2007 Kia Rondo consumer reviews

$16,395–$18,895 MSRP range
side view of 2007 Rondo Kia
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.6
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Best Vehicle for Average Family

Our family requirements: 1) safe, dependable primary family vehicle 2) seating for 2 adults, 2 children w/ car seats, occassional extra seat for 1-2 3) affordable but well equipped 4) versatile Pros: 1) Impressive std safety features incl 4 wheel ABS disc brakes, ESC, 6 air bags. Only safety feature would still like to have is reverse warning system. 2) 3rd row seat option makes Rondo perfect alternate to minivan. 99% of time, we just need seating for 1-2 adults and 1-2 child w/ car seat. Occassionally we need an extra seat in 3rd row. 3) Can't beat price for all the std equipment and features, especially std safety features and available 3rd row seating. Make sure to check Kia's web site for current rebates. Only vehicle that comes close is Mazda5. 4) Very roomy, even in 3rd row. Tall ceiling and low platform makes getting kids in and out easy. 10 cup holders seemed silly at first but have proven to be very convenient with kids. 5) Very versatile w/ both 2nd and 3rd row seats that can fold down individually. 6) Best warranty in market incl 5 yr roadside assistance. 7) Our 2007 LX w/ 4 cylinder is more than adequate on performance. MPG not great but better than minivan or SUV. Cons: 1) Not much cargo space left w/ both seats in 3rd row up. Getting to 3rd row can be difficult for adults and w/ car seat in 2nd row. 3rd row seating really only practical if it's occasionally needed. If needed regularly or often, probably better to go w/ minivan. 2) Cover for cargo space not available for Rondos w/ 3rd row seating. Someone in England sells a kit to install the sockets for the cargo cover. Even on Rondos w/ only 2 rows, cover is a $200 option. 3) Air vents for 2nd row not that effective, non-existing for 3rd row. 4) With no security cargo cover and poor ventilation in rear, would be nice to have darker tinting in rear. 5) Wind noise gets loud on freeway. 6) CD player on LX doesn't play MP3 or have jack for external player. 7) Kia vehicles have poor resale values, only consider a Kia if planning to keep for at least 5-10 yrs. 8) Not much to look at on outside but grows on you. Appreciate it's exterior porkiness when you consider how roomy it makes interior.


Really nice, solid car

This car is not your top of the line luxury vehicle, but it's a lot of value for the money, a very smooth ride...suspension is slightly loud, but given the smooth quiet ride/road noise...it's better than most cars i've driven overall. Kia doesn't offer a lot of bells and whistles (gps, mp3 input, etc)...but most of that can be added aftermarket without any problem. Roomy vehicle. EXCELLENT visibility. worth a look to anyone interested in this type of car.


most comfortable drivers seat

the drivers seat is the most comfortable seat ever. It is adjustable in various ways and hit the leg just right. I love the way it handles and is semi- economic. Third seat is awesome for small children but takes away from most of the storage area. sound system is decent for a standard factory invoice. If I had a do over, I would go for the V6 to get the leather seat option. The cloth are light in color and become dirty too easy


Met everything on my wishlist

My wishlist - seat 3 kids comfortably, fit 6'6" husband, park in compact parking space, fuel economy, extra seats for play dates, luggage space to go away for the weekend, good price! We find this car perfect, and we looked at many! Most SUV's and many sedans do not accommodate 3 children in one row of seats. Even fewer have that extra row of seats without going in to MiniVans or over $30,000. We have tested this car well. Daily car pool includes 5 kids and car accelerates well, travels comfortably on the freeway and gives great fuel economy. A few trips to LA were easy, able to separate the kids and carry luggage. Spent a week in the snow at Lake Tahoe - no problem with the snow and felt very comfortable knowing this was front wheel drive. One complaint - the seat coverings have attracted much dirt! Everything shows and everything stains. I would recommend leather seats if you can. I am frequently approached by strangers in the parking lot who ask about my Kia Rondo. People are curious and so surprised by the extra row of seats and all of the space. This car is not an overly luxurious car with bells and whistles, yet still has modern styling and everything you need; AC, cruise control. Air Bags etc. Bonus too that all seat belts are sash and all seats fold flat, fast!


Don't try driving this in the snow

I work for a rental car agency so I've driven a lot of different vehicles. This one is among the WORST front wheel drive vehicle I've driven in the snow. Maybe the factory tires are just not good enough for all 4 seasons, but I'd definately recommend studded snow tires on this vehicle in the winter months.


worst car on brakes

nothing but problems with the brakes on the 2007 rondo back to dealer many times for brake problems the dealer has fixed and re fixed the brakes on this car


Solid family car, great value.

My wife and I purchased a 2007 Rondo EX V6 Luxury in August. To say we are pleased is an understatement. We traded our beloved 1998 Legacy wagon on it, and though it lacks AWD, the Rondo is quite adept at handling our snowy December. We like the handling, the acceleration, the looks, the comfort, the practicality, the quality - we like everything! The 3rd row seats are great at accommodating the occasional 5th or 6th passenger, and provide lots of space when folded. Everything works so smoothly and efficiently - the seats tumble or fold so well, the controls are smooth and effortless, the stereo rocks, and so on. The overall impression is of solidity and quality. Despite what some auto reviewers have said, we find the Rondo to be very, very quiet at highway speeds. It also handles remarkably well for a family-hauler, plus the V6 is very responsive and the 5 sp auto kicks down without hesitation. When equipped with studded winter tires, as it is now, the Rondo is actually quite loud, but we realize that is a function of the tires and studs, not the Rondo. It?s just such a contrast to the quietness of the all-season tire?d Rondo. The around-town fuel economy is not what Transport Canada stated, but it is about par for what we expected; however the highway fuel economy exactly matches that of our 4 cyl manual Legacy, which amazes us! That?s 32 mpg by my calculations, with 4 people, a load of luggage, and cruise set at 115 km/h. Wow! And the Rondo cruises ever so serenely. The features are all nice, but the ones that we most appreciate are the windshield wiper de-icers (these should mandated as safety equipment on every vehicle), the outside mirror de-icers (ditto), the 6 airbags, and the neat every-automaker-should-have-it purse hook on the right of the centre console. It is great for holding a snack bag or garbage bag for trips. We looked at several vehicles before deciding on the Rondo, including a Caravan SXT and Mazda5. We are pleased we took a chance on the Rondo - our first impression was of a solid, well-built car that met all of our needs yet was not too much vehicle for us, and this impression has been borne out over the last several months. How about a Rondo with a manual transmission, especially with the V6 - now THAT would be a combo we would buy next time around! Regardless, one of the best values in autodom today.


More than meets the eye

This car has more room in it than I imagined. We looked at it and the Mazda5, placed them side-by-side (literally, and the dealership carried both Kia & Mazda), and the Kia beat out the 5 in comfort, room, storage, and handling. Plus, we are able to fit 5 kids in the back. With the electronic stability control and almost 30 mpg hi-way, we were sold.


Love our Rondo

We just bought a Kia Rondoa and we love it! We are a young couple, hoping to expand our family who also ski and camp a lot. We wanted a vehicle that looked like a car with lots of space, decent mileage and good comfort at an affordable price. We got all that and more with the Rondo-luxury model, at a really really good price. We like the fact that it doesn't look like a minivan like the mazda5 and actually really like the look. The interiors in no way are dowdy and all the features we have in the car are outstanding. Not to forget the Kia sales people were a pleasure to work with as well. The mileage could have been better but its not bad either. I love this car and am surprised there aren't more like it in the market to choose from.


Kia quality is obvious- Why Rondo gets 5 stars

We drove the new Saturn Vue and shopped Mazda, Ford and others. The Rondo excels in passenger room, comfort, and value. The 2.4 liter four cylinder is more than adequate, hitting 70 mph on the entrance ramp with ease. Rondo has an innovative design. Handling is far easier than a minivan or SUV yet you can carry 6 kids using the third seat. With leather, my Rondo is as nice and as comfortable as a Mercedes I owned in the late 1990's. I believe Kia's reputation is rising rapidly for good reasons. I own a 2006 Honda and a 2004 Toyota and find Kia's quality equal. The interior controls are simple to use. The Rondo is much quieter than my Honda and clearly has more passenger room. Check out the safety ratings, warranty, and price and you will buy one without worries. My wife and middle school daughter love this Rondo and insisted I buy it!