2007 Hyundai Entourage consumer reviews

$23,895 starting MSRP
side view of 2007 Entourage Hyundai
72% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.0
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.0
  • Reliability 3.9
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These cars last 500,000 at least!

Happy owner for 13 years and counting. My friend has the same model and has 500,000 miles on it, no joke. Amazing, comfortable vehicle. Will run forever.


Roomy and fun to drive

I love driving this car. Great for kids. I like how easy it is to push the button and the side doors open. If I need to haul things the rear seat is easy to stow.


Excellent minivan

I purchased our 2007 Entourage a little over 2 years ago with 158k on it. I have replaced tires, front and rear brake pads, oil and transmission fluid and one directional signal light bulb in that time. It has a comfortable, smooth, and quiet ride at any speed and shifts seamlessly. We have added 22k miles in these two years of ownership and have enjoyed its reliability and performance. The only issue we have is an intermittent starting issue. It’s weird it will always start eventually but there’s an odd clicking sound that accompanies the non starting.. I dunno we just live with it. The middle row seats are supposed to be removable but I can’t get them to budge. I would recommend this minivan as it’s been great to us and you can get one for a much better price than an Odyssey or Sienna.


This is the second Hyundai entourage and I love i

This Hyundai entourage far exceeded my expectations. This is the second 2007 That I have owned and it is a great car. My first one has 267,000 miles on it. It is still running. That is why I got the second one.


This is the best van ever

I have owned 2 Chrysler vans prior to purchasing this van in 2007. My Entourage is 110% better than they were. I love everything about it. It is comfortable and has been very reliable. The only issue I have had is the bulb in the headlights needs to be replaced too often! I have had this van for 11 years and hope to get at least 5 more before purchasing another Hyundai.


Good price

Great car for families for All day purpose. Is comfortabel, drives Great and a lot of space. The 2007 model is Nice and has a lot to offer.


**Best I've ever had!!!! **

I bought it in 2009, with 30,000 miles & I still own it today in 2017. Just now considering upgrading because it is getting old. This van, & im not a mini van Kind of gal, has been unbelievably reliable- especially considering I'm always late at maintenance & up keep. I'm scared to let it go, but for only 3-people daily 7 passenger seating is also to much now. I love everything about it! ( except the whole "van" thing haha)


2007 Hyundai GLS

bought this from a rental company in 2008, $13k with 13k miles. I bought the base GLS model as I don't want to deal with power door problems which I anticipate will fail in time. This van has been a family hauler for 9 years since I've owned it, doing multiple out of state trips. Really value for the money. Maybe I got lucky that I only have to replace wear and tear parts such as batteries, tires, brakes, oil, etc. Hoping to get a Kia Sedona to replace this thing if it fails in the next few years.


Don`t let this van fool you!

I have owned my Entourage GLS for 10 years. I bought this van used from a rental car lot in 2007 with 29,000 miles on the van. Today I have officially 175,000 miles on my minivan. Sure it was reliable in the years I owned this van but to be honest I really didn`t enjoy the van. I really didn`t want to buy the Entourage I was planning on buying an Odyssey or a Quest but due to the van having no resale value It was a dirty cheap price of 10,000$ I never had problems with my van besides the occasional recall or service bulletin until my van hit 150,000 miles. After the van hit this mark the seats, arm rests started to have tears and wear. My second row power windows have broke twice, I have had to replace the CD player and the DVD player. I have had major mechanical issues resulting hefty payments. My fuel gauge sensor and tire pressure monitor senor has been replaced. Spark plugs had to be replaced a total of 3 times and the plastic " chrome" on the grille and on the side door panel have peeled off or fallen off. If you would like to pay all of the expenses above then buy the Entourage....


The car is fine but I would not reccomend

My Entourage has just hit the 170,000 mile mark and As soon as my van hit that mile market I feel as almost I am paying more for repairs every time I take it into a dealership. I will be honest though I bought my van in 2010 off of a rental lot and it is still running great. Reliability is a low point. The chrome side molding keeps on poping off and the paint is chipping. This year alone I have had to replace the battery three times as well jumping my cars pretty frequently as soon as I hit the 140,000 mark. My CD player doesn't work... every time I hit the the brake the radio shuts of and then turns back on when I lift my foot off the brake. The van has pick up but lots and lots of road and wind noise. My Door locks on the sliding doors dont work as well, and the drivers side sliding door doesn't seal correctly. Also during the course of the week my check engine and transmission light keeps on turning on and off.......unless you want to pay repairs often then I dont recommend