2007 Honda Fit consumer reviews

$13,850–$14,650 MSRP range
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96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.8
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Great Little Car

Purchased my 2007 Honda Fit with only 25,000 miles. It's my first Honda. Gas mileage is good, but power is a little underwhelming.


my first car and I love it.

Awesome first car. Id suggest you get the sport package. My only complaint is that it only has a 10gallon gas tank. Still love it though.


love my fit

I love my fit so much. It is so roomy. I have not found a single thing that does not fit into my fit. I had my 4 giant dogs in it, with room to spare. The car is super comfy and is great on mpgs. The only thing is that it is a little bumpy ride and you can hear the engine, but just turn the radio up and you will have an amazing ride.....


The little engine that could.

I just traded in my 2006 BMW Z4 Coupe for the '07 Honda Fit Sport. While the BMW was powerful and stylish, similar things could be said about the fit - and the mileage doesn't hurt one bit. The price is just right too. I was debating the fit over the civic for a used car; I decided to purchase the fit. It is great for commuting. I am averaging about 35mpg, but since I just got off the BMW I'm expecting the little engine to perform like the 270hp z4. Once I pulled back on the throttle and treating the car more like a commuter, it started to inch closer to that 40mpg mark. As for the styling, it's actually pretty nice for a budget car. Its dash is very nice with some blue lighting and a layout that seems very intuitive and easy for most to pick up on the go. It's got all the essentials (including a aux jack for your iPod) plus a really great sound system. All the mechanical parts are light and everything fits and closes just right. It's like the engineers actually made sense and designed this car in a logical manner. Bottom line, it's fun to drive, it's great on gas, fits the kids, has ample room in the trunk, has enough power for your daily commute, and it's economical! Drop those gas guzzlers and unnecessarily expensive cars for something useful. Did I mention it's a Low-Emissions Vehicle (LEV)?


100k mile club!

I just hit 100,000 miles in my 2007 Honda Fit and have loved every one of those miles (except when someone backed into me in a parking lot!). For a small engine, it definitely has get up and go when needed and I can fit a large jogging stroller, a large rear facing car seat (SK Radian 80SL), suitcases for a week, and more and still 3 of us ride in comfort.


Absolutely the best for the price!

Absolutely the best for the price! That actually says it all. Very flexible interior and it handles like a sports car. I would buy another one without a doubt, but this one should last me forever.


best value on the market

I've got an 07 Sport model and I have put 125,000 miles on it with no problems. It has had a spark plug wrench on it, a lug wrench and a wrench for the oil plug. That is it. Absolutely no operating problems. Back tire wear has been a problem as I drive a lot of two lane blacktop that are rough. So what is new about that in Missouri? I am on my fourth set of tires and I finally followed some advice and am having them rotated at every oil change. I wish I had bought tires from a dealer that offered free rotation. The rotation seems to cure the wear frequency. The tire problem? The trailing arm suspension seems to be too short in the "07 models and earlier. The rear tires "cupped" and flat spots developed. The rear end just bounced around too much. I don't think the problem would be there with the newer ("08 and newer) models as the rear suspension was changed. I bought the car because, after research on the net, it seemed the best buy for the buck. My research was correct. It is almost exactly what I expected. I was not worried about sun roofs and such. Better front seats would be great, especially lumbar support. As with most cars, the seats are not especially great for 6'2 and above. Performance would be enhanced with a bigger engine, but the downside would be lower gas mileage. I just try to keep my "R's" up and select the right gearing. I never really realize I am in such a small, too ugly to be cute, vehicle until I get out of it. I am very pleased with my selection. I find if I drive like an old man I can get excellent gas mileage. Since I still seem to have the need for speed, I do about 30 to 33 on the highways. Do I recommend it? Yes. As a second car and an economy car it is great. I feel the need to keep a muscle car parked alongside it in the garage though. Would I buy another one? Let's just wait and see what is available when I wear this one out.


What You See...Is Not All You Get

After keeping 4 previous Hondas at least 8 years each, I decided that the key Honda ingredient is not something you can see or touch. Hondas just do what you need, when you need it, with no uncertainty. This is the kind of "BORING" that is very endearing. With 13k miles, the 2009 Fit Sport w. A/T and Nav looks like another winner. What you do "see" is a car that doesn't do anything poorly-no significant weak spots. In this size class, the Nissan Versa has a nicer interior, the Mazda 3 is faster, etc. But the Fit has probably the best overall balance of comfort, utility, performance, crash safety, styling, reliability, high gas mileage and low total cost of ownership. Sure it can be improved: 1.) I'd pay Honda a bit more for a nicer interior with less hard plastic! 2.) I'd also pay Honda more for a 6 speed automatic with a slightly more powerful engine that could somewhat improve both acceleration and gas mileage. 3.) They could also retune the suspenion and tire choice for a less choppy ride on poor surfaces. 4.) A little less twitchy-ness in 30 knot cross winds would also be a bonus-if the laws of physics can be modified for light, tall vehicles!! But none of these are deal breakers, because the Fit does so much so well at an attractive price. Not to mention that "invisible" benefit of taking the unnecessary automotive drama/trauma out of your life.


Unfit for Honda

Drove 2 new Civic manual trans. for 12 yrs each with no unusal problems. As for the Fit: Wire harness recall. Starter replaced at 34K m. At 39K m. axle boot broken and manual trans. replaced. The Fit was introduced in 2007. Now that customers are racking up miles, we'll see if the car's fit to be called a Honda.


Fun Little Car

The Fit is just fun to drive. The two words I'd use to describe how it drives are 'eager' and 'nimble'. The transmission and engine combine to give the car its eagerness. The engine rev's willingly and the transmission shifts quickly and without fuss to give you the power you've asked for. The steering and the suspension combine to give the car its nimbleness. The steering is very quick requiring only small movements of the steering wheel to change direction. And the suspension has the ability to keep it glued to the road even when taking a corner faster than you really should be taking it. All of this is rather surprising in an economy car of modest price. It's also quiet on the highway and gets excellent mileage. My mileage on the highway varies between 36 and 39 mpg. The lower number at higher speeds (above 70 mph), and the higher number at loser speeds (below 70 mph). Around town in the summer it gets between 28 and 31 mpg - the higher number being more common. The car is also very utilitarian. My wife and I folded down the back seats and stowed our luggage, a rocking chair, a cello, a baby bassinet, and unreasonable amount of baby and maternity clothes in the back and made the trip from Minnesota to Pennsylvania to visit an expectant daughter. There was actually room to spare. I also like the layout of the instrument panel. The radio controls are within easy of the driver and the CD player will swallow an offered CD and play without having to push additional buttons. We recently took about a 2 hour trip with four adult males in the car. The back seat was comfortable enough with only a small compromise on the part of the person in the front seat in front of you. Criticisms? Sure there are some. The front seats don't have up and down positioning capabilities - and my wife finds them to be too low. Also there is no arm-rest for the driver or the front passenger over the console and the front cup holders are awkward to get at around the shift lever. And, some improved heat flow to the back seat passengers would be a good thing in our Minnesota winters. Overall, I like the car a lot and do not regret its purchase in the least. I would recommend it to others, and have done so.