2007 Jeep Wrangler consumer reviews

$18,610 starting MSRP
side view of 2007 Wrangler Jeep
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.3
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very nice car! It keeps its value!

The car I really want right now! Very trendy and a nice ride! Getting everything together do that I can make a purchase very soon!


Very reliable care that gives no issues

The Jeep is a well built car that gives little to no issues. Front seats are spacious, car is easy to drive and park. Great car overall


Absolute beast

Just purchased my 2007 wrangler about 3 weeks ago and it has been amazing. Bought it bone stock no mods yet. It feels sturdy and extremely capable. The gas mileage is at 18mpg for me although I am a more aggressive driver. There is not a ton of power but it?s an off road beast not a sporty vehicle so that is expected and perfectly fine. For being a solid axel older vehicle the ride is still comfy and doesn?t bounce you around a ton. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone at really any age it will get you anywhere you will ever need to go with confidence and safety.


Why so many good ,but bad reviews for reliability?

I'm test driving a 07 Jeep wrangler 4 door . It's in good shape with 98,000 miles . I see so many reviews about the normal jeep ways . I wonder why I read many who say not reliable engines? It's a v6 automatic 4 door for 10k. Anyone else have anything to say about this ? I thought they were very reliable.


Very Reliable and Versatile

This car was very reliable and fun. Taking the back seats out was a regular occurrence and easy to do, which allowed me much more space and basically turned it into a small pickup truck. It is a loud ride with the shape of the car and a soft top, but very dependable. I have towed trailers back and forth between North Carolina and Indiana and not once have I had an issue doing so. Repairs are somewhat cheap compared to most cars, and for at home jobs it was great to learn with because of how easy it is to access most parts and how much space is in the engine bay. While I wouldn't recommend it as a daily driver (at least with a soft top) I can say that it handles very well as one and is a very fun one at that.


You get what you pay for

Just over a year ago I was ready to get out of my 07 JK, and into something with a little more cargo space. (And a driver airbag.) After my accident on my 21st birthday, I realized that the only way to get this airbag replaced was to either pay a few hundred dollars for a new airbag and try to replace it myself, or go through insurance. Neither of which were very appealing. I am not in the business in assuming that I could find a trustworthy source online telling me how to replace a potentially life saving piece of equipment and HOPING that it came out ok. I also knew that the likelihood of the insurance company totaling my vehicle was very high considering the cost of the airbag job was not very cheap. Even though it wouldn't have been labeled a total loss, it wasn't a risk I was willing to take especially considering that the rest of the Jeep was functioning perfectly. So I held onto it for a while and about a month after I bought the JKU I own now, I amazingly sold the Jeep for $6500, taking a loss of about $2500 in negative equity. In December of 2016 I bought a 2007 JKU from a man who worked at my local CJDR dealership, although the one I bought, wasn't owned by the dealership. It started out as an honest trip to the dealership to find a replacement for the airbag-less Jeep in my driveway, and a few test drives. I drove a few newer examples of the JKU and really liked the 4 door, longer body driving experience and the size was perfect. However, a brand new JKU at that time was still out of my price range. So we decided to take a look at something a little bit smaller as well as a little bit less expensive. The salesman went inside, and returned with the keys to a very well optioned, navy blue, 2014 Jeep Patriot. I was very impressed with the Patriot and was very close to leaving with it that day, but it just wasn't good enough for me to commit to. Unsatisfied and out of options, I sat down with the salesman and explained, in the most basic of terms, what I was looking for and what my out the door price was, and he jokingly suggested that he would sell me his personal vehicle. I took him up on his offer and we went around back to give it a look. It was love at first sight. As you know by now I purchased it without having ever sat in it, let alone give it a test drive and the rest is history. Perhaps the more interesting part of all this, is the choice I was presented with the day we sealed the deal. I had an option between this very well optioned, 2014 Patriot. A new(er) vehicle with far less miles, far more options and a warranty. Right next to it was this Wrangler; and there it sat. Cleaned, shiny, lifted and ready to be as much fun off road as it would be on the mean streets of south Georgia. (Oh yeah. Very high mileage for its age, very limited options, and no 4WD.) So as you can no doubt tell, I made the financially smart decision. Here's the kicker: They would have cost me the same. Patriots were selling like poopy flavored lollipops at the time and Wranglers were still demanding their usual premium, even at almost 10 years old. All of this was very interesting to me and I'll get to why in a minute. I've owned my Jeep now for right at 16 months and overall I'd say I am satisfied with my purchase. It's comfortable enough as a daily commuter and it gets an appropriate amount of attention for what it is. Its extra cargo space proved more than enough in our cross country move and a recent camping trip. It does have a major blemish, in the form of 13.8 mpg average. While I don't have numbers on gas costs over the last 16 months I promise you it hasn't been very cheap, something like $60-$70 per month in gas costs. I wont get into fixed costs during my ownership up to date, but I will say that insurance has been fairly reasonable if you take into account my driving record. Now as far as maintenance and repairs, that's a little different. Almost a month to the day after I bought the Jeep, my wife, her best friend and I were one hour into a day trip to Savannah, Georgia when I noticed my temperature gauge is pegged all the way right and smoke is billowing out of the hood. One call to AAA later, we get it pulled off the interstate and into a nearby gas station only to get underneath and discover that the radiator is cracked. Awesome. Replacement cost for a new radiator at a Jeep dealership: $600. Replacement cost in my garage: one days work, a phone call to a friend, and a brand new $200 radiator and new fluids. Since then it's been smooth sailing and nothing more general upkeep. I wont consider oil changes and PM to be a part of the cost of ownership as this is universal regardless of what you drive. Nevertheless its had regular oil changes, an air filter replaced, full engine bay detailing and cleaning, transmission fluid change and rear differential fluid change. In the works right now are a brake job and an EGR valve replacement. (Now for the interesting part I mentioned earlier.) There's something to be said of all this talk about the Wrangler costing me the same as the Patriot which in this case is being compared as a lesser vehicle. I still believe I made the right choice. Even though the less attractive box has 4WD AND a manual gearbox, I would have more than likely already traded it for something else. Maybe a sports car or perhaps a proper Jeep. The Wrangler image has made convinced me to stay with what I've got and just enjoy it. Non Jeep people come up to me all the time and compliment the Jeep purely on aesthetics alone, and that means something to people. If it attracts a strangers attention and it looks awesome, sometimes that's all that's needed to stay with a car. I paid $17000 almost a year and a half ago and have driven close to 20,000 miles since, coming out to approximately 73 cents per mile. It has been a fun year and a half, and I know that as I get more creative with modifications and the more money I can dump into over the next few years, the more fun it will be.


Daughter first vehicle

The jeep meet everything she was looking for it's a used one but looks like a brand new car it rides good very happy with the jeep


Oldsmobile, chevorlet,jeep

Love how it's handle and comfort very reliable it's has had a few minor problem my wife drives it's every day,also use it for vacations


I love my Jeep !!

What I think about my Jeep?? ... I really love my Jeep amazing ; is everything I have to say.... !! And my boys love it too.


Excellent resale value

This car has been very reliable. Rear seat is useless but easy to remove. Somewhat rough ride but that is to be expected in a Jeep Wrangler.