2008 Jeep Patriot consumer reviews

$16,485–$18,235 MSRP range
side view of 2008 Patriot Jeep
75% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 3.8
  • Performance 3.7
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.0
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08 Jeep Patriot

I have wanted a Jeep for a long time, finally got a Patriot in 4/2012. I just love the jeep and will always own one. The only problem i have is with the CVT, When we travel only about 2 hours the manual trans-axle light comes on and the tranny whines and forces to pull over and let the car cool off. This happens even when the temp. outside is in the mid 70's. Its just annoying. I took it to be looked at the the mechanic could not find anything wrong. It gets great gas mileage but I cant even tow anything because of the CVT.


Sporty yet adorable

Not sure why, but I've wanted a Jeep since I was little and glad I finally got it! Drives great, and big but not big. Was expecting it to have more features to it (auto windows/locks/mirrors) since it's not an old car, but overall thrilled with it and already added auto locks, no big deal.



Splendid is an understatement when I decide to describe this car.Despite annoying the humming sound it makes its performance is woooow and value for money cannot be matched. I bought it 3 years ago and all I do is routine servicine even though i travel off-road most of the time.


I will miss this car.

My wife and I bought our 4wd 2008 Jeep Patriot in 2009 and we have enjoyed driving it these past 4 years. Unfortunately we have grown out of it with the addition of our son and recently traded it in on a 2012 Dodge journey. The Patriot is an absolute tank in the snow. I have driven it through as much as 3 feet of snow without getting stuck. The patriot never left us stranded in any circumstance including Hurricane Irene. We always got 25 miles per gallon and features like an actual power outlet made traveling great. At 85,000 we had to put new tie rod ends and ball joints on the Patriot. If you read the reviews you'll see this is pretty standard. The only bad thing I have to say for our patriot is that it burned through rear tires like crazy. We had to replace the rear tires every 6 months. No I didn't rotate the tires but I also didn't want to replace all 4 at once. The other kinda negative thing is that it accelerates like it has an anchor attached to it. 0 to 60 is slow, but once its at speed it runs great.


It's nice

I love my new Jeep Patriot, Great Size! and great price for the space. I love it, but I wish I had bought it in any other color but Gold! I HATE THE COLOR IT BOUGHT!!!


I will never but another Jeep

I am averaging a trip to the shop and about $400.00 every 3 months. Now my 2008 Patriot, which has 67, 000 miles on it, needs a new CVT transmission. NOONE works on them, not even Jeep. They cannot be fixed, even if the problem is a small pin, they will only replace them at the reasonable price of $3,700 for a new one. Good luck finding a used one. We have replaced the tire rods and tie rod ends twice in 2 years, no off roading required! This thing has been nothing but a headache with 2 kids and a lot of miles to drive everyday I need a reliable vehicle. This is not it!


slowly dissapointing

I bought my Patriot direct from the factory in sept. 07. It was nice looking and I really liked the leg room and the lifetime warrenty of the CVT transmission. Overall I was happy with my Jeep. However this past year 2011, i have had to get a new water pump(covered under the warrenty of the tranny??) Ive had to get a new control arm installed and now it is in the shop for the engine jumping around at 20 mph and 40 mph. I really like my jeep but I am contemplating trading it in, not a nother jeep though, they just dont seem to be as durable as their name once was. There is only 80,000 miles on it. I will be getting a second set of tires for it which good year is the only brand that makes this particular size, so the cost is outrageous for a tire. Is anybodyeles having these issue?? I have 2 family members who liked my Jeep and have purchased their own this past year. I feel bad for them that in the future they may run into the same problems as I have.


Where the arm rest?

Great Truck! Great ride! Has Skid plates on trail rated model like mine! The Hard plastic are terrible! no soft armrest. Did i mention the hard plastics... MPG's are great!!! came from PT Cruiser and needed more space so I landed on this Jeep. PT got 22mpg. My 4WD Jeep that holds 2 times the stuff is getting 24mpg! on really long trips 26 to 27mpg! Have 30K on and besides routine Maint. hasn't needed a thing. Good power off idle and gets going quicker then my PT as well. Seats are great just the Hard plastics are not good for elbows.... Goes great in the snow with the 2 speed transfer case too!


Love it!!!

I bought this vehicle new from the dealer and I have loved it. The only problems I have had is my rear shocks leaking, which the dealership fixed under warranty, and also just recently I had to have the alternator replaced, another jeep dealer did this under my lifetime warranty. I love the stain resistant cloth, because in TX you don't have to worry about the seats being too hot, or the seats cracking from the heat like leather or vinyl. Overall I love this Jeep and will keep it till it can no longer be repaired.


Great Value in a Small SUV

I bought my Patriot with 17k miles. It was a former rental and from what I cleaned out of the spare tire well, used off road on the beach. Aside from some paint defects, this vehicle has proven to be an outstanding value. I use it for work, I'm self employed, and it handles all my gear perfectly. We also use it to travel to our ski home and while it is not as comfortable ride as the Town & Country it replaced, it certainly gets better milage. In the summer, it goes off road at the beach, sometimes plowing through 13 to 14 inches of soft sand. We have been stuck once or twice and the unique 4WD system (not trail rated version) is strange to say the least. No wheel spins when the vehicle gets "beached" on a sand build up under it. But a quick clearing with a shovel and away she goes. It has to be the smallest vehicle out on the beach. Yet it does just fine. I never would have believed it until we tried it. Only drawback has been the Federally mandated tire valves. Overpriced, fragile (broke off in the snow) and a knee jerk reaction to another vehicle's poor design. Replaced them all with standard valves after the third one broke. $70 for a tire valve is absurd.