2020 Jeep Gladiator consumer reviews

$33,545 starting MSRP
side view of 2020 Gladiator Jeep
87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value 4.3
  • Exterior 4.8
  • Reliability 4.6
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Best vehicle I’ve ever owned. And I’ve owned many

Went to the dealership in August of 2020 to get a 2 door Willy. They did not have any and due to COVID did not know when they were getting any in. I had just purchased a grand Cherokee from same dealership about a year prior but needed a jeep wrangler as I previously owned one. They had a 2020 Jeep Gladiator sport on the showroom floor with a ton of extras (2 inch lift kit, all Fox shocks, coated bed liner, custom bed cover (hard shell), 34” all terrain tires, Matt black 18” wheels, led light bar mounted right in front of the front windshield, 2 led lights at front on either side, custom soundproofing on the inside hard shell top and I think the beefed up tow package but not sure. Within the first 2000 miles loaded a 35’ tv weighing 5800 pounds and headed out to Utah from Chicago driving through Colorado. The thing was phenomenal towing this heavy rv up and down the mountain pass on I 70. At a gas station some guy with a fifth wheel and a Ford F350 asked me what I was doing towing such a big rv with such a small truck. Kinda laughed. Saw him on the road later going up a mountain pass and blew right past him in my small truck. This truck has been nothing short of amazing. The dealership I purchased from is the best I’ve ever dealt with (Fields Chrysler/Jeep in Glenview, Il). They always have a loaner if needed. They are awesome. I bought in August of 2020 and today I have just shy of 70k miles on it and still running strong. I do not know why everyone says these things top off at 97 mph. I have gotten mine up to 110mph with a bit of room to spare. Gets to over a 100mph rather quickly. Maybe I just lucked out on a good one. I’ve read a lot of people complaining about a little water run off from the front door design. They are not wrong but you bought a freakin jeep, you’re not going to melt. Grow a set. Best vehicle I have ever owned. Best part with all the extras that came with it I got it for 49k with 15 miles on it. That same gladiator was there when I bought my grand Cherokee. I guess they were sick of it sitting on their showroom floor because back then it was listed for a tad over 60k.


great jeep

own 2022 gladiator mojave for a year.its been perfect everyone loves it.its sarge green added added a rollbar ana a row of lights it really set it off.drove about 13000 miles in a year


Jeep Gladiator great except for its 'Death Wobble'

I have been a loyal Jeep Brand customer since 1993 having owned 5 Jeep Wranglers. When the 2020 Gladiator came out I was near the front of the line to get one. Regrettably, with less than 20,000 miles on the truck it began to violently shake when driving at 60 mph after crossing expansion joints on bridges. I brought it in for service and they replaced the steering stabilizer, which I have learned is at best a temporary fix. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association) have recorded numerous complaints about the known condition referred to as the 'Death Wobble'


2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport

My Gladiator is lifted and has a convertible top. I can use it for formal purposes and dirty job purposes. It’s a beach car too. I even tow it behind my RV. I Love this vehicle and never thought I would. I took my wife’s Wrangler in for service and got mine as a loaner. It was God’s plan.


best truck ever

Upgraded from a 2 door JK. What a difference. Way nicer and much more comfortable as a daily driver. This truck is a beast. Never worry about going off road. Did add a Winch just to be safe.


Awesome gladiator

First off those of you thinking this is going to be like driving a car you're in for a big mistake. I love it, I got the Rubicon model so I know I can wheel in confidence, everything is very nice and works well.


Stay Fat Away

Stay away from purchasing a gladiator. These vehicles will offer you one problem after another with no help from the dealer or the manufacture. When they can’t fix a problem and you ask questions, they just stare at you. Too many problems to mention. I traded mine in at a loss just to get rid of it. I will never purchase another Chrysler, Fiat product again.


Fantastic for the truck off road guy

I have had a couple other jeeps 2dr wranglers. I am a truck guy. I found this bad little machine it is the best of both worlds for me. It can tow and go out and get it done on the trails. So far I have no bad to say about this rig. Over all the coolest vehicle I have ever owned.


Not impressed

I was so excited to experience this new Jeep, first off anybody will have a struggle trying to buckle up in the backseat that was the worst design ever created and when you try and Order seat belt extensions from the cheap online store they send you the wrong ones, the window shield has broke on me three times in two years the first two times I was simply washing my car with a brush on a pole in my driveway the third time it broke when I was putting a new windshield wiper on the wiper and put it back down on the window and it cracked horrible cheap design it cost me more money to continue to fix something that shouldn't break that easily, the front doors do not extend out like they should very disappointing you don't have much room if you are a big person, and the dashboard gets so hot when the heater is on high that it will literally melt things on your dashboard that's very unsafe. So overall, 2.5 stars, not impressed, maybe if it was 10,000$ its features would be acceptable, but you overall get ripped off foe the price they want for one of these. You'd be better to get a Cherokee 4x4


My favorite vehicle ever!

This truck meets all of my needs. I previously owned an F150 and a Wrangler Sahara: this is the best combination of both. The lift kit is a Mopar lift kit and it rides better than my Wrangler did with no lift kit. I've had zero problems with it and really hate to see it go.