2007 Honda Fit consumer reviews

$13,850–$14,650 MSRP range
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96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.8
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2007 Honda Fit Review

I bought the vehicle because I love japanese cars [nissan & Honda]. As you can see on my ratings I gave the 07 Fit a 2 on performance because this is a "transportation vehicle" just to drive you around. It doesn't have much power when you step on the gas when you need it the most like when you make left turns. I gave it a 4 because the 07 Sport Fit it's lower than other competitors to the ground with a sway bar in the front for better handling but not the best. Of course if the car is full of people I guess you'll get better handling when curving. I gave it a 5 for features because the Sport has the connection for either an Ipod, DVD for kids to watch in the back, Aux, etc. The back seats fold 60/40, flat and to the sides!!. Head rests in the front and back are detachable, you can buy an arm rest on the internet OEM for that car. 5 for design because the inside is roomier. The Sport model comes with extra like a wing, spoilers, and fog lights,etc


amazing for the money

the fit i just got yesterday12/22/06 is an amazing expression of the abilities that honda has to put into a small package a huge amount of space, features and economy. but also great fun; i have the sport model and it is an automobile that just puts a grin on your mug,every time you drive it.


Fun well equiped car to drive

I am so amazed with this car. It looks great and the ride and handling are fantastic! Of all the small cars I have owned this one really handles the best of all. Tight around corners with very little roll, great pickup and with the 5 speed automatic with paddle shifters the economy is superb averaging for me 37 miles per gallon overall!!! I have the sport model which just gets so many looks when I am driving around town and many people have stopped me to ask if they could see it, I am glad to let them take a look. The safety features are awesome and my insurance is very resonable which is not the case for most subcompacts. The audio on the sport model with 200 watts, variable speed sensitive volume control and an input for my MP3 player is amazing for standard equipment on the sport. If I had anything to complain about it would be the lack of a center armrset, which is imposibble to add and keep the versitility of the seating arrangements. So much space and versitililty I have had no problems with any cargo or passengers. Even my 6 foot 3 inch 300 pound friend fits with no discomfort. With all the features, comfort handling and saftey features I highly recommend this car to anyone seeking a great car for a great price. I bet the car goes up in price after the introduction period, it has to be a great hit for Honda! Owning this car is an extreme pleasure, so glad I made the purchase


Its a Honda for Honda lovers

This car is great. I have owned a couple excellent Honda's; a Civic, a S2000, and now this. The Fit is more than just a great commuter car. Mine is the 5MT. It shifts very smoothly and engine power is ample enough to propel its light weight with surprising acceleration (except when fully loaded with passengers, but this is to be expected in 109-hp 1.5 Liter engine). The Fit also handles extremely well! The Fits overall "Fit" and finish and attention to detail and safety really make this car worth the extra money that you would save by buying "other" sub-compacts that have showed up to challenge the Fit. Also, I get a lot of stares and comments from other people on the road while in this car, almost as much as when I drove the S2000.


I drove 432 miles to get my Fit !

My old Integra needed $2,000 to keep it on the road, time to go after 325,000 miles ! I began my search for a Vivid Pearl Blue Fit Sport, manual transmission. None in So Cal, in fact only ONE in all of California... it *was* in Shingle Springs, and I live near LA. So after striking the deal online and on the phone, I DROVE 432 miles to Shingle Springs just to get the EXACT car I wanted. And it is worth every mile, every minute of that drive. Honda is simply "the Mercedes of Japanese Manufacturers" - sorry Lexus !! Everything about the Fit is superb, truly hard to believe this car is an "entry level" car... truly premium. The internal design is amazing, truly revolutionary, and the exterior is elegant yet cool. Unlike so many "overly-busy" and "fussy" designs from other Japanese car companies, or that horrid comic book design of the RX8. The Fit is proof that small can be wonderful, in the automotive world at least ! In a world of over sized and much too heavy gas guzzling mutants, thank God there's Honda and the FIT !


We love this car!

We are a family of 4 with a dog and two children in car seats so we were concerned about the size but the Fit has met and exceeded our expectations in all areas. Both car seats are easily installed with the LATCH system (standard) and our kids are safe with side impact and curtain airbags. Our pooch - a 45 lb black beast fits in the back even with our stroller and a bag of groceries. We've actually carried two dogs back there when we dog sit for our friends. Parking is a dream and we fit in spots we forgot were even legal because of the compact size. Visibility is excellent on rear and side. The option of flipping the seat up and locking it in place is amazing and makes so much room we can fit small pieces of furniture in there. Other great features include the great gas mileage (hybrid standards but without the hybrid vehicle price) and the good get up and go. The Fit jumps right in and makes merging a dream when getting on the freeway. The only downsides to this car are the color choices and the availability. We really wanted a different color but like several other dealers our dealer only had blue and red coming in. We settled on red and are glad we did. We get a ton of compliments and comments on the car. Everyone wants to know what it is and how happy we are with it. Also, since the car is so low to the ground and because there are so many bigger cars out there the Fit does get pretty dirty pretty quick. Frequent cleaning is needed to keep it sparkling but considering how much we save on gas this expense is nominal. If you're looking for a great family, city and pocketbook friendly car you can't beat the Honda Fit. We absolutely LOVE this car.


Great, but wondering about the mileage......

I traded in my old Minivan as I am no longer a Girl Scout leader. Spend lots of time tooling around town, sitting at lights, chose this over the hybrid. Love the red sporty look, the handling, the zip. Don't feel like I'm in a much smaller car except when I park in the garage and can easily get out without dinging the door! However, even at 700 miles, 2/3 of it a highway trip, I am not even getting 30 mpg. Yes, the a/c is on, but this is a pretty big disappointment. Hopefully it will improve.


Good fit for me.

My Integra died out a year ago and this was about the only car I could afford at the time. A friend of mine had been driving one and gave it a very favorable review. I rented one and drove it a couple of days and liked it. I do alot of highway driving and the 1500 cc engine has enough get-up-and-go to get out to the passing lane with ease. All in all, my Fit is a good fit.


A great car - well tested in the Japanese market

Lots of features, the legendary Honda engines powerful for its size - works hard to stretch your gas dollars. Easy to park and turn, thoughtfull interiors cute looks. Ideal for city usage and even city businesses.


07 Fit

I bought the base model with manual transmission and love it as my primary commuter. I'm averaging 37 mpg and the car is fun to drive. Interior is very roomy. The low beam headlights, however, leave much to be desired as they don't seem to reach far enough. It may just be misaligned but unlike american cars there doesn't seem to be a way to adjust them easily. Other then that, the car is perfect for what I needed. High mpg and lots of interior space. The thing sticks to the road like glue and is very peppy even with the hilly terrrain here in West Virginia.