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2018 Honda Accord consumer reviews

$23,570 starting MSRP
side view of 2018 Accord Honda
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior 4.8
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.7
  • Exterior 4.8
  • Reliability 4.8
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This car is stylish both inside and out. When i looka around at other vehicles on the road othwer than high end types, i dare you to show me a better looking car inside and out. The interior makes the camry look like a kia to me. The amount of features can not be matched in this price range. I would buy this car again %100.


I just purchased this car.

I just purchased this car 2 weeks ago and so far we love it. There is so much room and it handles well. We have just the basic LX model and the safety features are great.


I'm blown away by how great the car is!

I got the 6-speed manual transmission of the 2.0T Sport. This thing is a rocket that looks unassuming and tough at the same time. The PERFECT combination of performance and practicality and features, all at a very reasonable price.


2018 sport ACCORD YES!!!!!!!!

Switch in to sport mode around corners and in Mountain Roads you will never be disappointed ever it handles so perfect it's solid easy predictable sturdy fast smooth perfect I can't say enough great words about it


Very reliable and comfortable

Most of my driving is long distance. I love the reliability, comfort, and great gas mileage. So far it’s my favorite car purchase. I will stick with Honda Accord!


Good looking, but LX lacks good standard options

The LKAS is crap. rarely works as you might think... annoying really. mistakes pavement discolorations and transitions for lane lines, cannot discern gore points and exits/merge lanes. Cannot compensate for a REAL significant lane departure. Braking assist can activate when you do not want it too. All that tech and money in a barely beta-ready feature -absurd, AND NO OUTSIDE DOOR HANDLE UNLOCK/LOCK BUTTON and REMOTE KEY SENSORS!!!!! WTH? The front air foil is REALLY low too, and wide at the corners, watch-out! But it has nice lines over-all. My Hyundai Sonata limited hybrid is more comfortable and has all these in a much better solution, albeit more costly ride.


Does it all and More

Liked the looks of Touring Model. I bought a leftover and have been on a learning curve since then. The car has so many safety features that take care of you without your doing anything. An example is if you are drifting to side it will shake a bit to alert and react. It will assist if an object about to be hit in front. Windows good burnt at times the front camera blocks just a little. The on front window display of speed and turn directions for gps keeps eyes on road not looking to speedometer or gps. MPG on trips with luggage very good. Car loaded traveling from Boston area to Myrtle Beach I got an average of about 37 mpg. It does have the turbo engine,very responsive. I have not driven in snow,and hope not to, not sure about low profile tires in that situation. No issues in heavy rain etc. all in all,I would buy the car again,oh,do not know all it can do yet! πŸ™€


Very Nice, Great Value

Excellent gas mileage - getting avg 30+ mpg without the ECO Mode! Very nice car as a daily driver. Lots of really cool features and safety


Body Style Attention Grabber Initially

Seems sound so far mechanically. Inexpensive to maintain so far - less oil changes needed than other cars. The interior looks nice but I've had issues with rattling and vibrating front dash, back speakers and diver side door from the get go. My hearing is very acute though so others may not notice this as much. However, it pretty much drives me nuts! I have taken it to a couple of dealerships to fix but they say they don't hear anything. I have another appointment this weekend at a different dealership, I'm praying they have a solution. My 2007 Accord was never this noisy inside, and it has 200k miles on it. All the plastic they use nowadays I guess. I may have to install some of that tacky looking carpet stuff to remediate. I hope not...


Nice Car But Not As Good As Advertised

Overall, the vehicle is nice. It's spacious, comfortable, and looks good. However, even driving in Eco Mode and extremely gently, I have only averaged around 40 MPG. Not the 47 MPG advertised. Also, the transmission is bumpy between 40 - 60 MPH. It seem like it can't decide if it wants to accelerate or coast. This creates a bumpy sensation, almost as with an all gasoline engine sputtering. When I brought this up at the dealership I was informed that this is normal because the vehicles tend to over shift. If this is true, I probably won't buy another one. Other than these two issues, the vehicle is good.