2008 Jeep Patriot consumer reviews

$16,485–$18,235 MSRP range
side view of 2008 Patriot Jeep
75% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 3.8
  • Performance 3.7
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.0
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LOVE my jeep patriot

I bought a jeep patriot for business and cross country driving and this mini suv can go! Super reliable comfortable and has tons of space for things like merchandise and business equipment. I love my patriot so much I bought a second one in 2015. LOVE that one too btw..


Great deal

Pretty clean car, a steal considering how good it ran and the price. Body and interior in also in really good shape. If it's still available once my taxes clear it's mine!


Its a great car, but it isn't me

I bought this car because i got into an accident and my previous car was totaled. This is a great car for anyone, i just am not a fan of it personally but i would highly encourage this car to anyone.


2nd car as a 18 year old girl

i love this !!!! BUT as always stuff isnt always as good as it seems i owned a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee that i loved but it was time to let her go .. so i found a red 08 patriot in fuquay nc for 4200 ..here are some of my pros the heat amazing !!! it comes out fast and very warm as soon as i turn it on people complain and ask me to turn it off , great on gas a full tank usually lasts me about 4 days drivng from home in willow springs to school in Raleigh work in cary and capital blvd to parents house . another pro nice size enough room for 4 pit bulls to fit comfortably riding around i also love how all windows roll all the way down although many dont in the back , i also like my lights radio and how my back seats go down in the back .. i love this car although i wish it had some of the features from my 99 jeep like my mileage on the roof till empty heated leather seats and v8 engine . some of the bad things ive experienced would be that we had a snow more like ice storm and she wasnt fit enough to drive in the snow it would slide around not drive and then finally my check engine light came on 29 days after i got it so now im driving one of my parents cars till i get 2000 to get my transmission to get rebuilt also wish seats were electric but otherwise these little problems i love the car ive only had the car for about 1 month so we will see how this car treats me after all you get what you pay for


jeep patriot 2008

i had this car since2014 it was 105.000 miles. I have now 121.000 miles the car is getting hard to shift3 and 4. The car start making some constant niose when you speeding or when you shift 4 and 5 I took the car too cottman they say the transmission was going bad. he recommande me rebuild it. i said ok. this almost 3 months he cannot find parts to replace. He decide to look the use one he cannot find in USA only in canada. he charge me 3.000 for rebuild he could not he want the use one with charging me the same amount. I took back my car. i don't know what to do it. I decide to pursue any more American car. I have my BMW 2004 I never have no problem. Never nerver again


wow!! great deals.

purchased my 2008 jeep patriot 4x4 the car was perfect for my family. the test drive went great, i didnt feel pressured and they were extremely friendly and willing to work for us i will definitely be coming back for future buisness!


Waste of money, and waste of time.

I bought a 2008 jeep patriot from a family member because I thought I was getting a sweet deal. I used to drive a 1996 toyota runner. I had the 4runner for 8 years. I have already spent more on repairs to my 2008 patriot in less than a year than I did over the 8 years owning the 4runner. Every Month something new breaks. It is a cheaply made vehicle and I do not recommend it to anyone. That's the honest true. It's a true pile.


Cant believe my luck with cars!

A few years ago I had an Alero and someone rear ended me and totalled it. I then got a Nissan Xterra and the air conditioning went out within a few months. I traded it in for this 2008 jeep patriot. I have had it 3 years with no issues.....till now. A couple weeks ago it started making a loud noise when I was on the interstate but only if I got above 65mph. Then it also makes a loud popping sound when turning or going over big bumps. Took it to a Transmission place yesterday and they said the transmission needs to be replaced! I still have 2 years left to pay on it and it doesn't even have 100,000 miles on it!!!! How is this even possible?? And from what I have been reading its a common problem-yet the manufacturer refuses to correct it! First and LAST time I buy a jeep!!!!


worst car ever

The worst car. This car was bought brand new sand after 3 yrs it has been non repairs. Car stalls out on highway in the past yr it has been in the shop six or seven time for major repairs and dollars. And jeep will not help u out one bit. Disgraceful


Plan on driving it forever!

I bought my 2008 Jeep Patriot Sport 4x4 brand new off the lot in April 2008. I was the first to test drive it and the last. I love the color. It's called Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl and it's black with metallic sparkles in it. My hubby washed it the other day and someone came up and asked me if it was a new Patriot. They were really surprised to hear that it's 6 years old. The car currently has a little over 108,000 miles on it and it's a little beast in the snow. The average gas mileage for my car is about 27mpg or if I drive all highway on a tank, I can get about 29mpg. The car is definitely driven a lot and used, it isn't a car that sits in a garage and only goes to the grocery store 2 miles up the road once a week! It has never been off road though. I'm sure it'd do well but off-roading isn't something that interests me. There have been a couple issues but nothing all that major. The ball joints needed replacement after about 50,000 miles which is a well known issue and this past winter, a couple valve stems broke but we have had the same awesome mechanic for over a decade and he fixed them no problem. We haven't had any problem maintaining the car. I've never had it go to the shop frequently or long term. My car came with the lifetime powertrain warranty but so far, I've never had to use it. I took it in for it's 5 year maintenance check last summer and the dealership gave it a clean bill of health. I have a manual transmission and the shifting is a bit sensitive but it never pops out or acts in anyway that it shouldn't. It accelerates well for a car it's size with a 4 cylinder engine and I really enjoy driving it. I'm 5'6" and my hubby's 6'1" and both of us are very comfortable in this car. There's plenty of room for driver and I sat in back as a passenger with a friend on a 4 hour trip while my hubby drove and I was very comfortable. The interior of my Patriot is very basic but that's what I like. I like manual locks and windows and specifically requested them when I went car shopping. I will say that if you open all 4 windows in my Patriot, it creates a very unpleasant humming and vibration that sets my teeth on edge so I never open more than a couple windows at a time. I have dogs and the interior is easy to wipe down which is awesome. My Jeep has AC which is a wonderful thing on a hot day. I only gave the interior 4 stars because the rubber that surrounds the shifter is coming apart and the driver's seat is cracking. I don't see any reason for the shifter cover to be falling apart. The paint on my hubcaps is almost all gone and the silver paint on my 4 wheel drive lever is peeling off. There's a small patch of rust on the nose of the car as well. I feel like Jeep could have done a better job in using more durable material but the Patriot as a whole is still a great car. I'm on my 2nd set of tires and I make sure to balance and rotate them as recommended and I also make sure my car's alignment is checked. My tires tend to last as long as they should or a bit longer. I love my Jeep Patriot and I can't express how satisfied overall I am with it. I plan on driving it until the wheels pop off and then I plan on buying another Jeep Patriot Sport 4x4!