2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid consumer reviews

$25,650 starting MSRP
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91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.6
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I LOVE my Hybrid!! :D

I drive for a living and have put over 100,000 miles on this car in just a year and a half! I LOVE IT!!! It's a comfortable ride... I'm not sore or cramping after a 500-mile trip like I was with the Elantra (both regular and Touring hatchback). It has great power when I need it (takes a second to engage tho). As for the gas mileage, I'm OBSESSED with checking every fill-up! I do the actual calculation by dividing the number of miles I've gone on that tank by the gallons taken to fill it back up... you can't go by the computer because it LIES!! I got that MPG refund with the Elantra because they advertised it as being a 40mpg car and it wasn't! 35 hwy was the best I got... usually only 32. But this Sonata Hybrid actually comes closer to the advertised estimates. In the winter (I'm in Missouri), I get about 5mpg less than the summer, but I average 38-42mpg in the summer, depending on where I get my gas and how fast I drive it. If I stick around the 70mph on hwy, I can get better gas mileage than going 75. If I drive backroads at 55-65mph, I get over 40mpg! That's even with not using cruise control! The only thing I don't like about it is the cruise control. In Missouri, it can get pretty hilly, and the cruise will downshift to get up a hill and it sounds like it's going to blow the engine if it's a steep hill. I usually try to watch for the steep ones and accelerate manually before I reach it or turn off the cruise if the mph starts to drop too low. But then the eco gauge goes up almost to the red area if I manually go up the hill... I don't get it! It downshifts and the eco gauge stays steady, but the engine sounds like it's overworking. I thought the eco gauge was kind of RPM gauge, so you would think that it would go to the top when it downshifts like that. Then the MPG gauge goes down farther if I keep it on cruise than if I do it myself... perplexing! I would like to know more about the interactive eco guide, with the points system with flowers or planets... what is considered normal in how fast you obtain the 1000 points (and the flowers all bloom)? I've done it twice now and am at almost 600 again and have 102,000 miles on it -- is that good? There's nothing in the book except how it works... no info on goals for miles or time. I've googled it and can't find anything. Any ideas? One of the things I love to do with this car is get someone in it that doesn't know it's a Hybrid, then "start" it and take off... they freak out cuz there's no noise and they don't even know the car is on! :D It's like driving a golf cart! Also, I love the keyless entry and start! I just carry my fob in my pocket -- no digging or searching for it, and I can leave the car running if a kid is watching a movie and go into a convenient store knowing no one can take off with it cuz I have the key! (Wish the 12V would stay "hot" when I turn off the car... that would be a lot easier!)


First Hybrid I've Leased

I leased my 2013 Sonata Hybrid in October 2013. I only have about 11,500 miles on it now. I've been on two trips that were 1000 miles (interstate) each. The car looks great and rides great. I leased the car also to get good mileage, but, I am only getting about 25-26 around town. I got 36 mpg on the interstate trips. The dealer said that this is normal? Others seem to be getting better mileage......what can I do?


Don't buy... Not worth it.

Everybody thinks it's good warrenty but it's Really expensive every service. The warrenty and Milage on Sonata Hybrid 100% failure. City no Milage 25MGL.


Best style and value for the money

I have owned or driven cars of most major makes over the last 40 years but I keep coming back to these guys for value, reliability and style. I bought the 2013 model in April of 2014 and got an incredible deal. My car came with every possible option and the final price was less than a similarly equipped conventional 2014. After almost a year of driving, the only complaint I have is that it takes a second more than I'm comfortable with for the car to find the gear when shifting from reverse to forward on occassion. This is something that is addressed in the details of the hybrid function and I doubt it would be different for other hybrid makes/models out there. While the mileage is not as quoted on the sticker, I am more than happy with the difference between this and my last vehicle, a 2006 Ford Focus wagon. I average 6.8 to 7.5 litres/100km (Metric figures) vs. 8 - 10 litres/100km for my Focus. And the Sonata is a much heavier car. For those complaining about the city fuel economy, bear in mind that this car is designed to improve highway fuel economy in particular. It is unique in that respect. Most Hybrids are designed for local stop-and-go driving. This car is designed for the highway and, with a 150 kilometre round-trip commute several times a week, that was a big selling feature. In summer, on the highway I see economy in the range of around 5.6 - 6 l/100km regularly. One thing I really get a kick out of is the amount of torque this car has. When I want to pass, accelerate on an on-ramp or, frankly, show off a bit, this car surprises people. And the best news of all, for someone who always likes next year's model better, is that they have left the Sonata Hybrid styling as is for 2014 and 2015 while, at the same time, toning down the style of the traditional Sonata. Makes me very happy.


We love our car

We were in the position that we had to buy a new car. The mechanic told us that it wasn't worth spending any more money on our 2000 Saturn. I was determined that we would buy a Prius, but I went to drive it and I hated it. It wasn't comfortable, I didn't like how it looked, or like my view out the rear view window. I was really upset about what we would do. Our family has great Toyota loyalty, so this was a shock. I also tried the Corolla, and Camry and didn't like them. Up until now my all time favorite car had been a Nissan Altima, but it just wasn't quite right either. My husband said he thought it was flimsy feeling. I read a lot of reviews, and my sister told me to go try the Hyundai Sonata. I wasn't sure what to expect. But I went to try it out. It was in Feb, 2014, so I looked at the 2013 models. They didn't have any colors I liked in the non-hybrid, so they guy showed me a hybrid in the blue. I had never even thought about a Hybrid besides the Prius! I had quite a roller-coaster ride finding the car we wanted and ended up with an absolutely wonderful deal and a car we love! I had noticed the styling of this car a long time before I even knew what kind of car it was. Every time I get in I am amazed at how solid it feels compared to other cars I tried, and how spacious it is inside, yet how easy it is to park. The dashboard area also looks like a luxury car to me. It has styling and is easy to see what you need to see. I'm not always happy with the Blue Link navigation. They can be very slow to answer and the voice recognition can drive you crazy. We get close to the 40 mpg most of the time. We my husband drives 20 miles to work each day, and we both try hard to get the best mileage we can. You can train yourself to drive just a little differently to get better mileage by watching the gauges on the dashboard. We get almost 600 miles to the tank. I did have a problem with brake master cylinder, but they were very willing to fix it, and that has been the only problem. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat if I needed a new car.


2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

I bought this loaded Hybrid with full sun roof, leather seats, premium color, and Nav system, etc. for about $31K with the sole purpose of reducing my freq. long distance travel gas bills and based on their bragging ad on gas consumption of avg. 40 MPG (local + HWY). But, in reality, the average MPG is much lower than what they advertised. In the city it is really bad and I get sometimes around 28 to 30 for local driving and it does better on Hwy around 38 to 39 MPG. Bottom line is that I get overall average of prob. around 35 MPG and not happy with it. Other issues such as jerking motion while shifting from regular to hybrid mode, low clearance between the road and underbody causing lot of hits with speed breakers and some times running animals! I wish I bought a Prius, but they did not have one due to tsunami in Japan when I was shopping for a new Hybrid.



Recently,I bought a new 2013 hybrid Sonata Limited with 35 miles. I think the car looks great, it's loaded with great options and should have a dependable 2.4 L motor. It doesn't have a sun roof or heated side rearview mirrors. For $24,350, I feel as if I got a fair deal. Although car reviews mention several good options/features, unfortunately, they don't give it much more than average review and ratings. For example: while the car's stopped, it's power conversion from electric to gas is delayed much more than other hybrids. The car also has an odd brake feeling giving you too much stopping at light pressure and not enough as you depress harder resulting in a long braking distance before stopping (65 MPH). The car has a noisey cabin and it doesn't steer well therefore, having poor control under pressure consditions. And, the 40 MPG is a mith. The best the car will get is 33-35 MPG. For the money, I think it's a fair deal.Time will tell.


Excellent car for the money!

Beautiful car! The looks of this automobile is what attracted me to it initially. Once we began to look at all the options available in the Limited, the sale was easy! The overall city mileage is not as high as suggested (33 mpg) but whose is!! I would highly give this car a good look if interested in a hybrid. It has as many options as any car I have ever owned!


Best for highway, not in city

I bought my sonata hybrid in dec 2013 and I have about 2000 miles on it.The car looks great, awesome features for the price I paid, runs really smooth and quiet. It gives great mileage and quiet riding when riding on highways( @40 mpg as promised) but once you hit the city roads, the mileage you get is around 26mpg, which is 10 miles less than the EPA estimate on the sticker (36 mpg). I use my car mainly for city driving and I thought hybrids can never go wrong with the city mileage but I greatly disappointed me as I use my car mostly for short commutes within the city. The car is great except for this which I need the most. Bummer. I asked the hyundai customer care if they have heard any complaints about city mpg but they deny of having any complaints. May be if more of them complain, they are going to do something about it. So bottom line, if you are a long distance highway commuter, this car is a steal for the money you pay. But if you are looking a car for shorter commutes/in city, my advice: don't fall for the pretty looks, like I did.


Amazing Car

The car gets great gas mileage. commute 82+ miles a day and decided I needed I hybrid. I test drove the Sonata and loved it. It was comfortable, handled nicely, and was really safe. Got a great deal and have never looked back. Great technology, and the salesman new his stuff. LOVE IT!!!