2007 Honda Fit consumer reviews

$13,850–$14,650 MSRP range
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96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.8
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Overall satisfied feeling!!!!!!!!

For the subcompact class of vehicles on the market, this was most certainly a best bang for your buck purchase. 33 city/ 39 hwy, comfortable versatile interior/spacious, zippy on the road, excellent handling and reasonable stereo for it's class. I love this little bugger.


Best little car ever!

After reading some other reviews, I am completely shocked at the mileage some people have reported. I drive the manual sport version and started getting 38-40 mpg right out of the gate. Recently, I started driving a little slower on the highway (about 60) and have been getting consistently over 45 mpg (the record right now is 49.5 - trying to get to that magical 50)! I ordered my Fit in April of '06 - just two days before they came out. I finally got it 6 months later and have been nothing but pleased with it. I immediately had to take it out to Ikea and stuffed cabinets, shelves, a 7-foot armoire and my husband into it! It is just HUGE on the inside. Our other car being a "classic" Mini, I do not have any issues with elbow room... the Fit is our "big" car. I also have to say that the Fit does surprisingly well in the snow (without snow tires). I live down a 1/4 mile driveway that becomes a snowmobile trail in the winter. We got over 10 feet of snow this winter and only had to give up the Fit for the truck for about 5 weeks after 4 inches of rain, a logging operation and a re-freeze destroyed our class-6 road. A few weeks ago, I learned that my tires (with 35,000 original miles) were starting to wear down and might not pass inspection this summer. So... the car survived a record snow-fall winter on balding tires? Woohoo! Imagine what it could do with fresh ones! It is a little tank. I cannot say enough about this little car. It is a great way to go environmental if you do not have the $$ for a hybrid. It gets almost the same mileage (for me anyway... what am I doing right?), is a Low Emissions Vehicle and costs half what some hybrids do. They are also a lot easier to get than they were 2 years ago! I should probably be getting a cut from Honda because I sold the Fit to my sister, a co-worker and a bunch of other friends. It is an awesome little car!


Still Happy with this Car!

I ordered my Fit before it was available at the dealership. I have been delighted with this car and its style. Features I especially like are the 16" alloy wheels which handle terrifically in the snow. The speakers and connections are also nice for playing my iPhone. I have only one complaint-- the interior fabric attracts a lot of cat hair. I highly recommend this car for its versatility and hauling capacity.


best fun car I have owned

I just sold my lexus gx470 and bought 2007 honda fit. What a fun car to drive and so my room with the seats down. Two words buy it I don't miss my lexus and love the 30 mg in the city


fits me perfectly

This is the only safe, reliable car I could find in my price range (under $20,000) that has a hatch back with interior flexiblity to drool over. It holds more stuff than you can imagine, and with the seats lifted in the back is perfect for dogs. My only complaint is with the defrost--that does not work well with two or more people in the car; it just can't move that much humidity. I wish it got better mileage (I get about 30mpg in the city), but it's not bad.


Reliability, and comfort features for Nothing

The car comes with everything you need out of a car, especially for $14,000. Great gas mileage i average about 35 mpg. I am 6'3" and fit comfortably on a 62 mile round trip to work everday. Have 29000 miles on it and not one problem at all!!


"Best fuel mileage ever"

I love my new Fit. I drove a Dodge Neon for 3 years and traded it in on the Fit. The Fit is very comfortable, handles well, and I find that I get between 30 and 34 mpg., city and highway combined! I have an automatic transmission. I would highly recommend this car. It's not just for the young, I am 50 and find it is the perfect "Fit" for me. Thank you Honda.


Best deal for the money

Real MPG average (manual transmission): 32-33MPG. Pros: Tight suspension and turning radius. Rear seat folds completely flat w/o removing headrests. Airbags all around. Peppy performance. Sport version has most "modern" features. Ample headroom. Rated very reliable by unbiased source. Large side-view mirrors for minimal blind spots. Plenty of cup holders. Cons: "Bumpy" ride due to short wheel base is not for all. Steering wheel does not telescope. Wish driver seat had more adjustment possibilities. Alarm system does not make a "tone" when armed (only "clicks"). 10 gal. gas tank limits refueling range to around 300 miles. Glove box does not lock. No side body moulding to protect against door dings. Need to be mindful of low chassis clearance on sport model. Manual transmission could shift a bit smoother. There are other "entry" level cars that cost less, but they do not have the features, MPG, or predicted reliability of the Fit. The Sport version is a bit more $, but has most of the features that mid-level cars have. Wanted a car that could haul my goalie gear with ease and get great MPG. Couldn't be happier.


Fun car!

I've had my Fit for just over four months now. I am totally digging the paddle shifters. No other car in it's class offers this. The paddle shifters are what differentiates this car most from Honda's competitors and makes it worthwhile to pay a little more. The space is amazing! I used to have an SUV, but don't miss it one bit. I can get plenty of utility out of this little car without sacrificing gas mileage. The features in this car are cool, but limited (no bluetooth, push-button start, or navigation available). I'm assuming it's because they want to keep the car affordable. No worries though, I added after market accessories. The stereo is decent. However, I added a subwoofer because I like my music loud! The oil life calculator and maintenance minder is convenient. The only complaint I have of this car is lower-than-expected gas mileage. I am currently getting a range between 25-30mpg combined (sometimes even less). I was expecting a little more. I suppose you can get better mileage if you drive with slower acceleration and at slower highway speeds. But I drive my car with fun in mind (I don't want to feel like a slow turtle).Overall, I have no regrets with this vehicle.


Honda Fit Bad MPG, Honda wont do anything, HELP

I bought a Honda Fit Auto Sport on May 2007, the reason I bought this car is because it said 31/37 mpg on sticker, I try to drive it as gental as possible. and i tried so many difference way. it only goes from 18-22MPG, its really sad. i been contacting Honda, they told me that's the way it's they wont even check it up what's wrong. what should i do???