2014 Mitsubishi Mirage consumer reviews

$12,995–$13,995 MSRP range
side view of 2014 Mirage Mitsubishi
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.6
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Excellent Car

I love this car. The gas mileage is incredible and it drives well. I would recommend this car to anyone.


Surprisingly Good Car

This car comes in new at a price I can pay cash for. I have driven it on backstreets, heavy traffic, steep hills, and going on uphill ramps onto merciless interstate traffic. I had no trouble driving the car in any driving situation. I have a Mazda MX-5 Miata and of course the Miata out performs it but I found the Mirage's performance fun to compare when you look at the price. It's an excellent 3 cylinder engine that you can be proud of and the money you are saving. For the low price you get great interior climate control, power windows, nice sound system with usb and ipod inserts. The body styling for this car was made primarily made for aerodynamics and I could tell that on the interstate which is always a major plus. I've had all sized cars, even a Ford Festiva for years and the ride and comfort is far better and more roomey. It's an economy car, but maybe the best value I have seen in an economy car sold in America.


Gas mileage slightly misleading

I am satisfied with the car overall, BUT I bought this car for 2 reasons: Price and Gas Mileage. The price is by far the best reason to get this car and for the money a great car. Now about that gas mileage, I do 90% of my driving on the highway and I have to work real hard to get 40 mpg. This means driving under the speed limit on most of my travels and when accelerating creeping like a cat! Most of the time I'm getting 37 to 38 mpg because I'm not sure if they know, but we now do 65 on most highways. I know this is not a major difference, but for people buying this car for the gas mileage this is info I think you should know. Like I said in the beginning I am satisfied with the vehicle and would recommend to a friend, but this is the info I would relay to them. Oh and get a mirror for passenger side visor or the wife is going to be mad!


Good cheap little car

I bought this little car for my wife so she would stop driving my Dodge Ram 3500. The Mirage gets her back and forth to work and around town with the kids for a lot cheaper than we could do it in my truck. I have driven her car a few times and I am 6' 3" and can still fit in it and have driven it to Seattle (about 3 hours away). It has the power you would expect from a 3 cylinder. It's not a sports car but we save enough money driving it that we can now buy other toys.


Greatest gas mileage

Really enjoy this car. I drive over 100 a day, on the Hwy and mountain roads.Great on gas nice smooth ride...plus its Red!



stupidly loud engine sounds like a chainsaw is constantly annoying, and sounds like it wants to explode. The interior rattles over ever bump, steering is way to light, causing unexpected sharp turns and over steer. The dumbest possible controls you can get. Save yourself the agony and just go buy a Hyundai if you want fuel efficiency, got a new rental 8 hours after having this pile, same problems with the second one. Mitsubishi lives up to their reputation of junk cars again!


Great Value

Unbelievably low price of 13,300, loaded. Very reliablye and awesome gas mileage IF you drive reasonably and gradual acceleration. The divergence between "hot rodding" gas mileage and "taking it easy" gas mileage is larger than any other vehicle I have owned. I have gotten 60+ on long trips going 55 mph, but only 30 mpg driving like a maniac.


What a Relief!

This was the best and easiest experience I've ever had buying a car! The car has everything you need inside at the base model and has a surprising amount of room inside. The model I purchased is a stick shift, so the 'slow start' doesn't bother me at all. Also, I think the complaints of too much engine noise are overrated...don't notice it at all when I'm listening to music or podcasts, which is almost all the time. I got the red model which makes it very stylish. It can easily maintain speed and maneuver into areas and parking spaces my old car could not. I would recommend Christopher's Dodge World (MH) to purchase you Mirage in a heartbeat. I purchased my Mitsubishi Mirage through the internet. I especially liked that everything was straight forward (just taxes and normal dealer fees) and above board (unlike other dealers that had "hidden fees" even though I was looking at specific vehicles w/VIN #'s). The process was quick and easy...picked the car on a Saturday afternoon and it was delivered the following Wednesday with paperwork ready to go-- when it would fit into my work schedule. I will recommend the same car and process to my daughter when she is ready to buy her car.



I love the car. The seats are black and purple so I felf I had to buy a black car. The other model the seat were silver and black but I couldn't get the features I wanted.


2014 Best Economical Hatchback Car

Have owned Mirage for less then a month and am overall very happy. The 77 hp 3 cylinder engine and variable transmision work flawlessly. O.K. acceleration getting on highway and cruising at 60 or 70 with average rpm not a problem. Averaging about 40 mpg. This 2014 car brand new lists for over $15,000 but I paid less. However other small cars list up to $20,000. I bought the basic model which included 7 air bags, including one for drivers' knees, automatic air, tilt steering wheel, UPc connector, bluetooth, stability contro, remote mirrors, a powerful radio with ipod connection, power remote door locks, fantastic dispay with 7 (I believe) settings showing everything including serviice times and average mpg. and other features, great comfortable average size seats with back tilt at least in front. Back seats fold and are quite thin. Car rides and corners well. While driving it seems like you are in a much larger car. Now for the complaints which are very few. 1.) Sloping hood prevents seeing any of the front of the car while driving. 2.) Yes, they could have given it another 20 hp or so. 3). Power steering a bit light and loose for this small of a car. $.) No outside air temp. with the automatic air. At least i can' find it. Since I live on an island, I find it a great "Island Car" but prefer to use my larger car for road trips although I could survive with driving this car all the time.