2016 Honda HR-V consumer reviews

$19,215–$21,315 MSRP range
side view of 2016 HR-V Honda
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.7
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My Big Mistake

This car stinks. The only person who could possibly like this car is a little old woman in Tucson with no dogs or grandkids. You'll understand why at the end. What do I loathe about this car? Almost everything, but here are the top issues: The gas mileage stinks and varies greatly. I can MAYBE eek out 31 mpg on a warm (but no AC) day while driving 55. Running the air decreases the gas mileage. Driving fast (70-75 mph) decreases the gas mileage by 3-4 mpg. In the winter, I average about 24.5mpg. For a car this small and gutless, that is unacceptable. This car developed an assortment of quirky noises soon after I started driving it. The dashboard started to squeak at 4 months in. When I accelerate then let up on the gas pedal, there is a sound like the honking of a dying goose. The heater/AC makes a clacking noise on the high speed. Honda assures me there is nothing to worry about. But this car sounds like my 1981 Buick Skylark did in 1994. Another huge pet peeve is how easy it is to lock your keys in the car. I'm sorry - let me state this more accurately. It is very easy for this car to lock your keys in the car. Here is what happens: you can unlock the passenger door simply but having your keys on your person and touching a button on the door. Now let's say you have a bunch of stuff in your hands (including your purse with your keys) and you deposit it all on the front seat and close the door. Guess what? Yes, you are in trouble. I have a four year old son that I shuffle to preschool, sports, playdates. If you have ever had a child, you know you put everything they require down while you buckle them into their 5 point harness. I have twice locked my son in the car. Fortunately, it's been in our driveway where I have been able to quickly access our spare key. I am terrified it will happen on a hot day in the middle.of nowhere. Finally, I am petite so this car works for me. My poor taller passengers hate this car. And I don't blame them. I bought this car after test driving a few. I liked it because it seemed solid, handled well and it has the reliability of a Honda. It was my big mistake.


Best car i have ever owned!

This car has everything from AWD to navigation! It has lane assist and not to mention 3 differently angled back up cameras! I've never drove a car that handles so well in the snow. I would recommend this car to anybody. It had great leg room in the back (trust me i checked, i have very long legs) and they fold flat if you need the extra space. I dont have a single bad thing to say about this car. Honda's are amazing cars!


Best Value Compact SUV For the Money

This vehicle was priced fairly compared to other SUV's. Although compact, it has plenty of space. The seats will fold down giving even more trunk space.


Really nice car

this car met's my needs it's a lot of digital and buttons to push. the ride is smooth and it's comfortable. It handles really well got the room i need.


Love my new car

The HRV is everything I was looking for..the added feature of the sunroof made my day..I'm 53 years old and this is my 1st car purchase, I've always relied on my husband to be with me and secure financing. However this time I did it on my own.


Great car

This car has been totally reliable, has great mileage, 30 mpg on highway. Handles well and turning radius makes it very navigable in parking lots. First time I've had heated seats, which are a dream. Only feature I wanted but wasn't available was Sirius radio.


great fuel mileage, handles very good

We decided to downsize 1 car. Test drove a few different cars. The Honda HRV has more interior room and a lot of cargo space compared to the others. We are getting better fuel mileage than the other we drove, performs very good hills and for a smaller car rides and handles great.


You get more for your money

The 2016 Honda HR-V EX is my first ever car and I love it. I financed it used as of 3 weeks now of this review. It had 49,898 miles on it. The best way to compare it is, if you have driven or been a passenger of the Honda FIT, then its essentially what you receive with a few extra inches for cargo, AWD. It takes the best piece of the subcompact car while taking signature pieces from their CR-V. It has 2 12V slots, 1 in front and 1 with passengers to help with charging needs plus 2 additional 2 USB ports under the stereo consel. This really helps to alleviate fighting for the USB for charging. Bluetooth works well and is straightforward. Also in between both USB slots is an HDMI slot, ( I personally find this a waste and resources could or shouldve been applied elsewhere). This is meant to plug an to watch a movie or something on screen but the directions on how to use it is frustrating and confusing. I don?t bother. Instrument cluster is straightforward and easy to read. Transmission shifts feel like a breeze. When climbing speed it is slow and you hear the engine rev more than you feel the speed. If you are expecting the kick of a honda civic, it is not happening. The true way to feel the kick and speed and acceleration for the 4 cylinder mini beast is to shift into Standard mode and use the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. Time your shifts properly this puppy picks speed rather quickly and you feel the wallop and propels forward. Handling is on point to the Honda Fit as said before without the size of the CR-V to become a problem in urban neighborhoods. Gas Mileage is AMAZING!!! City you get as advertised with eco mode and whatever other tricks you know how to save on gas. Highway is way more than advertised. When I drove this off the lot, first thing I did was drive to the gas station, top off and drive it home to see if I would burn any kind of gas. Turns out with some stop and go traffic and AC cranked to high I still went 45 miles before a single square was even taken off. That is literally from the dealership to my front door. Headlights are good but im changing it out for my own preference. Foglights work well. Critiques or changes: Take away the HDMI port, no one needs it or at least make it straight forward like pairing your phone. Also, some vehicles have a handy compartment in trunk on the sides to store emergency supplies like jumper cablez, or 1st aid. I would love to see that. Otherwise, this is def worth recommending. After TONS of research before getting this and driving my wife crazy for a year this is def a good first car. We will hang onto this until it dies or if our family goes past 2 kids, because like I said, no more than 2 car seats. 1 seat safely in the middle but 2 at most if placing on each side.


Love My HRV

This is the 6th Honda I've owned. From the 1977 Honda civic to now I have enjoyed them all but I believe the Honda HRV is my favorite. The HRV has a nice design with an abundance of interior storage. You feel safe driving on the highway with great gas economy. Seating is comfortable. Just an overall good vehicle.


I call my HRV as a CRV younger brother.

It is a great car, good engine, great performance, comfort, and space. I just miss, because I own an intermediary model, some items like power driver seat and the sunglasses compartment. Besides that, I love my HR-V with low key maintenance.