2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse consumer reviews

$19,999–$20,899 MSRP range
side view of 2007 Eclipse Mitsubishi
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.6
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When is this car NOT in the shop?

I now understand why our car came with a 5 year warranty instead of a 3 year warranty (like all the others). Our car is constantly in the shop, problem after problem. I know someone who works at the plant and said these cars were just flying off the line and he wasn't surprised at how many issues we have been having. The dealership hasn't done ANYTHING to make this situation right, except try to get me into another Mitsubishi, this is where I say NO MORE MITSUBISHI! Granted this car looks good, and you'll get compliments, but if you don't want to be in and out of the shop, DO NOT BUY ONE!


Sporty yet dependable

I bought my Eclipse about 3 months ago, and I have enjoyed each time I drive it. The seats are incredibly comfortable and the body style is sleek and sporty. The only cautions I have to throw up is there really is NO backseat to speak of, so if you are looking for something that you could put a couple of people in the back, this is not your car. Secondly, there are blind spots and younger or inexperienced drivers can fall into trouble if they are not careful to learn how to drive this car. Otherwise, I love it!!


Middle Age Crisis

When I wanted a performance-focused car I balanced my urge against fiscal wisdom. At less than 30k the Spyder (GT 6 cyl) gave me a handsome car with serious performance. It's power is enough to excite - it handles well - and it is all that I had hoped.


It really IS the "affordable exotic"

Bought my 2007 Spyder in July 06, after considering BMW 3 Series, Solara, Mustang, couple others. I'd wanted a fun convertible since my hubby bought his BMW M Roadster in 2000 :-). I wanted something with 4 seats, though. I crossed the BMW off the list after considering that as soon as the 4 year warranty expired on my husband's car, many, many things (expensive things!) went wrong with his...Solara didn't come with a manual transmission option, so that was off. Mustang? I don't know, just too...common. Anyway, after much research, I settled on the Spyder despite the serious torque steer on the test drive model (the bigger wheels fixed that, though)- and got the GT 6 speed loaded with everything except pinstripes and some kind of light kit for the bottom. The back seat is not really practical for adults, but smaller folks and kids would do fine. Anyway, having the back seat, small or not, has been extremely convenient overall. One other negative is the serious blind spot in the rear with the top up, but I drive my car with the top down in non-rainy weather above 45 degrees anyway, so it hasn't been a terrible problem. If I do have the top up, I am v-e-r-y careful backing up. The turning radius is not the best for so small a car, but, you learn to plan for that. Now....having gotten all the bad stuff out of the way, I love this car! Yes, it turns heads. Yes, it's fast. Yes, the top system is fantastic (no issues at all with that yet). Yes, the sound system is great (I haven't had any trouble with my CD system as another mentioned). It is just so much fun to drive, that I almost regret my telecommunting job where I have to work from home - I look for excuses to go somewhere! Admittedly, I have only 6K miles on it and will have had it 2 years in just 5 more months, so perhaps I will experience more trouble after it ages a bit. Whatever! I have a 10 year warranty. Overall, this is a fun, fun car and I don't regret my decision - in fact, I applaud my decision every time I go somewhere in my Spyder!


Extremely Classy and above the rest by far

I bought this car new in 2006 as soon as it was available. I have been extremely pleased with it in more ways than one. The sleek style turns heads EVERYWHERE and I have even been stopped in the middle of streets....asked questions at lights etc. It certainly is a head turner. The horsepower is awesome and is certainly not at a loss for power when passing. I never winter drive it but the heated seats is great on cool days. The comfort is great ...however if you are tall like 6" or over...I'd rethink this car...there isn't much headroom for taller people. I'm short so it isn't an issue for me. The trunk space is great. I amazed the shuttle driver at the airport when I got 3 suitcases in it.There are two things that I don't like about the car...one is the way the interior is so easily scratched...and the other is the wicked blindspot that makes it bad when backing up in parking lots etc. Overall this car is a pleasure to drive...and as someone else said...you just can't help but look back at it every time you get out and walk away from it.


flashy car good performance

traded my 2003 gts eclips im back 4 moore heated seats warm and comfortable. good handling fills a little bigger than the 03 gts internet pricing saved me a fotune.trade in value was good on the 03 this car is fun to drive and fast. alot of power 2 the front tires i would luv to see what this car is like with all wheel drive. great peformance 4 the money cant go wrong if u like comfort perfomance at a great price. the 07 had 12,200 i saved alot


nice car - but. . .

I purchased the Eclipse - GT in March 2007. I really like it so far, but the brakes were already squeeling at only 10K miles. I took it to Mitsubishi dealership and the dealership replaced the brake pads right away. They said they are switching out the brake pad brands due to their reliability and squeeling sounds. So, if you own one, and have the same problem, take it to the dealership before the 12K brake warranty is up. Other owner is right about the inside of car - gets scraped up VERY easily. Only time will tell if this is reliable like a Toyota or Honda. I do like the 5 year warranty.


Still Smiling

I have had this car for 1 1/2 years. I put 20,000 miles on it so far and have had no problems. I have the 2.4L Coupe in Sunset Pearl. No matter when or where I park, I walk away and take a final peek at the car. It still makes me smile. Too bad Mitisubishi didn't think first of the gimmick that Cadillac did, "when you turn your car on, does it return the favor?" It definitely is a "turn on".


We are a two Spyder family

Around April we were looking at hybrids, trying to be conservative but then saw/drove priced the spyder and we were hooked. We have a heinous driveway hill to get up in the Northeast and so a Front wheel drive was on the list of must haves. Had a Chrysler Sebring and it was a good car but it was just too sedate, in an Oldsmobile sort of way. After one Spyder was a family member for 5 months, we traded the Sebring in for a top of the line GT/leather/Flextronic/6 cyl. Mileage is reasonable and frankly, our commutes to/from work in these cars is more like a mini vacation. Worth every penny, looks and feels more expensive, turns heads (had a bmw owner in Boston roll down the window to tell us "nice car") and people love to watch the rag top appear and disappear, including us, STILL. If you have to make a payment, LIKE what you drive....we certainly do!


Love this Car!

I've had the eclipse spyder for almost a year and I love it. The look is awesome and even the gas mileage for the 4 Cyl is pretty good. If you love sporty cars you'll love this one, especially the sunset orange color!! There isn't a ton of room in the back but for short distances it's not too bad for the smaller of the 3 or 4 to sit. The back seat has a curve in it to allow a little more leg room. Also this car handled surprisingly well in the winter time. This car handled better than my 2004 VW Passat in the snow!