2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid consumer reviews

$25,650 starting MSRP
side view of 2013 Sonata Hybrid Hyundai
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.6
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Smart Buy

I was blown away by the performance of a hybrid. Never gave it a second tnought about owning a hybrid but I was made into a believer. The drive, mileage, comfortable have been amazing. Thank you Johnny and Veronica at Ron Carter Clear Lake. I credit you with my purchase.


Great Value

I was wanting to get a new car that was full sized but gets great gas mileage. Looked at Ford fusion hybrid and sonata hybrid. Drove them both. Bought the 2013 Sonata Hybrid. Pluses: Great value, got it for around $24,000 with rebates and 0.0% financing. Has better standard features than fusion. neither one is made in USA so I didn't even feel guilty. Sonata has a unlimited miles/years warranty on batteries (to original owner only) and that was the deal maker. I'm amazed at this cars acceleration and gas mileage. going 75+mph I'm getting 35-36mpg, going 65mph 39-41mpg on hwy. In city I'm getting 36-40. very pleased. have about 2,000 miles on it now. Also impressed with how quiet this car is. Hyundai has figured out how to get rid of road noise.


great car

I like that the car is a hybrid and looks nothing like a hybrid. I like the feature of being able to turn of electric part and do full gas for stronger pick up when needed


I Want to Like It

After 4 months of daily driving with the 2013 Sonata Hybrid, I have a love hate relationship with this car. The love part is the exterior styling, LED lights, smooth quiet ride, comfy leather seats and high end instrument controls. The car is nice to drive but... BlueDrive mode is a joke, u will get passed by every Prius on the road. The initial transition between EV mode and gas is very abrupt and definitely not right. It takes 2-3 seconds at acceleration for the car to actually move. Unlike the Power Mode in a Prius that feels instant and powerful like a golf cart. The Sonatas dual personality is also a turn off. Sometimes it will operate in EV mode, but on a flat road with very light acceleration, sometimes it stays in gas mode for no reason. It's totally unpredictable in my experience and makes for driving a frustrating and annoying vehicle. The Navigation is awful, the voice recognition even worse, don't waste your money on it like I did. The upgraded infinity stereo sounds good but only in the front. The rear sounds like the factory forgot to connect the amp or something. But it sounds very good with an iPod not so much with XM. Mine has a defect in the passenger door that causes vibration and of course requires an all day trip to the hyundai dealer. The gas mileage has been ok, not great. About 37mpg overall so the Elantra is a way better deal in my view. The BlueLink system to remote start the car etc is kinda cool but takes forever to deliver the command so it's really useless. Why didn't hyundai just put a remote start button on the key fob and an all windows down function instead? One last unforgivable issue, the back seat does NOT fold down at all. The dealership lied and told me it would. What car doesn't have at least a 60/40 rear folding seat in 2013?? And an addition $1,000 for a sunroof is also a stupid move on Hyundai's part. They are not a leader in hybrid vehicles by any means, and this car is way over priced for what it delivers. I would not re buy the Sonata Hybrid.


Great value

Have had my 2013 now for a little over a year. Gives great gas mileage - about 35 city, 40 highway. Haven't had any real problems so far. It has good acceleration and start to stop is smooth. Even in the recent snow we've had up in the Northeast, it handled well even on unplowed roads at slow speeds. The only complaint I have is with repairs and replacement parts. About 4 months in having the car, I was side swiped by a another car. Repairs went fine except that I had to wait 2 months for some parts to be shipped from Korea. If those parts had been stocked in the USA, my repairs would have been done in about 2 weeks according to the shop. Instead it took a full 3 months for me to get my car back. Thankfully, Hyundai was very accommodating and gave a loaner car once the duration of my insurance for this had run out. So, overall, didn't like the wait - but the service was very good.


Excellent value

Without a doubt this car gives you the most bang for your buck. I mean it has heated rear seats besides front, is a hybrid getting 45 mpg, lifetime warranty on battery, leather seats, GPS, etc. for great price. Much more car for your money than any other car in its class.


City driveing thumbs down

I bought a 2013 sonata hybrid have had it for 4 months beautiful car comfy but i only do city now not even getting 600km/tank @ $83 to fill, the reason i bought this car was to save money on gas i do 9km/day and it is costing way to much for a 4 cylinder and hybrid ontop of it, took it to the dealer they said everything is ok with the car. When i was doing highway my first tank i got 819 km i was so happy then the milage got lower and lower. If you will be doing highway i recomend this car if only city and short distance stay away.


Great car

only have about 300 miles on my new sonata hybrid - LOVE THIS THING - very stylish - lots of features and lots of pep - plus its by far one of the quiet cars I've ever owned. Very comfortable seats too which is important because we will be driving frm TN to CA a couple times a year to see family - we have had an elantra before and just got off a lease with a 2012 accent which we liked but not really comfy enough for the long trips - the sonata hybrid fits the bill - so far getting around 35 mpg - which is a few mpg more than the accent for the same type of driving. great value - great mpg - .lots of interior room - comfortable seats and looks beautiful going down the road. have a couple of friends looking at them now for their next car!


Great car

We rented about four different Hybrid before lease/ purchase. We checked performance, handling, confort, MPG and warranty on these vehicles. After comparing all the vehicles for price, confort, handling, warranty and MPG (avaraged 39MPG), Wife liked the Hyundai Hybrid the most among others. We also liked the warranty on drive train and hybrid battery package. (10/100 drive train and battery pack warranty extends to life time, as long as you keep the car) We think Hyundai Sonata Hybrid has great value overall, compared to other vehicles we rented. Happy wife & Happy guy


A non Hybrid driving car

I drove a Sonata Hybrid in 2012, was not impressed by the jerky transition gas to electric. I had heard the 13 was being delayed to address this. My Camry Hybrid lease was ending, and I like my Toyota, just is not as fun to drive as a Hybrid. So, my friend bought a 13 Hybrid Sonata. Never thought he would purchase a Hyundai, but he likes it and drove his. So, now own one and really enjoy the electric drive only for a short while and it gets good mileage on flat highway driving (43-45MPG) at various highway speeds. Cant wait to see how Hyundai improves further with Hybrids.