2008 Nissan Versa consumer reviews

$12,880 starting MSRP
side view of 2008 Versa Nissan
82% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior design 4.0
  • Performance 3.7
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 3.9
  • Reliability 4.2
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great to bomb around in

a basic car... not much for extras or bells and whistles but it went forever. drove it for ten years only changing oil, brakes and tires. I drove it into the ground and did no preventative maintainance yet it still purrs like a baby. best gas mileage ever


Great little car for the money

Sweet little hatchback that gets great mileage - 32mpg/hwy. Very comfy for it's size, provides a good ride on the Interstates. Three relatively large adults, and their luggage, did a round trip from St. Louis, MO to Boca Raton, FL without cracking our spines!


A Surprisingly "really bad choice!"

It is by far, on a list of many cars that I've owned, the worst of my personal ranking. I thought a Nissan would be at least more likely than most provide the basics: reliability, safety, durability, and hopefully a bit of comfort. It doesn't. My husband has taken to be a regular "Mechanic via YouTube videos on How to fix..." A concerning trend all on it's own. But, between enormous school loans between the two of us, a toddler and other expenses, we are stuck with this now pieced together "hope it makes it" gem. Regrets all around, and I'm in need of a car for myself and our son...it won't be a "Nissan Anything!" Terrified, however of beginning this process again and having to settle for the best of the barely drivable bunch.


Solid car for the money

Good value. Not great at anything, not bad at anything. Actual gas mileage is probably around 25 city + highway - below listed. But, I do feel safe, and I think the seats are comfy.


Surprising Performance and Comfort frm Economy Car

Great little car for the money. Bought used, and love the 32-34 MPG that it gets. Drove it from St. Louis to Boca Raton and back (apx 2,500miles), plus a week there (another couple hundred miles), and only had to top up (3/4 tank) seven times. (so, a little more than 5 tanks of gas).


Great small car

In a car accident that is called a Tbone. Car front driver side was hit and front of car hit a light pole. Cut out of car. I thank God for protection. It's was a great small car. Low gas and maintenance cost. Roomy interior. If windy it drives better with more weight in car.


Great Car!

I just bought a used 2008 Versa for having 87,000 miles the car runs smooth and it picks up pretty quickly. We rented a 2014 Nissa Versa and I and my wife fell in love with it. We took it to California and only spent less than 80 bucks. So we had to get one great car to have would recommend to anyone looking to save on gas and for the money!


It's a very Versa car

My wife and I bought a Versa SL hatch with CVT new in 2008. She commutes quite a bit for work and there is now 166,000 miles on the car. We keep good care of the car including a recent tune up and CVT fluid change. Any maintenance has been routine and regular wear/tear issues. We expect it to easily hit 200k. It's peppy and cruises the highway well. We live in New England and put snow tires on for the winter. My wife laughs as she blows by 4WD/AWD vehicles. Inside it is both small and roomy. For example, I am 6' and 225 and feel a little cramped when driving, but the back seat has a lot of leg room for a compact car. We can fit 2 car seats in the back seat plus a lab and retriever in the hatch area. I highly recommend this car.


Know What You Want

Held out until I found the perfect model with all the features I wanted. It was worth the wait. Rely on Car-Fax. Don't settle for a used auto that is just okay. Take the time to find your ideal vehicle.


It was Destiny

Crazy as it might sound, I know it was destiny that led me to the car that is now parked in my drive way in less than one months time. Week one: It was strong in my heart to purchase a new car. I wanted a Nissan Versa and I didnt want to look at any other brand. I tried to let my husband do the looking but I felt compelled to make it happen. Or was I being pulled? Week two: The initial company I was trying to get my Nissan Versa from sent me through too many hoops. But what sealed it for me to not buy with them is when they changed my pickup date to test drive a third time because they rented the car out when I was supposed to travel to come get it. Annoyed, I decided to not bother with that company. Just as I was getting ready to give up, just as I was beginning to think it was just wishful thinking, my youngest son saw a 2008 Nissan Versa that was white and here in the city I was in. I took a look at it and I think it spoke to me because I sent an online message and within the hour I was contacted by the sales person. I emailed the info on the vehicle to my husband and told him I wanted to go see it. The next day we left out to view the car but the dealership that I thought it was located at wasnt even opened yet. We were told to come back in a week for the grand opening. I sat back in our car uninterested as my husband drove around looking at all of the cars in the other dealerships where he would spot a Nissan Versa. I didnt care about the color of the car. I just knew that that was the make and model I wanted because of the great mileage that was the most important factor in my choice. Low and behold, as we stopped at one dealership to make inquiries, my husband looked up the hill and spotted the very vehicle that I saw the night before on my computer. We drove over to that dealership and a very nice man came out to assist us. What was unusual to the man was that the other dealer let us leave and didnt bring us over because apparently the two dealerships were connected. What was unusual to me was that this was the very car I saw and yet I thought I saw it listed under a different dealership. Also, I just knew that this car was mine. Week three: Three days after we took our first test drive, we returned to the dealer, test drove it again, and then sat and waited while papers were being drawn up. I sat in prayer the entire time we waited to see if anyone would approve a loan. I spoke to God that if this was the car that I was supposed to have, the car that I believed that he showed me, then everything would go through with no problem and that is what happened. My very first car, the car I wanted without a shadow of a doubt, is now sitting in my driveway and blessing me every time I use it. Every time I get in the car, I say Thank You to God for making it possible. I have been asking for a car for the past 2 years in prayer and HE gave me one. Also, the reason I mentioned the salesman earlier is because it turned out that he had just started working at the company a week earlier and we were his first sale. I believe it was destiny... ... and this experience: in how I found this car, in what I experienced in completing the transactions necessary to bring this car home, in those who assisted me with making this dream a reality, humbles me in ways I cant even begin to explain even as I try to write this review here. I don't think that, prior to my experience, I would have ever believed anyone if they would have told me that their car chose them. Yet, I know that I know that my car chose me. I have no doubt in my mind that this is what happened. It rides wells. There is no words to convey what I feel every time I get behind the wheel and turn it on. Am I crazy? I have never felt for any other car that I have had what I feel for this one. I just know that it was Destiny and with that being said, just now with the writing of this review, have I given a name to my car... Her name is Destiny.