2007 Hyundai Entourage consumer reviews

$23,895 starting MSRP
side view of 2007 Entourage Hyundai
72% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.0
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.0
  • Reliability 3.9
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Love / Hate relationship!!!

Bought used in 2012 with 101,000! It now has 181,000 on it. We love the space inside and the seating is comfortable (I saw someone said something about the seats being short but we are all short so it doesn't bother us) Over the last 80,000 miles we have had numerous repairs one of which was the sub frame bushing (hold the frame to the body of the car) that had fallen apart. Other than that it has been normal things that happen when cars get older with high miles. My biggest complaint though has been the headlights! We have had to replace them about every 6 months since we have owned the van. Other than that we love the van and wish they would make it still.


AWSOME Van, but with some flaws!!!!

Yesterday we drove our Eountorage to Louisville yetserday, and the car preformed well! But when your in the car for a long period of time the seats hurt my bum, plus my kids said that the third row seat was cramped to hold three kids at a time. But the the captians seats were roomy and comfortable for everyone. Though there is a problem with rear entertainment, we have had to replace the dvd player 3 times for the because it wouldnt work. We have also had trouble with our trunk latch getting stuck which wasnt a high for us, because try a week with out getting in your trunk. so far we have 135,000 miles and it has been working well!........... Also has anyone else with an Eontorage having trouble with the CD player? answer back if you have.........


Each month a new repair

This is by far the most problematic vehicle I have EVER owned! Everytime I turn around I am replacing something. There is less than 70k miles on it and have replaced everything from both sliding door controller assemblies (5 times on right side, twice on left) due to failures, door latch assemblies both sliding doors, sun roof drain hose, sun roof motor adjustment to close properly, brake lamp switch - no lights, both front axle assemblies, both valve cover gaskets once and right side twice (leaked like a siv all over the alternater), sway bar bushings, sub frame bushings, air intake hose assembly, a/c compressor coil, key fob inoperable - replaced. These are just the start and the Hyundai dealer did almost all the repairs...while complaining that this is really a Kia Sedona and NOT a Hyundai. If you like spending time in the shop or constantly fixing a vehicle or going to the parts store, then this is the one for you!


Fits my family

I have had this vehicle for about a month now and we really love it. The ONLY thing I would make different is possibly making it to where you can't open the left sliding door while the gas lid is open. Not good. Don't do that, but other than that I have no complaints!


Woun't but a Hyundai ever again!

The '07 Hyundai Entourage that I currently own is the second Hyndai that I have owned...the first was a'05 Santa Fe. I have had problems with both vehicles having to pay for repairs even though both were still under warranty. Neither the dealer nor the Hyundai home office stand behind their vehicles. Their warranties are a worthless joke! I will never buy another Hyundai product ever again!


My wife and kids ...

We bought this van new when my son was born and now he's 4 years old. It's been a decent van. I like the exterior looks and the interior is nice. It's not "high end" like a fancy Toyota or Honda, but it gets the job done nicely. Here's my list of warrantied repairs so far with 50k miles 1. Power sliding doors (both) needed to have new motors @ 37k 2. 2 Factory recalls on assorted stuff 3. Front rotors warped @ 40k and I replaced them and pads too. And that's about it! Do I wish the sliding doors hadn't failed? Sure .. but they were fixed under a nice warranty. So for now .. I don't care. Ask me when my warranty is up and they fail again. I don't think they will, but you never know. I've done the oil every 5k and the transmission and power steering @ 30K. That's just me. I love the van .. I love the value for the price paid. It's been a great van for us.


Some things went bad on this Minivan

After only 75,000 miles on the vehicle in 6 years I had to replace the CV Boot (but was still under warranty) and I had to buy a new power steering pump (not covered by my power train warranty, not sure why). The other thing that is disappointing is my overall MPG is only around 17 miles per gallon. I have always changed the oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles and always made sure that all filters were in complete operating condition but none of this improved my overall MPG.


The most I've ever wanted in a VAN

The Hyundai Entourage is just simply one of the best; I love the looks of it!" It does ride pretty smooth, and the space is really grand with the stowaway seats. It's almost like having a pick up, except for the protection against any bad weather. The stability it has on the road is one of the great features of this vehicle. Also does well on roads in the winter. My Husband will not let me trade this one! I was considering an Elantra or a Tucson. Said No Way Brenda! He wants to do more vacationing in it, so guess our VAN is a keeper.


A great value in luxury touring

2007 Entourage Limited. We've had this van since new in 2007, and have driven it 45,000 miles with few problems. A very good value with luxury features that seem identical to those in our Mercedes 320 sedan. Good-qaulity interior with very comfortable seats. Excellent sound system and DVD player with wireless headests for parental sanity. Good performance from 260+ HP V6 engine with sophisticated auto trans. Good handling and braking. Very smooth and quiet at highway speeds, and the shocks show little signs of wear after 45,000 miles. Tires and brakes are also still original and looking good. A 10-year warranty means no service worries, and we've only had ours in twice (noisy suspension bushings both times). The dealer did the repairs quickly and provided courtesy rides. Mileage isn't great (22 mpg at 70 mph, about 17 in town), but this is still the cheapest way to carry 7 people and a ton of luggage. I'd recommend one of these, or the nearly identical Kia Sedona, to anyone looking for a lot of interior volume in a vehicle that feels like a Mercedes.



We owned our entourage for 2 years. We bought it used with about 30-40K miles. We had to have the brakes re-done, which I thought was odd for a vehicle with less than 50K miles on it. Anyways That was it for repairs. Plenty of power and plenty of room. Two weeks ago it was in a horrible accident. My 17 year old sister was driving my kids (6yrs and 8 yrs old) to the park and was T-boned at an intersection. It was hid so hard that it spun and ended up over the curb. Both vehicles involved were declared a total loss. My son who is 6 yrs old was in the captains chair on the drivers side, 6 inches from impact. All of the side curtain airbags deployed. The side airbags at the drivers seat were deployed and aside from being completely scared out of his mind, he walked away with a headache from the airbag. My sister (driver) walked away with a headache. My daughter got out and walked away shaken up. The other driver was taken away in an ambulance. If this car didn't save the lives of 3 very important people to my wife and I, it definitely saved them from a lot of potential pain. I am extremely impressed and shocked with the safety of this vehicle.