2014 Mitsubishi Mirage consumer reviews

$12,995–$13,995 MSRP range
side view of 2014 Mirage Mitsubishi
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.6
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Cute compact

Very cute and handles well. I'm impressed with it's gas mileage but I can't say how reliable it is after owning for only a week.


Dream Car

Forget about the Maseratis and the higher end cars, in this day and age this little car is a first rate dream car. Super cheap, comfortable, reliable, 42mpg, and with a 10 year 100,000 mile warranty what more could you ask for.


Transportation Module

I like to call my smart looking black Mirage ES ,T-Mod. I love this car, I'm 5'4 and scoot around comfortably and efficiently. Love filling her up for around 12.00 bucks and seeing that I can drive 450 miles. Even though gas prices have been low I still appreciate the savings. One issue I've noticed is the turn indicator doesn't always shut off after making turns. My hubby is tall at 6' with a bad back and doesn't appreciate the ride.... This is my 4th Mitsubishi, I highly recommend..


this car impressed me

I am 5,10 tall 305 lbs and I'm still comfortable in this car. I got the ES with navigation would never believe this car is only 16K loaded. I have 15000 miles on this car and never had a problem . I got this car because of the gas mileage. I like driving this car better than my kia soul. .This car gets better mileage than posted on the window sticker I'm averaging 44-45 on the highway. I'm so glad I chose this car.


just buy it already!

I am convinced that the professional reviewers rate this car for what it never claimed it was. I bought an ES with CVT and love it. This is an three cylinder A to B car designed to get you around as cheaply as possible with good reliability period. If you want to drive fast and fly around corners and expect outstanding performance, you shouldn't be buying (or reviewing) this car. I drive it for what it is and love it. No issues what so ever with power, speed or steering. It is a little loud like you'd expect a diesel to sound, but who cares. It's much larger inside than you would think and rides better than expected. I'm saving $80-$100 monthly on fuel based off $2.20/ gallon and with the all the extras like keyless, Bluetooth etc...it's an excellent reliable value.


Grows on you...

I bought this car before reading many "expert" reviews which panned it for being underpowered and ill handling, and I'm glad I did. I'm sick of hearing how much better a Ford Fiesta or Honda Fit is. I traded a Ford for it, probably the most trouble prone vehicle I've ever owned. I have family members with bad experiences with Hondas. I've had numerous Chevrolet problems in the past as well. I've had this Mitsubishi a year and a half and have yet to experience a single malfunction. As far as acceleration is concerned, even with a CVT transmission, it is a 2000 pound car, and it doesn't take much power for such a light car to get up to speed and handle decently. I had read reviews that said I should be afraid of highway on ramps and highway driving. This car has plenty of power for both on ramps and highway driving. No, it isn't a performance car, but it is hardly a dangerous car either. The handling is far better than reviews say, especially around town, where it is downright fun. There may be better cars out there for "similar" money, but none with the features this Mirage has. I don't think gas mileage is the issue it once was at $4 a gallon, but I've gotten 44-45 MPG consistently. The car is fun to drive, inexpensive to own, and I'm happiest that it's more reliable with better dealer service than my Ford. Or Chevy. Or even Honda. Then there was my Toyota....


Economical Car

Owned this car for a year, and I absolutely love it. Never get less than 45mpg for a tank, and I've gotten as high as 53mpg. Seats are very comfortable and the car rides well on the freeway and around town. Car with manual transmission is fun to drive. Plenty of room for 4 passengers. Also very cheap to buy, operate, and it comes with a 10yr/100k warranty. Go with this instead of a hybrid.


Great little car.

This car is a great value as it gets unbelievable to iMPGs and comes with an outstanding warranty. It is also cheaper to insure than its competitors. I have driven this car in all types of conditions nclude up Vermont snow covered mountains (with studded snow tires), driven on muddy dirt roads, and have taken numerous long trips on the highway. All of which it does well. I don't know what the reviewers are talking about when they criticize this cars performance. It does well doing what it was designed to do. It is inexpensive, utilitarian, reliable transportation. Think a modern version of the original VW bug. Its inexpensive, fun, quirky, and doesn't resemble everything else on the road. Being said, the car is also fun to drive. I think it goes without saying that this car will not give you the driving experience of launching you back in your seat when you hit the gas. It does give you the type of fun driving experience that is associated with driving a lightweight car that you can whip around corners, and in my opinion the car has a very nice exhaust note while doing so. If you are the type who needs a fancy vehicle and a $500 plus car payment to feel good about yourself, this car will not fit the bill. If you are looking to save money while enjoying a fun little car, give this one a try.


Mirage the car Americans want to hate

A lot of people want to offend Mirage owners by saying its the new Geo Metro... if your trying to explain it has fantastic MPG and a low cost of ownership than thank you. If your trying to tell me that it is terrible car then explain to me about how this is America and we need powerful cars that are large and we autocross on Saturdays let me know in advanced so I can close my ears. I am American, I am a big guy, 6'0 and 300lbs, and the last thing I want is a vehicle that gets under 30mpg rated. My Window sticker on my Mirage shows 42 highway, which is still too low for my liking but who else has anything non hybrid 25k that can compare? Nobody because American's do not want small fuel efficient cars, I hope the Mirage sales has shown the economy there is a demand for these small MPG machines. The Mirage, not a race car, not a suv, not a fancy car. It is very cheap with good build quality. Get a ES model and you will find loads of goodies. It's a honest little car that gets better than EPA ratting MPG ratting, my 5 speed easily breaks 50mpg at 60mph. Very comfortable for me and gives me features I've always dreamed of and a warranty to protect me long after my car is paid off. Look at the reviews from real owners, then test drive one yourself. It took me 3 days after I test drove my first Mirage to return to the dealer and drive away in that very car. I have loved every mile since, my current winter average is 39 mpg 70% city 30% highway with mountain grades and short trips. Just recently did a 110 mile trip with 57.2mpg trip average


Environmentalists rejoice!

In the early 90s there were nice 5-passenger cars that got over 23 km/l (54 mpg). The only cars that have come close since then are hybrids that weigh 400 kg (880 lb.) more and most of that weight is toxic waste - the batteries. Hallelujah, we now have the new Mirage! It is the ONLY car in its class in North America in 2014. Other "small" non-hybrid, 5-passenger cars do not have acceptable fuel economy. I have the model with a CVT and cruise control. Over several tanks of gasoline it has gotten 20 km/l (47 mpg) for driving 65 mph and slower combined rural and Albuquerque driving. At Western US highway speeds 110 to 120 km/h (70 to 75 mph), with a full load and the air conditioner running in the summer, it got about 16.6 km/l (39 mpg). The Mirage is still a bit over powered for those of us who want a fuel efficient car. It can climb a 6% grade at 120 km/h (75 mph) with a full load at 1700 m (5600 ft) elevation ? with alacrity. It would achieve better fuel economy if it could not do that. Engines achieve their best efficiency at just below their maximum power output, so if an engine can accomplish this feat it means that most of the time it is operating with lower efficiency at a fraction of its maximum power. I calculate that just overcoming the wind drag and raising the weight for this feat requires 50 kW (66 hp), so the engine is probably more powerful than its rating, 56 kW (74 hp). If the car were a bit longer and more tapered in the back (more cargo space!), for even lower drag coefficient, and had less power, it might get near 24 km/l (56 mpg). Perhaps in future models . . . Drivability: It is a tad too peppy, handles beautifully with tight steering and stable suspension. It rides smooth and is quiet inside. The air conditioner will keep you cool crossing deserts at midday in the summer. The defroster is almost instant. The seats are very comfortable. I have a funky lower back and can go on long trips with no modification to the seat. The dash is beautifully laid out. The dial-style speedometer and tachometer are in front of the driver. Unlike other "small" cars I have rented, nothing pokes you in the knees. The Mirage is totally cute and comes in fantastic bright colors in addition to sedate ones. I obviously disagree with "professional" reviewers who pan this car. Imagine complaining that a car takes 12 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h! Either the reviewer doesn't understand beans about fuel economy or he/she thinks we should drive around in over-powered cars to squander fuel for the occasional thrill of feeling our backs pressed against the seat. Minor problems: The suspension makes an annoying "bang" when it goes over a big bump. The noise might make one uneasy on rugged dirt roads. I had a tire pressure sensor break off inside a tire when I got a flat. Although one can buy an aftermarket sensor that should work for about $37, the dealership is the only shop that can program it. They wanted $51 to try to program it and pretty much said it would not work, they would charge me, and that I would still have to buy the Mitsubishi sensor for (over $140!) and have it installed and programmed. $220! They insist on charging me even though a flat tire should not break off one's pressure sensor. A rather sick thought is that if I want a set of snow tires on separate wheels, it will cost an EXTRA $880 to have the pressor sensor system work. Humorously, they tried to program the Mitsubishi pressure sensors, failed, and asked me to come back when I could leave the car with them all day. There is an obnoxious "ECO" light on the dashboard that is supposed to tell one when one is driving fuel efficiently. It turns off and on mimicking a turn signal indicator and it is incorrect. It goes off when one is climbing a hill efficiently and stays on when one applies the break. The dealer serviceman says there is no way to turn it off. He also says there is no way I can get a service manual for this car. To the dealer's credit, their price for synthetic 0W-20 oil and genuine Mitsubishi oil filters is competitive with discount auto stores. Way to go.