2019 Honda Accord Hybrid consumer reviews

$25,320 starting MSRP
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68% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value for the money 3.9
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.4
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48 MPG is False advertising

Love the car other than the mpg. They say 48/48 but it's no where close. 37 is the max. Very disappointed that Honda isn't taking ownership of this false advertising!


No where CLOSE to the gas mileage as advertised

I am only getting 35mpg at best and I have tried EVERYTHING on this car... had different people drive it and nothing... best we have gotten was 38 and worst is 32mpg


Best Honda we’ve owned (8) - 50 MPG

We love the ride and comfort. Only major downside is inability to be sure where front of car is for turns and parking- Need fix here. We enjoy the feel of the car and the Touring Model is just plain FUN!


Love our 2019 Accord Hybrid!

Bought my first Accord back in the 1990. I've owned a few other cars and SUVs since then, most recently a 2013 Honda Pilot. It's great to be back in an Accord. My how things have changed since 1990! The 2019 Accord Hybrid is awesome. We've only had it a short while, so time will tell how it holds up. But it's a Honda, so I'm optimistic.


good car - does not get advertised gas mileage

While the 2019 hybrid is a good car. it does not get anywhere near the advertised mileage of 48 / 48 - more like 37 to 38 miles per gallon. I did get the advertised mileage, but that was with my foot off the accelerator, and going down a slight incline. I have read numerous people complaining about this, and am wondering why this is not considered false advertising.


Beautiful car with flaws.19 Accord Touring Hybrid

This is my first honda after owning European brands such as BMW and audi. I was driven to honda accords because of the new styling and amenities for the price compared to the twice as expensive bmw. Driving approx 70 miles on the highway daily I opted for the hybrid version. Not once on the highway have I gotten above 40mpg. Additionally, when I got my car (new) it started having a high pitched noise that the dealership coiling figure out. After having my car for 3 weeks and getting a field tech to come help, turns out the hybrid cooling fan was improperly installed causing the noise. For 3 weeks without a car, 500 test moles later, you would think Honda would stand by their product but no! After talking with multiple Honda reps they were unwilling to even compensate me for paying for a car I couldn't drive. At the same time, the car play app doe not work and the main screen unit resets randomly whole driving. Both Honda and android auto have no care. We tested my phone on different cars and other brands with out issue. Even the dealer plugged their phone into the car and caused an issue. Then tried my phone on a car inside the dealer and it worked. Yet, they don't have the evidence needed to show there is a problem. The cars looks and features(when they work) are great but the overall quality and fact that Honda doesn't stand behind their product or support their customers is extremely discouraging. I love the car but cannot recommend Honda to my family or friends, no matter how great the actual dealership treated me.


Misleading MPG.

I am very disappointed in the fuel efficiency of this car. I was able to get 44 MPG on a Ford fusion hybrid which was advertised at 41 MPG. In this car I only get 35mpg and no matter how carefully I drive I cannot seem to Break the 40mpg barrier! If I had to do it again then I would have gotten a different vehicle!


Good car but falls short on local driving

Car I made well. Fit and finish are up to Honda standards. Rides harshly at low speeds around town. Road defects are felt and heard throughout the car. Hybrid technology falls a bit short of Toyota. You are either getting great mileage or bad mileage, no in between.


Droning noise

Excellent except when you hit 53 MPH. At that speed you will experience a loud droning noise that last about 5-10 seconds. Soubds like your driving next to a freight train. Dealership mechanics can't figure it out. Happens with the 2018, 2019 and 2020's.


Easy and fun to drive. VERY DISAPPOINTING MPG.

I've driven a 2009 Toyota hybrid EXL since new. About 116,000 miles. I always got the 33/34 EPA mileage or better. I know how to drive a hybrid. In Oct. 2019 I purchased a New Honda Accord Hybrid Touring. I was really excited about the 48/48 MPG and 600 mile range per tank. I really enjoy the Dynamic Cruise control, Lane keep assist, Backup camera, Voice command and more, HOWEVER, ALL top end model cars I considered had these options. I have driven this car 2,800 miles from Oct.23 to date Dec.12. 2019. 1,800 mile vacation from OK through TX. Very moderate climate(40 to 85 degrees). I drive 99.9% in Eco mode. I tried Sport mode for a couple of miles just to know the difference. Sport mode made it much quicker and was surprising, but I'm very content with the performance of Eco mode so I just leave it in Eco all the time. The problems are: 1. The Gas mileage is no where close to 48/48 as EPA advertised. The per tank distance is around 440 miles not the 600 expected. My average is Closer to 37 city and 35 Hwy. I'm a senior citizen and I pretty much drive the speed limit , I'm light on the pedal, I use dynamic cruise control and lane keep assist as much as possible and enjoy driving a hybrid. 2. The front seats are to low which makes it very hard to get out of the car. There is a handle, but it is not in the right place to assist getting out of the car. I'm 5'10" and my wife is 5' 2" and we both have this problem. the passenger seat is worse because there is no height adjustment. 3. You don't get a Spare Tire or Jack with this car, only an air pump. Honda won't even sell you one, because they don't stock it. You can buy an Accord SE (Non Hybrid) 17" donut Spare and jack and foam tool box for about $500.00 and it will fit in the space provided for a spare. I bought mine from E-Bay and foam tool box and hold down bolt from Honda and spent $300. 4. The Free 3 months Sirius XM radio will end up costing about $20.00 a month after 3 free months. 5. The Free AT&T 3 month Hot spot for the car will cost about $30.00/ month after free 3 months. 6. The Sign Recognition is really nice but picks up wrong speeds regularly. Lots of 90 MPH and 100 MPH on the hwy. and some wrong speed limits in the city, sometimes when there isn't even a speed limit sign. 7. The Navigation picks up destinations well, but will not allow you to force a certain route. It will tell you to leave the hwy. and send you through town then put you back on the same Hwy. Happened in San Antonio. On stacked hwy. in Houston the Nav told us to exit and turn around because it didn't know which hwy. we were on. The 10 year newer 2019 Nav on the honda didn't compare to the 2009 Toyota Nav. Final Conclusion is I will probably sell my Honda in a couple of years and pay the about $1,500.00 more (New compared to new) and get the Toyota.