2007 Hyundai Entourage consumer reviews

$23,895 starting MSRP
side view of 2007 Entourage Hyundai
73% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.0
  • Reliability 3.9
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After an initial hiccup... this Van has been great

Unfortunately, just after purchasing this Van used it would not start.... however, the problem was easily remedied (bad relay) and it has been an exceptional vehicle ever since. In addition, at just $16k, we feel that we were able to get everything we wanted for a lot less money than if we had bought a Honda or Toyota. I would certainly recommend this vehicle to a family member or friend!


The worst minivan Available Don't waste your money

I bought this car new off the lot with only 3 test moles on it. Ever since I have owned this car it has been a hunk of junk eating away at my budget! It costed me 28,000.00 and it is not worth 2 cent. It is scheduled for a brake down once a month. It has stalled on me 2 times, not recognizing the key, the gear shifter sticks in Park, the back hatch will not latch.. oh by the way.. it is sitting in my driveway right now with the hatch not working, the dealership cannot get me in for two more weeks. It knocks, the tire gage is messed up, the weather stipping was relpaced, the sunglass holder has been replaced. I have no idea what is wrong with my vehicle, but I wish I had NEVER wasted my money! I would rate this vehile a '0' but it was not an option!!!


Doesn't drive like a van!

I've only had my Entourage for a short time, but I love it. The interior is the GLS version (that's why I gave it a 3) so it is a little spare. The options that are provided in the GLS are very convenient and we use them. Very well thought out and user friendly. The ride is wonderful and I don't feel like I am driving a van (unlike the other vans we test drove). The pick-up and smooth transition aren't as seamless as the Town and Country, but still very good and better than many other vehicles we test drove. I swore I would NEVER drive a van... well, I think I can still say that. This vehicle drives like a car and the design is terrific. I really enjoy driving this vehicle. My son loves the large side window (and that it roles down) and he loves he can get in and out on his own and walk around to help me get things from of the back seat. As he grows I am sure this van will be able to keep up with whatever we need. I LOVE my Entourage.


Well thought out car driver and passenger friendly

We have owned this car for 7 months and recently took a 1300 mile road trip with two small children and my in-laws. We found the car to be amazingly friendly on all levels. The kids were comfortable and had plently of room in the third row. The middle seats were comfortable and spacious and the driver section was equally the same. After 7 days in the car together we had very little to complain about. If that does not say a lot about a car I don't know what does.


My first Hyundai .. and I love it!

With a 3rd child on the way, my wife and I were faced with the prospect that our Honda Accord and Toyota Camry were simply not up to the task of hauling the family and goods around town. In a surprise opinion difference, my wife really wanted an SUV while I favored the mini-van. I did the research on countless websites and got many opinions regarding the Hyundai Entrourage. From the gas mileage to the safety, just about everything you read in the reviews is RIGHT. Yes, it does get bad gas mileage .. but, guess what ... it's a minivan!!! For heaven's sake .. it's not a sedan! Still 16 MPG city and 22 MPG hwy can be improved upon -- even for a mini van. I love the interior features and the exterior is well done for a minivan! I would definitely recommend this minivan for someone who wanted some great value and features for the $$$


Great Mini Van

Had it about 1 month and LOVE it! Blows all the competitors out of the water based on price, features, and overall quality. Drive it like a mini van and you will exceed the MPG ratings.


Don't be afraid of a Hyundia

OK, so I was looking to buy my second mini-van when the search began. I did the usual Honda, Toyota, and Dodge look around when I saw the Hyundia dealer. With some poking from my wife we whent in and looked. To my suprise, I loved what I saw. The test drive sealed it. After test driving ALL the makes of Mini-vans I was sold on the Hyundai. For the extra money for the Toyota and Honda I didn't see the huge difference. There is a small difference in quality in the interior, but not enough. I have had the van for 2 months now. The only complaint I have is the very low gas milage. To be quite frank, it stinks. Around town I get around 15.7-16.3. On the highway it shoots right up to 23 Mpg, but most of my driving is around town. Ask my kids and they love it. My other van is a Dodge Grand Caravan, and they want the Hyundia every time. Probably for the rear AC/Heat. Overall I would jump at another one, but time will tell on the reliability.


"The best by far mini van I have ever owned"

The best vehicle I have ever owned. I like everything about it and this is my 3rd. mini van. Some don't care for the manual shift mode. I for one use it every time I want a quick getaway and especially when downgearing down an incline. This is a great brake saver. I think a lot of reviewers /owners don't understand how useful this extra can be. Try it, you'll like it. I wish the gas mileage were a bit better in city driving. On the road, I average 22.0 miles to the gallon. City is between 15 & 16mpg. A peppy engine and a really comfortable ride even on long distances for a 6'4" guy.


The best car out of a total of 23 I have owned.

Great value, good looks. I especially like the way the transmission shifts. Ample power and comfortable seating. Rides like a dream. The warranty is really generous. Hyundai has come a long way!


2007 Entourage Deal Gone Bad

I bought the car & havent seen it since..Its been at the dealership..Shimmy at 70+, front bumper needed a touch up & a loud noise upon start up.... They balanced tires & aligned all 4 tires Painted the bumper the wrong color & of course could not duplicate noise..I picked up car on Friday & was back to dealership on Saturday..I dropped vehicle back off Monday and havent seen it since.. I discussed with the dealership to buy it back and make me happy... I am 8 months pregnant with #2 and bought a minivan for convenience,,, RESOLUTION The dealership took a bumper off another Entourage in the lot... Got 4 new tires put on vehicle Replaced compressor... Just got word today Saturday that car still shimmies ...They think it s a bad Axle....they wanted to take an axle off a Factory Representatives Entourage & put it on my new Van.. Incredibly Unreliable....Would never buy a Hyundai again...Looking forward to Hyundai Corporate next week....New Car with Old parts and 300 miles on odometer,.You would think Good Faith they would Replace Vehicle or take it back...