2019 Nissan Rogue Sport consumer reviews

$22,340–$23,690 MSRP range
side view of 2019 Rogue Sport Nissan
90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.8
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So happy with my new car

I'm very happy with my new car purchase. Its very nice. It rides like a dream. We love it. Its a great car. Very very happy


First time owner of Nissan

Looks great, performs well. Smaller than cars we have owned in the past but still is roomy , comfortable, and more economical that what we have previously owned.


What did I do ??

I just Bought this Car. I mean today just drove it out of the show room. What did I do ??? I traded in my HONDA CVR. Now I have this UPPDATED CAR that i'm really Not comfortable Driving. Its too small I feel cramped in the front seat ,there's LITTLE or NO room in the CARGO area The steering feels not so tight . I wish they offered CARS with KEYS, When you say CARGO make it a cargo back. I wish they offered a RETURN policy.. I'm sick over my lack at looking at this car MUCH more closely. BUYER be ware .. ... PS im not an old person nor a large person 5'1" . so when I say cramped it means no elbow room oh and NO ARM rests !! I should've gone to HONDA..


SUV feel in a small package.

I acquired the Rogue Sport by trading in my Nissan Kicks as I felt the Sport gave me the feel of being in a SUV as opposed to the Kicks, which felt more like being in a car even though it's considered a crossover (see my separate review under the 2019 Kicks as to what I didn't like about it, even though it was a decent vehicle). Again I'm mainly comparing the Sport to the previous vehicle I owned (the Kicks) because it met my need to have a more refined interior, even though other SUVs in its class may have even more elaborate interiors the Sport looked and felt pretty posh, from the front and rear seats being more comfortable to a more refined dashboard and console than my previous Kicks. Despite being a SUV, the Sport's interior felt like it was hugging me or surrounding me but not in an uncomfortable, claustrophobic way, but rather just a really nice fit for me and my wife at 5'6" and 5'4' respectively. I certainly do not recommend it for people closer to 6 ft., otherwise go to the full-size Rogue. The ride of the Sport seemed a little softer and quieter as well. I do hear the engine noise but it's not as noisy as these other reviews make it sound like, and I do prefer to hear little engine rev as I'm driving along. I also like the fact it has rear climate controls so heat and AC can be blown to the passengers in the back through the rear vents in the back of the center console, which again my Kicks didn't have. Exterior wise I think the thinner slit of a grille up front is more attractive and aggressive looking than the new 2020 Rogue Sport which they enlarged the black area of the grille slightly to look more like the front of traditional Nissan vehicles. But yet overall the Rogue Sport has a subtle style and blends in more than standing out compared to the Kicks, whose exterior had more of an edge to it. So if you want to be noticed, drive a Kicks, if you want to blend in, drive a Rogue Sport. My SV has the 17-inch alloy wheels as opposed to the 19-inch premium wheels the higher trims (SL) have, because I heard the larger wheel actually provides less rubber and therefore a stiffer ride. I've only had the Rogue Sport for a few days and may provide a long-term update to this review after a few weeks, months, or even years, but for the time being it has certainly met my expectations and fulfilled the shortcomings my Kicks had which is the reason I decided to trade it in after owning the Kicks only a few short months. The only thing I probably wish I had on my Sport was the remote start which my Kicks had, but I'll take the AWD in lieu of the remote start, which I never really used. Costs a little more than the Kicks but unlike other reviews, including professional ones which say the Sport is not worth the added cost over the Kicks if you're looking for value, I disagree and I think the Rogue Sport is worth the added cost if you want more of an SUV feel than the feel of a raised car that the Kicks provided, which I think is basically a Nissan Versa Note with a facelift.


The price of car was within my budget.

I love my car. This is the second Rogue I've owned. I like the way it drives and overall comfort. I like the technology that comes with vehicle.


Just purchased this vehicle.

This vehicle meets all of our needs. Love the way it looks and really think it handles very well. Very comfortable seating with plenty of room.


Comfort and ease

I enjoy driving this vehicle as it has virtually everything I want. I'm still fairly new to the vehicle so there is a bit of adjustment. Could use a bit more pickup when I accelerate, but given the other features, it's not the end of the world. I have a moonroof, plenty of leg room in both the front and the back, and plenty of storage space. I work in a rather cramped downtown, but unlike other mid-sized SUV's, the steering of the Rogue Sport is very responsive and mimics that of the Ford Focus I had for many years.


chevy impala

plenty of room, easy on gas. Runs smooth and I love the silver color. Love the backup camera and the sidelights. All wheel drive. yeah


Comfy beautiful fun cozy

Love it. Comfy, reliable beautiful. Fun. Enjoying it so far. Love the warrenty. Drives amazing, cant wait to drive more. Lots of fun and safe features.



I love this suv more than my Honda CR-V. I have been an avid Honda owner for 12 years. But Honda was lacking a lot in the technology area. So I decided to see how Nissan compared. And I love Nissan way more!!!!!