2014 Mitsubishi Mirage consumer reviews

$12,995–$13,995 MSRP range
side view of 2014 Mirage Mitsubishi
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.6
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Daily Driver

I don't see how it is even possible to drive this car on the highway and only get 42 mpg. I get 45 mpg driving through the mountains, and 50+ on flat terrain. I live in the mountains, so even short trips always involve steep hills, and I average 43 mpg overall. I've driven the car in the Richmond area and got 51mpg for that trip. I have the DE model with manual transmission. The car isn't super comfortable, but I've driven it on multiple 3-hour trips without any problems. High winds do blow it around a bit, as they would any car that is this light. This car cost me just over one half of what I paid for my Prius, and it's mileage is only a few mpg's lower. Ignore the reviews by magazine editors who would never even consider buying a sub-$30k car. If you read the reviews of people who have driven and purchased the car, you will see that they are always above 4.5 stars. If you want a cheap, high-mpg car that is reliable and even kind of cute, buy the Mirage.


best car for money

love the car rented one and found out it only had a 3 cylinder engine I was impressed with the power ride comfort for a small car I Compare the ride to my ford focus


Excellent Little Car

First the cons: While using hands free calling, you can't see the clock. The car is very light so is susceptible to wind. That's it, I love everything else about this car. The ES model comes with an impressive list of features. The blue-tooth connectivity with steering wheel controls works excellently. Even at highway speeds people can't tell you're using it and it's nice for streaming music too. There's plenty of room in the back for me at 5'9". Last tank I averaged 44mpg combined (cvt transmission) and on highway have averaged 56mpg over 25 miles.


A great car to own!

I had a 02 lancer es and really liked what it did for me. I decided to take the mirage out when i was in the showroom and was delighted with the drive. Its not meant to be a power house on speed but it drove real nice and was fun! I made this my first brand new car and have had it for a month now and have to say i love what it does. The gasoline i save on this car is amazing compared to my 02 lancer and the warranty is amazing. I went with the DE model because it really has enough for a car. I was looking for an affordable, reliable car and i am please with what i found. It also has done well in the snow where i have already encountered bad weather and has not let me down!


Very happy with this car!

Bought it few weeks ago, and so far car delivers what was expected. Car has cute design, offers constant +40 mpg in mixed driving, and enough room for daily commute.


Makes a nice car

The Mirage is very comfortable and is well equipped for the price. I have a 5 speed manual. I brought it primarily because it is small and maneuverable and it does not disappoint. It is fun to drive and feels light. It does not have powerful acceleration but it is more than adequate and actually makes it more interesting to drive. You can even make it a game trying to match your gear to the speed to optimize efficiency. The shifter is very comfortable (even better than my New Beetle which I loved). The CVT is supposed to be even more efficient (but costs more and would take all the fun out of it). The dashboard is simple, clean and easy on the eyes. It has lots of space for its size. Be warned, its a small car. The radio and Blue Tooth are easy to use. you get a 5 year warrantee which beats all others in its class. But of course all this is subjective. Drive it. See that you are comfortable and you can decide for yourself.


My First Brand New Car

First let me say, I have never owned a brand new car. I was elated and bursting with excitement to finally own a car with only one driver. When I purchased this vehicle I knew it would save me money, and it has already given me great driving pleasure. I thought I would get lost in the snow. While other cars were getting stuck and hard to push out, I had no problem maneuvering myself out of a slick spot. One person helped me get out. And I was back on the road fast. This little car allows me to talk on my phone while driving with the push of a button; a true Safety feature. PLEASE DONT TEXT AND DRIVE. Another great feature is that I can charge my phone with a simple usb adapter. No cigarette charger adapters. Fun and fast. Finally, it came in a great funky Kiwi Green color. Love it!!


Much More than what we Expected ! !

Yes, the vehicle is an Econobox . Exactly what we were looking for ! Not the smoothest ride, Not the nicest interior., but Delivers Better than Rated Fuel economy ! What we really appreciate are the options that come Standard on the Base Model . Simply Amazing ! We owned Geo Metro's in the past and liked them.. Our Mirage We LOVE ! The Warranty is what sold us. We are considering purchasing another to replace the AWD car that we still have... since the Mirage moves very well in snow. We Love It !


Disappointed ;(

Mitsubishi did well with the concept of the Mirage.... Pros- 3 cylinder engine is plenty of power super fuel efficient 5 speed manual makes the car more enjoyable amenities like- bluetooth, push button start, 100k warranty Styling is "cute" and modern Cons- Wanders on the road Seats are very uncomfortable Not for drives over 20-30 minutes Feels very unsafe going over bridges My personal experience was not a great one with this car. I think mitsubishi is on the right track with the Mirage, but will definately need some tweaking. Possibly larger/ wider wheels to help stay on the road better? This car is great for around the city, but not great for travel on highways or for long distance. The seats design also is very basic, no support at all. So if you have ANY kind of back troubles, I would stay clear. We decided to exchange it with the dealership for something else. If you decide to check out the Mirage, I would recommend taking it over night and driving it all around before you decide to purchase.


Great, reliable and affordable commuter car

Most people tend to miss what this car is really about. It's not a sports car, its not a luxury car, its an economy car! Yes, it might not exactly have the most luxurious amenities or may not be the fastest car. But it is extremely fuel efficient. The most fuel efficient non-hybrid vehicle in America, to be exact. Top that off with Mitsubishi's extremely long warranties and a sub $13,000 price tag, why wouldn't this car be a great choice for those looking for an affordable daily driver? I appear to be averaging 34 mpg in the city. I don't do much highway driving unfortunately, but I feel like I can still get more. Great car for a great price. Very happy.