traveling.


great family car

Bill Manis helped us find the perfect car for my wife and daughter. I called Bill and told him to pick one out for us, He choose a Ford Fusion with a sporty appearance yet great fuel economy. We really like the car and know it will serve us well.


Nice Looking, but...

Just purchased a 2008 Fusion with 50,000 miles in Sept of 2012, and have had nothing but problems! I have twice taken this car to the mechanic with leaking power steering fluid (had to have hose replaced) and leaking transmission fluid, as well as the rpm needle jumping up and down (transmission lines also had to be replaced) I originally chose this vehicle because of the excellent consumer reviews, and I loved how it looked. After driving it for a few months, I really don't like the feel of it, either. It never seems to be aligned, and feels very jerky and tight at times. Will not buy again! Already looking for a replacement!


4 years, Pleasantly surprised

Bought my '08 Fusion SE four years ago, and now have 130,000 miles on it. I have had absolutely no problems with it, none, zip! I wonder how is that even possible. I love the styling, I love the interior, I get around 28 mpg city/highway. Coming from a Honda, I am surprised how great this car has been. I'm considering upgrading to the new 2013 Fusion, but I have a feeling this one will last me awhile longer.