2020 Kia Soul consumer reviews

$17,490–$18,990 MSRP range
side view of 2020 Soul Kia
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value 4.7
  • Exterior 4.8
  • Reliability 4.8
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Over all Almost Perfect..

Love my KIA SOUL; wish it was Brand New. At my age It would be my best performance car in life.. I will never drive nothin else.. It is perfect in most all ways as for the performance concern.. I am 73.. " GO Granny GO. That is how I feel while driving my KIA.." Only wish it was a Brand New one Black , beigh interia..


Far from the junk label I see on social media.

This is the second sol I have owned and I couldn't be happier. Although both were bought in Tucson Arizona the dealership in Lawrence Kansas has been great. I haven't been notified of a recall on my car I am concerned about the anti theft device I have been hearing about and the oil ring problem in some of the 2020 sols. Just a little worried my car may have this problem. Any info would be great.


Do Not Buy Kia

Do not buy a Kia Soul. The motors are junk and Kia knows this but will not replace the motor when it blows up. They have a recall on the piston seals, it burns oil, and you'll have a hefty bill to replace the motor with less than 100,000 miles on it. No warranty if second owner. Automatic start should be optional because it's not purposeful when not driving in the city with stop and go traffic.


2020 Kia Soul EV

On the 2020 recall, dealer fixed it with no problem, offered a loaner car for the duration. Very good gas mileage. Also, dealer will now install anti-theft system, all with NO CHARGE.


Nice little car

I've now had my 2020 Soul for almost 3 years. Keep in mind I have the manual 6 speed not an automatic and was the base model. First gear is VERY low compared to any other 4 cylinder engine manual I've had so it can be a little jerky until you figure it out. I've gotten as much as 45mpg on the highway by not driving 70 mph. It can hold its own on the highway amd not burn gas like other models. Although not listed in the US it does have the capability to pull small trailers if you purchase an aftermarket hitch and wiring kit. The trunk space although appears small from the outside is actually quite deep. I do craft shows and people can't believe how much I am able to keep on there when I fold the seats down especially. At 6'4" with the seat lift as high as it will go I still have about 5 inches above my head. That was one of the key benefits that sold me. Even with my seat back people behind me still have room vs the compact cars in the same price point. I'm concerned with the recall notices I have received however, knock on wood they have not included my car yet or unaware if my Vin is included so to keep an eye out for issues. I live Android Auto however, you can not use a cheap USB cable from 5 below. I had to purchase one from best buy. It didn't need to be top of the line, the generic brand worked but they're just built better apparently. The tires that come with the vehicle are cheap. They will get you to 30k miles however, mine were cracked between each tread after maybe a year. It looked like a dryrot crack yet my vehicle doesn't sit around. This model can take traditional oil, blend or full synthetic which is nice. Overall I do love my little car especially as gas prices have increased. It allows me to do everything I want without the extra expense of purchasing a small SUV nor the gas of a small SUV and I'd consider purchasing another one down the line.


I would give ZERO stars if I could-STAY AWAY!!

Don't EVER, EVER, EVER buy a Kia Soul or ANY product from Kia. My daughter's 2020 Kia Soul has had so many recalls for various software and engine problems. Trying to get this still under warranty vehicle fixed for anything, including recalls results in you having to take your car to the dealership and leaving it with them for at least 2-3 weeks BEFORE they even look at it to fix it/order parts. So, expect to be out of your car for at least a month!! No loaner car program, no rental service provided! And this was the case even before COVID. I have owned many makes and models of cars and whether at a dealership or other independent mechanic, I have never had to wait this long to have a car fixed (and it is even more frustrating that the reason for the repairs is consistently due to recall issues). I have been on hold with their Consumer Affairs division for nearly an hour to voice my complaints and I expect my call to get "disconnected" shortly since it will be 5pm and offices will close. Oh and when our 1st Kia Soul was totalled in an accident, I spent 10 months trying to get my protection plan money returned to me from Kia. Kia Finance cashed the check the owner of the dealership sent to them. It was only when I reported them to the Attorney General that I finally received my money. Stay far far away!! We are so glad we only leased the vehicle since we don't have to worry about trying to sell the piece of garbage they put out on the market!


2020 Soul EX -garbage engine

Have 2020 soul ex, 2.0 engine. Oil pressures relief spring broke. Repaired under warranty. Have had numerous recalls, on engine piston rings, software. Next recall notice the car will be gone. 18,750 miles. Have zero confidence in the engine.otherwise a likeable car, fun to drive.


Do not purchase car from Ed Voyles Kia in Smyrna

Immediately upon taking possession the car was sluggish, turned off in traffic. Contacting Ed Voyles was futile. They repeatedly told me low on service reps, no Apts available, just newness of car canceled apt I made online, NO SER. MNG. EVER CALLED ME BACK. Finally, after two weeks, I drove car there and left it. No oil so they did oil change and charged me! Told to drive 1000 miles and return. No oil again. Did this 4 or 5 times and overnight oil flush. With all the problems and recalls for this exact problem, should have immediately replaced engine. I am 80 years old. I could have been killed with that car all those months. Finally replaced engine and I am afraid to drive it. Need replacement


Car is not safe and recalls are not being honored.

Having problem consistently with the car stalling while driving. Southwest Kia will not honor the recall on this vehicle. Having to take car to dealership over and over again.


A joy to drive.....

I've only had my Soul for three weeks, but I love it already. It's smooth and quiet and I didn't put gas in for two weeks. A terrific warranty comes with a Kia car. I do wish it had a CD player because I love audiobooks, but that's my only - if silly - complaint. It's a terrific little car.