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2007 Honda Fit consumer reviews

$13,850–$14,650 MSRP range
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95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior 4.4
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 4.8
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 4.8
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Best car that I have EVER bought.

This is, by far, the best car that I have ever bought. All aspects of this car excel in value. I cannot say just how wonderful this car has been for me. It is reliable and more than easy to own. I love it and plan to drive it as long as possible.


Will Buy Again

It is an economy car, so the ride is not the most comfortable. The interior space is impressive. The rear magic bench is amazing, though this year's (2007) design required removing the headrests to lay the back flat. Drove through the worst of two winters with this car and studless winter tires. I was taken out by neglect and 2inches of slush in the spring. Fuel economy is great, however, I drove it mercilessly so averaged 28mpg instead of 30 something. I have discovered that almost all 2007-8 models begin to leak water at three places. Look it up, it's a ~250 fix. No other notable problems in the 2 years I owned mine. I plan to buy a 2009 model in several weeks.


Most reliable car I ever owned

I purchased this car new, and had it for just shy of 11 years. We put 167,000 miles on it. It was a part of our family, and we loved it. It kept us safe, took us all over the country, and was filled with countless memories. Outside of regular maintenance, we had to do very little to keep this wonderful car running. A new clutch and fuel pump in the 150,000-160,000 mile range. We purchased this as a couple, and ultimately just outgrew the wonderful Fit. You were a great car, and will be dearly missed. What a fun gas sipper to drive!


Great first car for kid

Easy to use, great mileage, and reliable. It is the perfect first car for a high school or college kid. Rear seats fold different ways to make a huge storage space for a car of this size.


Honda fit

Interior feels roomier then the exterior would lead you to believe. Magic seats fold to accommodate a multitude of cargo. Mileage is exceptional on highway


Best car Ive ever owned!

I love my fit. It has plenty of room for my gadgets etc..the seats are comfortable for long drives. Plenty of power for this little car.


Really holds value

I've put 2 years in on a previously used manual 07 Fit that was kept in excellent shape by previous owner. I love this car. It's small for urban parking, good acceleration, does as good as any front wheel drive compact in the snow with decent tires. Mostly the mechanics of it are solid. I had to replace the manual clutch at 130k, but I wasn't the first driver. Manual is zippy, fun. My only complain is that 1st actually has a little too much power that the ride can't handle. Traffic jams are a little tedious. All other engine components are holding up exceptionally well over a decade, engine is sparkling, no leaks or grime. The exterior trim didn't age too well, especially the rubber, mostly sun damage. The driver pillar has a little blind-spot if you're petite, and the driver elbow rest could be better. Body and clear coat and uphostery are holding up way better than previous cars I've owned. Looks great detailed, no rust or clearcoat peels. It did have the honda airbag recall, which the dealership fixed in 2 hours for free. Other than a few quibbles, this is a really fun, reliable urban car. If you want a city car that can still load a lot of cargo, these are great. I steal all the tight parking spots.


Most reliable car and worth the money!

I was looking for a reliable car that was great on gas milage but still fun to drive. I bought into the Fit due to Honda's reliability and from word-of-mouth. The Fit is sleek and the 07's rear seats fold flat or the bottom can flip up in half so that you could fit something into the car that was tall. This is my first Honda and I definitely enjoy cruising around in my Fit.


Great Car But

Bought this with a salvage title,at an auto auction, it had 3 acid holes in it for $5300 eight years ago. For what I paid it has been more than a great car. Three flaws, 1) all the lock cores have failed but the one in the ignition, not sure if I will ever fix them. Talked to Honda and they claimed I did not maintain them correctly, what a bunch of bull do you graphite your locks every six months?, I did mention I buy cars at auctions right, just a little mechanical, only car that this has ever happened to, strongly suspect poor metal quality in lock cores as the problem. This issue is on the Honda Fit Forum. Currently just not locking car joys of a small town. 2) the ignition control packs, (modern spark plug wires) were bad, cost around $500.00 for parts to fix, although I changed out plugs at the same time, the Fit forum helped me diagnose this, never showed up on any diagnostics, but it got bad and they were expensive. 3) Seat is a killer, use a lumbar back support plus another a seat cushion and it is very comfortable. That said I have a very bad back, someone younger or with a normal back may not or even probably not be an issue at all. So for $5,300.00 for a car bought with 75,000 I am happy, if I had paid anything close to stealership pricing, well not so much. The car is fun to drive, not a 3 Series BMW, but it has a good power plant. Other than those issues just tires, fluids and maintenance. Has 165,000 on it and was hail damaged, so my actual end cost was about 3 grand. At that price I am very happy with it. The design is really well done, has a great little power plant with great gas mileage, overall good car. My sister bought one after I had mine for a few years.


Ten Years Old and Still Loving It

This car has everything- great fuel economy, sassy design, comfort and reliability. Easy to park and drive. I bought the Sport version so it has a great stereo, air conditioning and paddle shifters. I drive a lot because I live 24 km from the closest town and it never lets me down. I take it in for regular Honda service and have yet to make a major repair. The only thing I would love to have is four wheel drive but with good snow tires, it performs well in snow. Honda employee told me that because the first three years of this model were made in Japan, I could expect it to keep going to 450,000 km with no problems.