2007 Honda Fit consumer reviews

$13,850–$14,650 MSRP range
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96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.8
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First New Vehicle

I went from driving a 1986 half-ton Chevy to my 2007 Honda Fit, which I purchased December 2006. After a good deal of research, I consulted with my used-car-dealer uncle, who told me that I couldn't go wrong with a Honda. I absolutely love my Fit, and have yet to be disappointed with it.


Best Car I ever had

I went from a 2WD Ford Ranger to a Honda Fit. I had this car for almost a year now and absolutely love it. The handling is phenominol. I can go around entrance and exit loops of freeways at 50-55 mph.


Fun and Practical

I got lucky when I went looking for my Fit. The next one available at my dealer in Farmington, NM was exactly what I wanted, Vivid Blue Sport with a manual transmission. Bought it for a work car but my wife and I both like driving it. She loves to take the Fit to the store, she says it's easy to load and unload. As options go we got all weather mats & rear tray, very happy with those. We get 36 mpg all around on the cheapest gas. Love everything about this car.


Happy with my 4th Honda

This little car is an ingenious, appealing and gas-sipping vehicle. I love it and think you might also. It is not over-loaded with power and if you want to floor it to 75 MPH on the interstate this isn't for you. I traded a 2001 Honda Odyssey for the Fit and am much happier. My two kids and I fit into it just fine and I will never have a monthly gas bill of $270+ as I did in July 2007. Time to re-think the gas guzzlers and get people into smaller cars. This one tops the safety and crash test ratings and I like the side air bags, standard. Fun to drive, in a basic way, plenty of room in the back and easy to shift. I hope to keep this until my 7th grader is out of college or longer. Thanks, Honda. I needed this.


Great Little Car

We bought the basic Fit about 7 weeks ago. ALL of the Phoenix dealers put together only had 11 vehicles in stock, and only two basic Fit with a 5 speed, were for sale. So there wasn't much in the way of negotiating available to us. BUT, we are very glad we bought the Fit. Gas mileage has been 35 mpg in mostly city driving. The car has an amazing amount of space for it's size. I am 6'3" tall and I have no trouble at all in the back seat. Handles well. Acceleration is good in the city. We couldn't be happier. We looked at all the competitors (Yaris, Versa, Accent, etc) and even though we paid a bit more than we wanted to, we love this car.


A Sweet, Well Exectuted, Fun, Sporty & Frugal Ride

I bought this fabulous FIT Sport sight unseen. I didn't drive one before hand or even sit in one. But, I've owned a Honda or two and when I saw the rave reviews from diverse sources, my mind was made up. I appreciate a vehicle that is tiny on the outside and still enormous on the inside. The 5-door body style and the clever under-the-hood engineering provide the lucky owner with lots of room and easy access enhanced by a cleverly designed interior with easy and practical configuration options. The Fit handles like a go-cart. With no apparent play in the steering wheel, a slight nudge is all that is required to change lanes. The driver best pay attention. I could detect no body lean in normal every day driving. With standard ABS, braking was everything you'd expect. The only option available was the Automatic Transmission. I enjoy driving, so I went with the 5-speed. Honda has always made the best transmissions. This one is no exception to that rule. The smaller engine, in typical Honda fashion, loves to rev. I took me a while to avoid hitting the rev-limiter. I guess it is a necessary evil or Honda would not have included it. Make no mistake about it, you're driving a computer. The computer is driving the car. These clever Honda engineers mapped out the conditions that provide the worst MPG, and then they programmed the computer to minimize the contributing variables. HUH, you say. Well, it might not be as noticeable with the automatic that you would opt for, but I could not help but notice that full-throttle or full power is not available until driving in fifth gear. Not to worry, that what revs are for. The result of this dedication to great mileage is greatly appreciated and apparent. I have yet to achieve less than 30 mpg in town. I'm sure of two things: 1) If ever let my wife use the FIT she would get close to 40 mpg and 2) I would never get my fit back. This car comes loaded and its a HONDA. The Fit didn't cost any more than my 1996 Civic. Yes, I totally love my Fit Sport.



In July 2006, I gave up my Honda CRV for a FIT and I'm glad I did. The interior roominess (for groceries, trash, dogs, teenage son, etc.) is extraordinary (even if it is a little tight on elbow room). I'm not getting great mileage (29-30mpg max) even with lots of hwy driving and I'm not sure why. Interior storage could use a little tweaking which I'm sure Honda will do in a year or two as always. But it's a great car for popping around the city and equally comfortable for long-distance travel. It's easy easy to park ANYWHERE. The visibility is great in all directions which was NOT the case with my CRV. The steering is very responsive when you need to move quickly to avoid an accident on the highway or in town. I wish it had a telescoping steering wheel and a CD player for multiple CD's (not just one) but these are minor adjustments for a car which is otherwise overall fabulous. Even my husband loves driving it, and that's unusual (he owns a Civic Hybrid).


Great Second Vehicle

Went to the dealership to compare with a Civic and this car just won me over. The fuel economy is great with an average of 35 mpg in mixed driving. The room in ample for 2 adults in the front and 2 kids in the back. Parking in tight spots is a breeze and get many looks and lots of questions about the car. The price was just unbeatable and saving money on gas and car payment. The quality of the materials and workmanship are second to none. Great Car!


Outstanding value, awesome car!

My wife and I owned a three month old Yaris that just got totaled in an accident that was not our fault. We've had the opportunity to drive both cars extensively, and there is no comparison... this car delivers on EVERYTHING Honda promises. It handles great, has great acceleration, the ammenities are all there... stock (in the Sport model), safety features are excessive (but that's good), and Honda went a long way to make a $17,000 car look and feel like it's a $30,000 car, inside and out. Awesome. From the stylish, comfortable interior, tons of space, loads of options, nice sound system, to the stylish Euro look of the lights, and standard alloy rims (Sport, again), this car just oozes of quality and workmanship. Honda can't hold on to these, and Car and Driver gave this car it's best subcompact of 2007 award. All that and you get Honda reliability. 'Nuff said! The only thing I don't like is the rear drum brakes... WHY, WHY, WHY do car makers still use this outdated and less effective technology? I don't understand. Oh well. One gripe out of MANY pluses is a very fair trade... and really, this is my only gripe. HIGHLY recommended. Get this puppy loaded with ALL the options for about $18,000. Awesome deal!



I am having a fun time with my new Fit. Bought 4 days ago and already drove 900+ miles. The best thing about it (mine is a Sport version) is, I can drive in Manual or Auto transmission whenever I feel like. I am loving those peddle shifters and usally drive it in manual mode. The Fit (Sport version) comes loaded (no sun roof/moon roof and it's not required). What more can you want at that price and that too from Honda. I was kinda undecided (before buying) for the 1.5L engine and 109 hp, but Fit prove me wrong when I drove at 85mph without any problems. I drove in lanes between two huge semis (to check the drag), in rains, through stormy weather (wind speed 45mph), the handling is so smooth! Huge trunk space (42 cu. ft.), mp3 player with 200 watts, six airbags, fog lights, back, abs on all four wheels are some other features. Handling is smooth near turns and I am getting very good gas mileage (36mpg on freeway). For the features, comfort and performance it delivers, I wouldn't say this car pricey at all! My only complain is, whoever sees my car, tries to befriend me and go for a ride. *LOL* Oh well, this is Honda Fit.